B&B Tuesday Update 9/22/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/22/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Stephanie is still disoriented as her cell phone rings. Ridge calls and asks if she is at work. Stephanie is frazzled and hears muffled sounds as she asks if they have a bad connection. Ridge says they do not and that he heard they had a party for her so he wonders why she is at work. Stephanie asks why he needs to know and he reminds her of dinner with Taylor. He asks if they can schedule a lunch or brunch. She says she does not know her schedule. He tells her to check her schedule and let him know. He jokes that she used to say something about seniority and pulling rank. Stephanie asks if she used to say that as the line goes dead. Stephanie still looks perplexed.

Eric is looking through his office and asks if Donna has rearranged things. She says she has not and laughs at the thought. She finally asks what he is looking for and he tells her he is looking for proof that he did or did not design a dress the same way before. Thorne apparently tells him his current design is a repeat of a dress he designed 20 years ago. Eric looks for his “scrapbook” of designs as Donna notes that she always wondered how he did not repeat himself. They find the scrapbook and see the picture of the dress Thorne compared the current design to. It is of Stephanie and Eric at a premiere. They look at a dress and Eric says Thorne is “more right than wrong.” He jokes with Donna that she does not remember shoulder pads. They look at the pictures and Eric points out how beautiful Stephanie was.

Brooke jokes that after she made love with Ridge he rolled over and called his mother. She says Taylor should have a call in show for moments like these. Ridge laughs and jokes around about her calling him that he did call his mother. Brooke notes Stephanie is having a hard time lately. They talk about how she has moved and Ridge notes that he and Taylor are not together so she lost Taylor. Brooke says Stephanie must hate the fact that Ridge is not there.

Taylor is instructing Steffy on how she can get in touch with her at the Conference in Vancouver. Stephanie comes in and reluctantly asks if they have any cash because she had to take a cab home. They ask what is wrong with her car and she says it would not start. Steffy asks if Stephanie looked in her wallet. Stephanie says it was dark and she forgot. They have the cash and Steffy has to remind Stephanie to take it to the cab driver. Taylor tells Stephanie she knows about car trouble. She suggests that they call Thomas and have him look at her car. Stephanie protests and tells her not to worry about it, that she will call the Auto Club in the morning. Taylor says it is no trouble and Thomas would love to feel like he did something for her. Taylor asks if Stephanie is okay. Stephanie rants that she thought everything would be great when the kids were grown and “Eric to retire;” but then it just suddenly happened all at once.

Donna and Eric continue to look through the book as Eric points out that he still has one of the jackets he was wearing years ago. The comment that the clothes have kept really well. Eric says the clothes aged better than the people wearing them. Donna notes that clothes don’t take a “beating” like the people do. Donna asks who a woman was beside Stephanie in one of the pictures. Eric says he can not identify who she is. He tells her Stephanie never had time for friends; only work and family.

Taylor tells Stephanie she knows it has to be hard to see Eric start a new family. Stephanie says she has warned him and it did not do any good. He still did what he wanted. Taylor says that Stephanie talks like her life is over and it is not. Stephanie confides in Taylor that she will not fall in love again and she will not start a new family. Taylor tells her she does not know that; the future could make allowance for those events. Stephanie points out that she just wish she would have “made” more of her life. Taylor says she did what she did because she was needed. Stephanie says that “need can be a powerful drug” as the kids interrupt the conversation with the announcement of cupcakes.

Donna asks Eric if he has regrets. He says he has tons. He asks if it is wrong to say he has regrets. Donna laughs as she tells him before their relationship she thought she could only regret everything or not care about anything. Eric says it is sometimes hard to forgive himself. He admits that he was lazy about many things because he knew Stephanie would do what he did not. He says Stephanie made it look so effortless. He then asks Donna if it bothers her when he talks about Stephanie this way. Donna says she “wants” to like Stephanie for all of the years of love and family she provided for Eric.

Brooke tells Ridge he is a good son. He says that feels like a “slap.” She says it is not as he points out that at one time it would have been. Brooke says that her relationship with Stephanie has changed and she respects all that she did for Ridge. She goes on to point out how well she is doing at Jackie M. and how it has nothing to do with her connections but her talent and work. Ridge says he hasn’t thought about it, that the one thing his mother does well is the one thing no one wants; she manages and bosses everyone. He says he is sure she is worth the money they pay her, but what she does best is run everyone’s life.

Taylor accuses that this is not Stephanie talking. Stephanie points out she is a stranger to herself at times. Taylor says when she met Stephanie she automatically knew that Stephanie loved her life. Taylor tells her she will not let her “diminish her accomplishments.” Stephanie says she just always thought she could tackle everything. She says if she were so great it should not have been so easy to take everything away from her. She says she had to control her relationships and her family. Taylor tries to convince her that people change. Stephanie points out that she did not make Eric happy and he is happy now. She admits that she was “too much” for anyone to handle. She then tells Taylor she is going to miss her plane if she does not leave. Taylor concedes and as she is about to leave Stephanie assesses that maybe people do not get any older, “does my dog get any less excited for a milk bone?”

Brooke asks Ridge how much he loves her. They banter and joke around about scenarios as he asks if she would love him. She says she may even eat a bug for him. He asks if he would love her in a grave. She points out that it is a morbid thought but she would hold his hand and love him still. They agree that their love is for “always.”

Donna tells Eric that she does not want him to take his pictures down of Stephanie; that his life and past are a part of him. He says her life and past are apart of her and says that is one of the reasons he wants to adopt Marcus. He asks if there is anyone else he should be reaching out to, like Marcus’ father. Donna says that Marcus does not want to know him. Eric says he knows that but Donna loved him. He tells her that she can not deny those memories and feelings. He says everyone needs love remembered; that it is like the rain and you do not know you need it until it stops.

Taylor asks if Stephanie would like to stay an extra day. Stephanie tells her she will be fine. Steffy comes in and says the car is fine, “cranked right up.” Stephanie tells Steffy to make Taylor leave or she will miss her plane. After the goodbyes Steffy asks Stephanie if she wants fish or if she would like to go out for dinner. Stephanie says she wants to stay in and that she prefers the fish. Steffy asks if Stephanie is okay; “You don’t seem like your usual self.” Stephanie’s words begin to trail off as she tries to say she is okay. Steffy freaks out as Stephanie falls and collapses. Steffy calls for Stephanie and in her mind she answers but vocally there is no sound other than a murmur or grunt. Steffy rushes for Taylor and then for the phone.

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