B&B Thursday Update 9/17/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/17/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Justin asks Donna why she disappeared on him. He says he thought they had something special. Donna ask why teenagers do anything. She says whatever pain she has caused she is sorry.

Stephanie comes into Ridge’s office and is shocked to see Eric. He tells her to come in he wants her to see something. She informs him she hopes it is a Petition for Divorce. He tells her they are Adoption Papers. She asks if they are adopting a baby. He tells her he is adopting Marcus.

Marcus is outside playing basketball. His friends leave and Katie approaches. He asks if she wants to play and she says she has heard he is quite the player. She shoots and the ball goes in; Marcus says he was going to ask her to play in a game but he will reconsider. He tells her the most amazing thing has happened, that he has found his dad. Katie stares in shock and smiles.

Justin comes closer to Donna and asks if she is happy married to Eric. She says she is “deliriously happy.” He asks about her sisters all working together. She says her mom is sick with Alzheimer’s. He says she is such a great mom; that he remembers the recipes he used to try at their house. He asks where her mother is and she tells him that she is in Paris. Justin tells Donna he always respected their family. She asks does he want coffee, and as she pours she tells him he did well since he was Bill’s right hand man. Justin says that he loves the competition. He goes on to talk about the thrill he gets from his job. She asks how his wife likes that. He says he is divorced. She asks if he has children and he tells her they tried but did not conceive. “Maybe I am just one of those people not meant to be a father.”

Katie nervously laughs as she asks Marcus who told him. He says his dad did. “He knows?” Marcus says that his dad told him. He tells her his dad and Donna had talked about it a while back. Katie is confused; she thought Donna said it was out of the blue. He asks which one told her “Mom or Eric?” Katie looks at him and repeats Eric’s name. Marcus asks who told her that Eric wants to adopt him. Katie plays it off and says he seems excited. Marcus says he is an adult but it is a big deal that Eric wants the world to see him as he does, as a part of the family.

Stephanie questions why Eric wants to adopt Marcus. She says he put him in his Will and wasn’t that enough. Eric says just because his children are grown does not mean that they do not need their father. He tells her that the Attorneys are working on the paperwork. She asks will the Attorneys tell his children he is adopting Marcus, because not everyone in that room will be happy about it.

Justin points out that she and Eric do not have any children. She explains Eric has children already. He says that is a shame that she will not get to know what it is like to be a mother. Marcus comes in the room and Donna clams up. She says she is in the middle of something and introduces Marcus with his adopted surname to Justin. The two shake hands and have a firm grip as Marcus compliments that Spencer is impressive and asks how long he has been here. Donna looks on as the two strangers are so familiar with one another.

Donna asks if she can find Marcus later. He says he is still so…and she cuts him off and says she will find him later. He leaves and Justin says “he seems like a good kid.” Justin says he should go. She asks if he is going back to New York. He says he will but he will be there for a while. As they open the door he stops and tells her even though it was a long time ago they she has a piece of him. He walks away as Donna watches.

Eric claims no one has a problem with Marcus. Stephanie says that the others feel alienated and that Donna is a problem whether he wants to admit it or not.

Back at the office Justin looks through the Forrester pictures, pausing when he gets to Donna Forrester.

Katie comes in and startles Donna. She says she saw Justin and he asked if she had children and she did not tell him. She says she is starting to wonder if it was the right thing to do.

Stephanie says that he is compromising their children, his children with Brooke. She says it will be hurtful to them. Eric says he cares about Marcus and he wants him to be his son and he will be. He asks her not to cause any problems and says he has a meeting. He leaves the room and Stephanie looks at a picture of the family on the desk. She then turns and looks around as thought feeling dizzy and faint. She stops and looks at her hands, blinking and walks out of the room.

Donna tells Katie that the two men shook hands and it was surreal. She says that it was the perfect time. Katie says her gut told her not to. Donna says her gut told her to. She says Justin is the same guy from High School. She says they had the conversation about children and then she saw them and her “heart went out to him.” She says four words could change Marcus and Justin’s lives forever. Katie says that it would change she and Eric’s life as well. She says that she is confused. She says that even though Marcus says he does not want to know about his father he probably did that for her benefit. Katie tells her she is over thinking things. She says Justin will go back to New York and no one has to know.

Justin is in his office reading the reports about Donna and Eric as he flips through a Slide-show. They is a picture of Marcus and Donna with the caption that she had given up her son for adoption in High School. Justin sees the picture of Marcus and sits in shock and says “is Marcus my son?”

Donna says Marcus is a good man and she wants to do what is best. Marcus said he did not want to know about his biological father. She tells Katie “Justin can’t know that Marcus is his son.” Katie walks to Donna and hugs her.

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