B&B Wednesday Update 9/16/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/16/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Marcus asks if they will finally talk about his father. He asks what took so long. Donna says she did not want to confuse him; she did not want him to think she was trying to replace his adoptive parents who did for him what she did not. He says I is okay and that people make mistakes. He then realizes he called himself a mistake. She tells him never to do that. He says he already knows what she will tell him about his father.

Justin is explaining how buyers spend money on Forrester Creations in the Fall and Winter when Bill asks what Donna was like in High School. Justin says she was “blonde and gorgeous like now.” He tries to redirect the conversation back to work and then tells Bill he should lure Katie away from Forrester if he does not want it to become an issue between the two of them.

Katie is on the roof with Eric as he explains he wanted to wait until the timing was right to adopt Marcus. Katie mentions his biological father and Eric points out that he is not involved in Marcus’ life.

Donna tells Marcus she could not have provided for him and he says he understands why she gave him up. She says there is “so much to explain.” Marcus says he is grinning from ear to ear for a reason. He says Eric has told him. Donna is surprised and says “Eric?” Marcus says that he knows Eric wants to adopt him and make him Marcus Forrester.

Katie says it is a “generous thing” that Eric is doing. Eric says he wants Marcus to feel like he is a part of the family. Katie asks what he will do if Marcus wants to meet his biological father. Eric says the odds are slim that his dad will show up; he adds that he asked Marcus and Marcus does has no interest in him as well.

Bill explains to Justin that the plan is to take Forrester. He asks if Donna was as hot as she is now. He says when he met her he was “impressed.” Bill adds, “then I met Katie.” He says he does not understand Donna, “all that woman being wasted on Eric Forrester.”

Marcus asks if he blew a secret. Donna plays it off and says that she and Eric had talked about it before the heart attack. She asks if it is possible. Marcus says his adoptive parents will not have a problem with it. Donna says she feels like maybe she should talk to him about his biological father. He says he does not want to go there. He says he does not want to show up on a doorstep to a guy with some wife and ruin it. Donna says he showed up on her doorstep. He says that is different because she “carried him.” He has no interest in his biological father. Donna hugs him as Eric asks if he is interrupting anything. Marcus tells him he is “creating something.” Donna says she loves them both so much as Eric comes in and they all hug one another.

Justin tells Bill he backed off of Forrester; Bill retaliates that he has not lost sight of the goal but things have changed. Bills phone buzzes and he tells the Secretary to send “Miss Logan” in. Katie comes in and kisses Bill. Justin clears his throat and says she thought they were alone. Bill says their meeting is over as Katie prods Justin about how he went from basketball to working with Bill. He says he blew out his knee. Katie says it is so odd that Donna “used to lead cheers for you.” Justin says everyone used to love Donna. They could tell Donna anything. He says he always knew where he stood with her and there was “no drama, no games.”

Donna says she cannot believe that the two men she loves the most love each other so much that they are doing this. Eric says he did not let them slip through his hands, his happiness. Marcus tells him he is stuck with them. Eric responds by saying “I plan to keep it that way.”

Marcus says the people that raised him were “not that close.” He says they provided for him and he knows they would be happy letting someone else try to give him a home. Donna says she knows they are proud of him. He tells Eric “I will make you proud Dad.”

Bill and Katie are making out and she says she has an idea. She tells him she wants to go out to dinner. Bill complains that they went out to dinner last night, as she points out Eric was not available. He says Eric does not want to have dinner with him. Katie says he will. She says she wants to invite Justin as well. Bill asks how many chaperones they need. Katie wants to know what Justin’s story is. Bill says Justin is trustworthy and honest, and he does not like to associate with too many people like that. He tells her Justin could have played professional basketball but blew out his knee. Bill goes on to say the doctors thought he would not walk again but he was a miracle case and after struggling with a cane made a full recovery. He tells Katie he does not want to share her tonight. He asks that for the night she let him give her an “unforgettable” night and she can be “strong willed in the morning.”

Donna is moving the laptop when Justin knocks on the door. She is startled to see him as he asks if it is okay that he just stops by. She says it is fine but if he is there to see Eric he should know he is in a meeting. Justin says he is there to see her. He tells her he was shocked to see her and he was sorry if he came across as cold. He says she was right about her marriage. He says he saw her on the paper when she got married and he looked and said he used to go out with “that girl.” She said she read about his accident. She tells him she meant to write and he asks why she did not. He says he went by her house and her mother said she had gone to Europe. He says he understands and then resigns that he does not. He leans against the desk and asks how she could just be gone one day. Donna says he was living a “totally different life.” She says it was high school and it would have to end. He adds that they were “hot and heavy.” He tells her he was hurt, she apologizes and he says he is over it. He tells her looking at her he can see she is still the same person. He says he always wondered if there was something he should have known. He stands to look at her and asks, “Was there something I should have known?”

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