B&B Monday Update 9/14/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/14/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Owen asks if Jackie took money from men. She says they were men she knew and they knew she had no money and a child. She said it was only later that people called her names that she did not believe she was. She says it was a mistake and asks can he understand and can he tell her he forgives her.

Bill is having a drink at Café Ruse waiting on a friend when a man in a suit walks up. They establish they are old friends and that Bill has made him Executive Vice President of his Company. The VP asks if the rumors are true, if Bill has someone and he asks if she knows “what she is getting herself ito. Bill smirks and says “her name is Katie and she knows all about me.”

Katie is dressed in an off the shoulder short dress and is sitting with Donna talking about Bill. Donna says she never would have believed that she would fall for Bill Spencer, but he is growing on her. Katie says she wishes they could bring Bill and Eric closer so they could go on trips and dates with one another. She tells Donna she is gojng to meet Bill for dinner and would love if she and Eric joined them.

Thomas tasks Steffy if she really thinks Owen is in love with Jackie, Steffy tells him he is in love with Jackie and wants to “spend the rest of his life with her.”

Jackie says she had a little boy and she had to “put food on the table.” She says when Stephanie found out Nick was shocked and he came to her defense. Owen says he is the last to know. She says she is telling him now. He asks why now? She tells him the video is on the internet and she did not want to have any secrets with him. Owen recalls what she has said and talks about how she was young. She begs for it not to change anything between them. He says it does, “it changed everything.”

Steffy tells Thomas Owen and Jackie have something “special.” Thomas sips his coffee and asks if she has been reading “those books” again. Steffy tells him they have something to last forever,

Owen says he needs time. That maybe that is why she could “jump into Whip’s arms.” Owen says he needs time and walks out the door. Jackie follows and tells him to not forget what they have together. Owen walks away.

The VP tells Bill that he sees something in his eyes and he thinks this must be some woman. Bill says she is. Justin (the VP) says that he has heard that Katie works for Forrester. He tells Bill they are “ripe for a takeover.” He tells Bill no matter what is going on in his personal life he should not forget the business.

Donna stands up and says she doesn’t know if it is a good idea. Katie says that at the pool they were civil to one another and she thinks they can “bury the hatchet” if Eric sees Bill is not all business. Donna asks if Bill knows what Katie is planning. She tells her he does not but she will tell him when she sees him; all Donna has to do is get Eric. Donna aggress but says Katie will owe her. Donna says, “this should be an interesting evening.”

Jackie is crying with a box of tissues when Nick walks up and concludes the confession did not go well. Jackie says he was right and she should not have told him. Nick said Owen would have found out and it was best to tell him now. Jackie tells him he did not see the look in Owen’s eyes; he looked at her differently.

Thomas has left and Steffy is gathering her cake when Owen walks in and says he wants a coffee to go. Steffy asks what is wrong and he says she does not want to be around him. Steffy follows him to the sitting area and asks him what is wrong. He tells her he found out something about Jackie that may “change” how he feels about his wife.

Katie walks over to Bill and Justin meets her. Justin says he is a “big fan of her work.” Bill says Justin works in the New York office and after small talk she tells Bill Donna and Eric are coming to dinner. She looks at Justin and tells him “Donna and I are determined to have Bill and Eric make peace.” Bill takes a sip of his drink while lifting his eyebrows at Justin.

Nick asks Jackie what Owen said. Jackie says it was not what he said, but the look in his eyes. Nick tells her it was a long time ago and she had “a kid to feed.” Nick says Owen will see it. She says he may not. Jackie says he needed time; Nick concurs she should give him that time and “he will come around.” Jackie tells him she is frightened that he will never look at her the same again.

Steffy tells Owen she was in Europe and she never heard about the “scandal.” She asks Owen what he will do. He says he wants to get past it but it is just “not that simple.” He says it “brings up feelings.” Steffy tells him he can tell her anything. He says Jackie made him feel like meat. He says she kissed Whip and he forgave her. He asks if he is an idiot. Steffy sits beside him and puts hand on his arm telling him he was able to forgive and is sweet. She tells him it shows what kind of man he actually is; it shows his character. Owen genuinely half smiles as he hears this.

Justin tells Katie he has seen her work and she is accomplished. She tells him her biggest feat was winning over Bill. Donna shows up and says Eric had a meeting and will be along afterwards. She walks with Katie back over to the two men, sees Justin and stops dead in her tracks and looks shocked.

Jackie continues to cry as Nick tries to explain Owen needs space to “wrap his head around it.” Nick says she has to know he loves her and she has to have faith. She cries that she has to believe in them. “I don’t want to lose him.” She continues to cry and says she will give him time, that he has to come back to her. She can not lose him.

Owen tells Steffy he was “born in the wrong era.” Steffy says he has old-fashioned values and it is “sweet.” He says he wants to know who believes in marriage, monogamy and Steffy says she believes in it. He says he knows. He says he thought she was so sweet and pure. He asks if that exist anymore. He looks at Steffy and says he “guesses it does.”

Justin and Donna went to the same high school and he tells her he heard she married Eric. He tells her it is good to see her and asks if she has kids. She says they do not plan on it. Bill says Justin is his “right hand man” and asks if he is staying for dinner. Katie notices the awkward moment and asks about appetizers. Justin tells Katie it was nice to meet her and tells Donna it was nice to see her. Katie and Bill sit on the couch chatting as Donna sits down in the chair still in a state of shock, looking nervously around.

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