B&B Thursday Update 9/10/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/10/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Jackie is looking at the same video Whip had viewed on the Internet. She turns around and gasps as she sees that it is public for the world (and Owen) to see.

Owen and Steffy are at the table when Owen tells her about parasailing. Steffy says he fell in love with her again when he saw her there. Steffy says Jackie is crazy and he points out she is too. She tells him she thinks it is great he can get his trust back so quickly. Owen says they have no secrets. He says Jackie is “refined.” There is also a sense of “innocence” he has found. Steffy does not believe he used the word “innocent” to describe Jackie. Owen says even though she fights with the Forresters and is a sex goddess there is an innocent side to her.

Whip tells Jackie to calm down. She says she has to tell him. Whip says she should not tell him. Nick knocks on the door and walks in. Jackie is clearly upset. Jackie shows him the internet as well. Nick says he thought he “buried it.” Whip tells Nick how Jackie plans to tell Owen. Nick says Jackie cannot tell him after she was she saw how he reacted to the kiss with Whip.

Steffy says she is jealous of him. She explains she doesn’t have that. Owen says if someone is “holding something back you don’t really know the other person.” Steffy asks if there is anything he could find out that would make him lover her any less. Owen says he did not say that; but he knows everything that matters. Steffy says that is “exactly” what she wants. She says she wants “total respect, someone who can tell the truth.” She says she wants someone who is “completely devoted.” She wants someone who looks at her like she is the only woman in the room. Owen says she will find it, “look at you.” Steffy says if she ever finds that man she will “drag him straight to the future.” Owen says he has to go and they thank each other for the conversation.

Nick says Jackie did it for him. He says he and Whip can handle it and she should keep it to herself. Jackie says Owen cannot “let it pass” because he has to know all of her to really “know” her. She says she doesn’t want to hold anything back. Jackie tells them Owen is pure and faithful; he deserves the same. Nick warns that Owen will not look at her the same. He tells her not to it. Jackie says she does not want to lose him but if he does not know all of her or if he cannot handle her at least she was who she is. Jackie’s office phone rings and Owen tells her he is on his way up. Nick asks if he should stick around. She says no. Nick hugs her and tells her he loves her. Nick and Whip leave Jackie alone in her office to wait for Owen.

Steffy is at the counter getting her cake when Thomas walks up. He asks if that is the cake she said she was getting. She tells them they are not ruining this. He says his father has more of a love life than they do. He asks if she has any “hot” girlfriends to hook him up with. She tells him she might, but only if he returns the favor.

Nick thought Whip was getting fired. Whip tells him Owen saved him. Nick states it is a good thing “because we can’t afford to lose you.” Whip asks what he thinks will happen with Owen and Jackie. Jackie says he loves her but if he hurts his mother…Whip cuts him off and says “yeah.”

Jackie is reminiscing over her wedding as she is looking at the photo on her desk. Owen walks in and brings her a double cappuccino. He says he feels like spoiling her. She says he doesn’t have to. Jackie talks about her shortcomings. Owen makes light of it and asks if she is talking about Whip. Owen explains once more that he is over it. Jackie says they got through it but there is one more that they have to get though.

Thomas and Steffy sit down and drink coffee as Steffy tells him she ran into Owen. Thomas says he has heard that they were having problems. She says Owen is in love with her. She says they are “lucky” and that you don’t hear men talk about women like that. Thomas questions if Owen is in it for the money considering the vast age difference. Steffy says he is not. Thomas compares Owen and Jackie to Brooke and Ridge.

Owen doesn’t understand what is going on. He asks what happened, if something more happened with her and Whip. She tells him no and he says then they can talk about it in the bath. Owen tells her he ran into Steffy and she is happy for them. Owen turns to leave as Jackie calls him back and shows the internet video. When it stops he turns and speculates it was a “prank.” Jackie said Stephanie was out to get her but some of them were true. She hopes he can forgive her. She tells him about Nick being so young. She tells him she “dated some men and they helped me financially.” Owen says, “you never told me.” Jackie says it wasn’t apart of her life. He asks why she is telling him now. She tells him she saw the video online and remembered there would be no secrets between them. Owen walks away and Jackie please with him “please say something.” Owen looks at her and repeats “No.”

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