B&B Tuesday Update 9/15/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/15/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Donna opens up a laptop and Googles “Justin Barber.” As Donna begins to read Marcus comes into the office. He startles Donna and as Katie walks in behind him he says he caught her looking at the Internet on Company time. Marcus jokes that he knows the Owner and will put in a good word for her. Katie and Marcus ask if Eric is okay since they have not seen him around. Donna tells them that they are sweet for asking. Marcus says Eric has done for him he would always be concerned. He tells her Eric is “like a father figure.”

Jackie is coming down the stairs while on the phone telling gNick not to worry about her. She says she is fine then takes it back and says Owen did not come home last night. She reaches the end of the stairs and Owen unlocks the door; he opens it and stares at her.

Above the city Marcus sits at a table on the rooftop. Eric walks out and says he has been looking for him. Eric tells him he appreciates him and his “contributions” especially while Thorne was gone. Marcus jokes that he should give him a raise. Eric says he appreciates him and how happy he makes Donna. Eric tells him he knows it was hard for his mom to give him up for adoption; but that is in the past.

Katie asks Donna what happened last night. She wants to know if she has reservations about Bill. She says it is a “small world” and asks what Justin was like in High School. She asks were there any crushes between the two. Donna begins to cry and Katie sits down and presses for the truth behind her tears. Donna swears her to secrecy and tells her Justin is Marcus’ father.

Owen has changed clothes and Jackie says she knows he is trying to process her past. He says if she had told him it might be different. Jackie says nothing could prepare her for seeing the man she loves, “that no longer loves me.”

Owen tells Jackie that what happened was a long time ago and it should not even matter. He says she was a single mother who needed to take care of her child. He says he has not accepted it yet. He explains that her way of dealing with things is running away or hiding it is taking him a while to accept it. She looks at him and says he is not sure if he ever will accept it.

Katie says she did not know; she never would have made any references to crushes had she known. She reminds Donna that she had a lot of boyfriends in high school. Donna says that Justin was the “star basketball player” and she was a cheerleader. “One night it got carried away.” She goes on that the day she found out she was pregnant was the day he found ouot he had received a basketball scholarship. She says giving them both up was best for the baby and it was best for her. She says she went on with her life. Katie asks if Justin ever knew he had a son. Katie asks if she will tell him. Donna says she does not know if she will tell them.

Marcus says everything happens for a reason. He tells Eric he respects him. “Not just your talent, but you have this great big heart.” Marcus says he respects the way he cares about his family. Eric says he thinks of Marcus as family and he wants “to make good” on something he had said. He gives an envelope to Marcus. He reads that it is a Petition for Adoption. Eric says he will need the permission of his Adoptive Parents but he wants to adopt him.

Owen tells Jackie he is sorry and she says he shouldn’t be. “The fact that you’re here is a testament to the sweet, decent man you are.” She tells him it took her years to “handle” what had happened. Owen says he has never been like everyone else and that is what he loves about her.

Marcus is on the opposite side of the roof and Eric says he should have consulted him before going to his Attorneys. Marcus turns and says he is overwhelmed. He says he does not know his father. He tells Eric he is “the real father figure.” Eric asks if this is where they hug. Marcus adds that he then calls him ‘Dad.’ Eric says he would like that. As they hug Marcus calls Eric ‘Dad.’

Katie tells Donna she can ask if Marcus has any interest in knowing. Donna says that is a great idea; she can “find out if he has any interest before telling Marcus…” Marcus comes in the door and questions “tell Marcus what?” Donna says she thought he was looking for Eric. Marcus says Eric found him. The phone rings and Katie excuses herself announcing it is Bill. Marcus asks Donna what is going on. Donna has her back turned to Marcus as he says “like I don’t already know.”

Katie goes to see Eric on the roof and is about to ask him something and then says she will leave him alone. He brings the papers to her to show he is going to adopt Marcus. Katie’s mouth drops open.

Donna tries to tell Marcus about how things can change. Marcus interjects that “you are face to face with something you didn’t expect.” Donna says he is exactly right; and that it is almost like the day he was there. She hugs him and then tells him the time has come. “It’s time for you to meet your father.”

Jackie is happy to hear Owen loves her. He says of course he does. He says he only knew her as “class and sophistication” and he can’t see it anymore. He tells her he does not mean to hurt her. Jackie says she will never use their marriage for publicity. She will change the way things are perceived. She says maybe one day he can look at her the same way again. Owen says there are things to work on. His back is to her as she pleads that they need to work on forgiveness and if he could just forgive her one more time. He looks in her eyes and says “yes I can.” She hugs him and tells him repeatedly she loves him.

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