B&B Monday Update 9/21/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/21/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Justin begs Donna to tell him if Marcus is his son.

Bridget is on the phone making reservations for champagne when Nick comes up behind her and begins to “distract” her. They begin to kiss as Brooke comes in. She says “so this is how you inspire my daughter’s creative juices.” She says she was in the area and thought she would stop by. They say they are going to celebrating Stephanie’s “accomplishments.” They say they don’t know what has gotten into her but she has gotten them into five new chains of stores in the past few weeks.

Owen and Jackie are kissing on Jackie’s desk when Whip and Pam come in and say everything for the soirée for Stephanie is set up. Stephanie comes in as they discuss meeting in her office. They make up the excuse that they had planned a Business Meeting there. She asks Jackie for some Aspirin as she tells them that she has more work to do tonight. Owen asks if she has ever heard of sleep. “Sleep is overrated.” Jackie warns that she is running on empty. Stephanie denies it and says she has more to do.

Justin accuses that Marcus is his son. He says he has put the pieces together. Donna thinks back to Marcus saying he does not need to know his father. Justin says Marcus is his “flesh and blood.” Donna looks at him and tells him, “Marcus is not your son.”

Ridge and Brooke are kissing when she stops him and asks what he wanted to tell her. He tells her Eric is adopting Marcus. Brooke asks what he thinks about that. Ridge says he has earned his place in the business as well as the family.

Justin says he does not believe Donna. Marcus interrupts to bring in a package. He asks if he will see Justin before he goes to New York. Justin says he said he would take him to the game and so they would have “one on one time.” Marcus excuses himself as Justin says the one thing he wanted was a son. Donna tells him he is young and he will have children. He says he could have had them with her. He tells her that he believes she does not want to “complicate” her marriage. She tells him she knows who the father of her child is; and he should accept it is not him.

Stephanie walks in and asks what kind of Staff Meeting has champagne. They say they want to celebrate her. She says Bridget’s designs and Whip’s PR got them there. Jackie says they have topped sales. Stephanie tells everyone she could not have done anything without them and that she is happier than she has been in her life; they toast as she thanks them.

Brooke is sitting on Ridge’s lap as they discuss Bridget’s success. Ridge says he would like to have her back at Forrester. Brooke says Bridget has made her mark there. She refocuses back on kissing Ridge. They make sexual innuendos as they continue to kiss.

Stephanie is still talking about work as they are celebrating. Bridget says she does not know how she does it all; she says at the end of the day she is so tired while Stephanie is still there. Stephanie says that she gets her energy from all of them. Stephanie says they are number one in LA and they will be number one in the world. She says when she wants something she gets it. Bridget hugs her as everyone claps.

Justin asks if he is not the father who is. He says Donna can not answer because there “is no other explanation.” Donna says the reason she broke up with him was because there was “someone else.” She says she never wanted to tell him and hurt his feelings. She begs him to drop it. He says he wants a name, “if Marcus isn’t mine I want to know who his father is.”

Justin asks again who Marcus’ biological father is. Donna tells him to stop “pressing” her. She says she “has to forget.” Justin says he will drop it but “there is just something special about that boy.” He says he thinks it is because she is his mother. He also adds he wishes he was his father. He tells her to take care; Donna’s back is to Justin and as she cries he tells her he never meant to cause her any pain. Justin walks out to see Marcus smiling and being friendly with someone. He walks away as Donna is still in the office visibly stricken.

Bridget is with Nick when she says some of Stephanie’s comments do not add up. She says that everything is going wrong for Stephanie so how could she say she was happier than she had been. Bridget says she called them family; she has a wonderful family already. Nick says she possibly overcompensated but she will be okay. They hug as Bridget looks in the distance.

Pam is cleaning as Stephanie almost sleeps while standing. Pam asks if she is okay. She points out that Stephanie’s life has fallen apart. Stephanie tells her she has started a new life and nothing will stop her. Stephanie turns to tell her something and some of it is mumbled gibberish. Pam asks what she said and Stephanie tells her to go home. She instructs Pam to go; as she does Stephanie looks at her hands. She sits at the desk and everything becomes blurry. She tells herself she is fine as she looks at her hands again.

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