B&B Friday Update 9/18/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/18/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Donna paces around the office as Katie asks if she is going to tell Marcus that Justin is his biological father. She tells her she does not know what to do since Marcus is so happy. Katie offers that maybe she “should sit on this for a while.” She says she can’t; Justin is going back to New York and that Marcus can not know.

Justin looks at the slideshow on the web and asks himself if it is possible that Marcus is his son. He leaves the office and closes the door behind him.

Ridge overhears that Eric is telling Gloria to get him “legal documents.” Eric tells Ridge he is adopting Marcus.

Katie shows up at Bill’s apartment and asks where they are going. He says they are not going anywhere. She goes inside to see candlelight dinner awaiting.

Justin walks into the office as Marcus is looking at a picture saying aloud that they are his “family.” Marcus tells Justin Eric is not there. Justin says he is not looking for him. He asks if Donna is there. Marcus says he can call her. Justin says that is okay and the two begin to talk about basketball and Spencer. It turns out Justin is a Knicks fan while Marcus likes the Lakers. Donna walks in and is stunned to see the two talking. Justin tells her he wanted to see her before he left but it gave him time to spend with Marcus. He turns, facing her as he asks why she did not tell him Marcus was her son.

Katie and Bill are eating while Jazz plays in the background. Katie intently stares at Bill and says she is trying to figure out what is going on behind his eyes. She says normally that look means there is something going on with business. He says “normally, but not tonight.” The two stand to meet one another and begin to kiss.

Ridge asks Eric why he is adopting Marcus. He wants to know if Donna pressured him. Eric says he did not. He says he has watched how Marcus appreciates the family. Ridge vehemently says, “so you decided he deserves to be family?” Eric says they should all be proud and want to embrace him as “one of our own.”

Donna stammers that it did not come up. She says he is her talented son. Justin turns back and talks sports again with Marcus. Donna says Justin should go if he wants to make his flight as Marcus reveals that he grew up in Texas and was adopted. Marcus says he has to go meet with Ridge. He leaves and Justin tells Donna Marcus is a “fine young man” and that she must be proud of him.

Katie and Bill passionately kiss as Bill says he has been “Waiting for this moment.” Katie points out he does not like to wait. He says he does not, but she is worth it. They continue to make out and a steamy love scene ensues.

Ridge says that Eric has grown close to Marucs but asks what else he knows about him. Eric says that Marcus is Donna’s son. Ridge points out that Donna has not known him that long. Eric asks if he thinks there is something hiding there? Before Ridge can answer Marcus walks in and says Ridge has a rite to ask the questions he is asking. He says that he already feels like Eric is his father and he would be proud to be his son.

Donna says she is proud of Marcus. Justin says she should be, he is impressed. She says she can’t take credit for it since she did not raised him. He says he seemed confident and well adjusted; just the way he would want his child to be. Donna frantically tries to straighten papers. He says they should have kept in touch. They have a lot in common. She asks if they do. He says they are both in Fashion. He says it must have been a surprise when he showed up. She says that it was but he makes her so happy. He says he knows that, “that’s how I feel.” Donna stares at Justin shocked.

Katie and Bill are wrapped in sheets as Bill asks if she thought they would ever het to the point they are at. As he plays with her hair he warns her about him. She asks why he warns her about him when she gets too close. She says she is not afraid of him. He says she is not afraid of anything and she tells him she is not. She says she knows there is a heart in there, because she can hear it. They continue to kiss as the candles continue to burn.

Marcus asks if the reason Ridge is against the adoption is because of his mom. Eric says he thought they were past that. He says that he would prefer that Eric were with Stephanie but his father’s decision to adopt him speaks to who Eric is but it also speaks about Marcus. Marcus asks if he is against the adoption. Ridge says he is not, but he needs to respect the family. Marcus and Eric smile as Ridge lets down his guard.

Justin talks about Marcus and how she had to give him up when she was young. She says he says he understands. Justin says Marcus is a great guy and anyone would want to claim him. Donna says with Marcus comes the responsibility of knowing that her decisions impact him. He says that is how any parent feels. He comes closer and tells her that he never understood why she ran away and would cut off all communication from him until now. Donna is stunned and says she does not know what he is talking about. She turns to walk away and Justin grabs her arm. He looks in her eyes and asks if Marcus is their child.

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