B&B Wednesday Update 9/23/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/23/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Steffy is still catatonic as she is trying to call 911 to help Stephanie. She keeps calling to Stephanie to respond and while Stephanie can respond internally her inner thoughts tells us she can understand what Steffy is asking. Steffy says she will call Eric and Stephanie protests in her heard for her not to.

Bridget and Nick have playful banter as Nick tries to lure Bridget away from working. It works for the most part until he makes the comment that “she is not Stephanie and she has other things to do.” He clears his throat and as the foreplay continues she asks if he really thinks Stephanie is happy. Nick tells her he does not know but “Stephanie is a tough bird” and that she will be okay.

Stephanie is able to get up before the ambulance arrives. She is a little embarrassed that Steffy called 911. She tells Steffy she may have just missed a meal. Steffy then realizes Stephanie does not know when she ate last. The Paramedics come on site and say that Stephanie’s Blood Pressure is high. They ask her what day it is and as she struggles with this they call the Hospital to tell them they are en route with a possible C.V.A. They go on to ask if Stephanie has ever had a stroke or heart disease. Steffy freaks out when she realizes they think she may have had a stroke.

Nick waits impatiently for Bridget to complete the work she is busy with. When she finally is done they discuss whether or not she needs a party. Nick says everyone else had a party in the company but that maybe they should acknowledge how much they value her. He proposes renting out a billboard or rent a sign to fly behind him while he parasails a la Jackie. Bridget laughs and then Nick says that Stephanie would have nothing to be commended for if it were not for Bridget’s ideas and designs.

Pam comes to Taylor’s house and sees Thomas alone. He says he saw Steffy’s car in the driveway but she nor his Grandmother were there when he went in. Thomas concludes that maybe they went to get something to eat. He offers that Pam can stay. He says she must miss Stephanie. She says she sees Stephanie every day at work which leads into Thomas talking about what an idiot Eric was for letting her go; but that she is having the last laugh at Jackie M. They both agree that she is at the top of her game as an ambulance siren is heard in the background.

Stephanie comes up with all kinds of excuses for the Doctor as to why she passed out. She says she fell and Steffy says she did not hit her head and fall. She then says she has been busy with work and is most likely dehydrated. The Doctor says he will check her results and be back. After he leaves the room Steffy says she must call her father. Stephanie says she can not; that she does not to worry anyone. She pushes the protest until Steffy agrees to comply.

Bridget clarifies that Nick is saying that she is the reason for the success of Jackie M. She suggestively jokes that he should close the door unless he wants to give everyone a peep show.

Thomas notices Pam is worried about his grandmother. He says she seems okay and that she has been working a lot. Pam explains that this is how Stephanie deals with the pain. She works through it.

The Doctor comes back in the room and asks if Stephanie has had loss of balance, any tingle etc in the past few days. Rather than answering the question Stephanie asks what he is trying to say. He speculates that she may have been having mini-strokes before having a stroke just now. Stephanie tells the Doctor to stop scaring Steffy and he asks again if she has had these symptoms. Stephanie admits that she was having issue with her balance. Stephanie tells him he needs to review the tests again or she needs to take a new test because she knows her body and she did not have a stroke.

Bridget watches and begs Nick to sing her a song while playing his guitar. He makes up a funny song about Bridget and Jackie M. She laughs and tells him it was adorable.

Thomas points out to Pam that Stephanie is not the only one who has been shocked by the recent events as he admits that he is a little “blue” himself. Pam says she is sorry that it has happened to him. Thomas offers to call Stephanie if she would like. Thomas calls Stephanie’s cell phone and it continuously rings. Pam then becomes very concerned as Thomas suggests that possibly Steffy and Stephanie went for a walk. Pam claims Stephanie never leaves her cell phone or wallet; she then says Stephanie takes a walk in the mornings not at night. After hearing Pam out Thomas says he will call Steffy.

Stephanie tries to leave the hospital while the Doctor and Steffy try to convince her to stay. Stephanie tells them she will call her personal physician tomorrow and call a cab to go home tonight. They both are adamant that she has to stay. Steffy asks the Doctor to give her a moment alone with Stephanie. Stephanie explains that she knows that she did not have a stroke. Steffy pleads that she should stay and find out what is wrong so that she does not collapse again. Steffy looks and sees a missed call from Thomas. Stephanie begs her not to tell anyone. She agrees not to alert anyone as Stephanie agrees to stay overnight in the Hospital. Bridget goes to tell the Doctor she has convinced her to stay while Stephanie is alone and repeats to herself that she is “fine” and she knows it.

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