B&B Wednesday Update 9/9/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/9/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke is sitting on Ridge’s lap when Felicia and Thorne show up. Felicia says she hopes they did not get them to come there to announce they are back together. Steffy, Thomas and Rick walk in and they see the champagne. Rick says some people are not happy about this. Ridge points out that champagne can also be used a sign of new endeavors. He says it will be a new life for them as well as Forrester Creations.

Whip shakes Owen’s hand and tells him he appreciates him keeping him. Jackie says Owen is the best man. Owen says Whip is good at what he does and they would not be wise to put him on the market. Whip thanks him and as he is walking out he asks Owen if it is he or Casper that is speaking. Owen laughs as Whip continues to praise Owen for rising above his ego to do what is best for the Company. Owen says he had been trying to blame everyone but it was his fault for keeping a secret and it will never happen again.

Ridge and Brooke say they need to build on the Forrester Company. Ridge and Brooke say they have to keep everything out in the open. Brooke tells Felicia and Thorne they want them back. They say they will address the issues with Donna but they want them back. Ridge says he missed them when they weren’t there Ridge says they are all Forresters and they need to put the bitterness behind them. “We are all Forrester’s. Every single one of us.”

Jackie sits down and admits that Owen has forgiven her. She says he just proved it. They agree they could have avoided the whole thing if they had been honest. Owen says the Logan girls are selling themselves as Royalty and she is the “Queen of the Industry.: He tells her she is his fantasy and the love of his life.

Whip is looking at Forrester’s creations on the Internet when a commentator comes on and says Stephanie talked about Jackie’s “promiscuous past.”

Ridge says he has not been the same since Phoebe’s death. He tells them that no one recognized their selves anymore. He tells Rick they both love his mother and they ca n make it right. Rick says he loves her enough to make it work. Rick looks at Ridge and tells him “it’s time to move on.” They hug and Brooke cries as she watches.

They say no more toasts and Rick says he has to make one. He says he has to apologize to everyone there. He tells them he has behaved like a fool and he feels like he became someone else. He says when he thinks of what he has done, said and things he “provoked other people to do.” Rick says he can not take it back but he can change how he thinks of things. He says he should honor Ridge for making his mother so happy. He says he came to his senses as well and toasts to them. Thomas even joins in the toast.

Whip comes into Jackie’s office and asks where Owen is. She tells him Owen went to get coffee since it will be a “long night.” Whip brings the screen shot in the form of a photo and tells her she should enjoy it while she can because he does not know if Owen will get past this. He asks if what Stephanie said is true. Jackie stares at him, shocked and frightened.

Ridge goes on to tell everyone how he had almost lost everything and he says they have to put their differences aside now. Brooke says they have thanks to Ridge. Thorne asks what if he and Felicia have a difference of opinion on something to which Brooke says those concerns will be heard loud and clear. Brooke stipulates that in order for Forrester to compete they have to get “back on track. Just like my marriage,”

Steffy is ordering something at the coffee shop with a bow on top. Owen approaches and asks if she is decorating her coffee. She says the coffeecake is her dad and R.J.’s favorite. She tells him Brooke and Ridge are back together and she plans to drop the cake off at Brooke’s as a “congratulations.” Owen asks if she was disappointed. Steffy says that she was but she saw her dad’s face. She says it was almost like the look on Owen’s face. She concludes he got back together with Jackie. She tries to order him a cake too but he says he just wants her to sit with him. He tells her she is the reason he remembered why he loves Jackie. Steffy asks if he forgave her. “I love her that is all I can say.”

Whip is back in his office. Whip shows Jackie how he just Googled and was doing research when it all popped up. Jackie says she thought it was buried. Whip asks if it was true. Jackie says she was raising a child by herself with no help and she would date men who would sometimes help her financially. She says if Whip found it then Owen could. She says Owen would never forgive her and she points out that he could barely stand the thought of her kissing Whip. Whip tells her he can’t bury it since it is on the internet but he can flood the internet with press about the line so it would not be so accessible. Jackie says she has to tell Owen and prays he will forgive her “again.”

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