B&B Thursday Update 9/24/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/24/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie and Steffy come home as Steffy asks how Stephanie is feeling. She tells her to sit down while she goes and gets her some tea. Stephanie remembers the events leading up to her passing out. Steffy comes back in the room and says she has to talk to her mom. Stephanie says Taylor is out of town and she can not call her. Stephanie says she is late for work as Steffy tells her she is not the only “top negotiator” in the family and she is driving her to work.

Eric says he feels like he needs to “pass out cigars” since Marcus is going to be his son. Donna asks if he is sure the papers are in order. Eric says they are. He asks Donna how she feels about everything and she says she is happy. She tells Marcus she can give him a father as she hugs him.

Justin is at the café and is looking at Marcus’ picture on the web when Bill walks up. He says it is time to take down Forrester. He asks Justin what is wrong with him; Justin tells him he thinks Marcus is his son.

Stephanie comes into work when Bridget, Nick and Whip come in and joke that she is late to work. Stephanie defends that she has been working harder than any of them for longer than they have existed. Whip chides that she needs coffee. Stephanie tells Nick that after Jackie is done with her “boy toy” she will still be there, working.

Justin gives Eric a present for “all of the father’s day’s he missed.” It is his MVP trophy from High School. He says he remembers looking in the stands wishing his dad was there. Eric says he will cherish it the way he cherishes he and Donna.

Justin tells Bill why he thinks Marcus is his son. He tells him about the seperartion and how she hid she had a son. He says you do not try so hard to deflect from something unless you have something to hide.

Stephanie has been brought papers to sign. Pam, Whip, Bridget and Nick crowd around her desk as they look over something. She says the word “lace” when she means to say “latex” and Whip brings it to attention. Bridget throws Whip a look as though something is off. Whip gets Stephanie a cup of coffee which she spills on the papers. They ask if she is okay and she says she is fine. Stephanie is obviously frustrated.

Stephanie looks at Bridget and apologizes for ruining her work. Nick asks when her last vacation was. She implies he wants to ship her off to an island. Whip asks what is wrong with an island. She is not happy they want her to stop because she said one word wrong.

Eric says they should have a toast. He tells Donna he sees her “sweetness” and he sees Marcus and all that he brings to the family. They toast as Donna says that the day Marcus came to her was the “ best day of her life.” She says family is shared memories, not what you are born into. She tells them that they have created their family and”no one is going to take that away from us.”

Bill is sending emails on his Blackberry when Justin asks what he is doing. Bill says he wants to see Marcus’ birth date. Justin says Donna told him there was someone after college. The phone buzzes and Justin is handed it from Bill. Justin says he knew it; Marcus’ birth date is a few months after Donna disappeared. Bill says it is time for him to pay another visit to Donna. Justin tells Bill thanks, shakes his hand and leaves the table.

Donna is alone making reservations on the phone when Justin comes in her office. She says she was just leaving; he asks if there is something to celebrate. Justin says he believes Marcus is his. Donna says there was someone else, that she cheated on him. Justin says that is not her; she counters he was too trusting. He picks up the trophy on the desk and says “I had one like this.” Donna says she was so “proud” of him. How he “floated” and people cheered for him. He says the only face he saw was hers. She says it was all a lifetime ago. He asks if it is, because the girl in front of him is the same girl from then. He tells her she can make him the happiest man by telling him the truth. Donna cries and says “it’s true.” Justin sighs and Donna admits, “he’s your son.”

Whip and Nick try to tell Stephanie they do not want to put pressure on her. She wants them all out of her office and starts giving them orders. Whip tells her the contract in front of her has to go out today. Stephanie stares at the document as it becomes blurry. She says she will sign it later. Pam asks for “sister time” and Stephanie tells her to “pencil herself in for lunch next Thursday.”

Bridget and Nick walk into his office when Bridget announces something is not right with Stephanie. Nick says a good night’s sleep or “Eric kicking Donna to the curve” would fix it. Bridget says she hopes he is right. He hugs her for comfort.

Stephanie turns the page on the blurry document and tries to hold the pen. It is difficult and as she tries to sign her name it comes out as a line. She looks up and asks why this is happening to her. “Why me? Why now?”

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