B&B Tuesday Update 9/8/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/8/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge leaves Brooke to tell Taylor the news about them. He says that she has to hear it from him. Brooke tells him she will be waiting.

Owen goes to Nick at his office and says that he knows how he used to feel about he and Jackie. Nick admits he is a little slow. They laugh as Owen asks how he feels about things now. Nick replies “I don’t ever want my mother to parasail again.” Owen laughs again and says that he has given her a job that is “much easier.”

Whip comes to see Jackie at her office. He says he got the message that she wanted to see him. Jackie tells Whip she and Owen are back together and tells him he does not work there anymore.

Brooke hears a knock at the bedroom door and she thinks it is Ridge has left something. Stephanie is at the door as Brooke asks if Ridge forgot something. Stephanie retorts that she would pay to forget Brooke’s outfit. Stephanie says she tried to get someone downstairs but no one answered. Brooke says she left the door unlocked since she thought Ridge would not be gone long.

Ridge and Taylor meet at a restaurant. He points out he thought they would meet at the house. She says it is funny that he used to call it “home.” She tells him she thought the lunch crowd would be gone so they could meet and it would not be so crowded. Ridge understands and struggles with the words as Taylor cuts him off and says “let me guess, you are going back to Brooke.”

Stephanie says she ran into Katie and asks how Brooke can take away the happiness Ridge has known. Brooke says Ridge is a “grown man.” Stephanie chides that when Ridge sees Brooke dressed in lingerie he forgets what is best for him. Stephanie agrees that Ridge is an adult and has to make his own choices. Brooke offers Stephanie a drink. Stephanie accepts and reminds Brooke that she does not like her. Brooke responds that she knows this Stephanie tells her she was not done and that she does not think Brooke is suitable for any man and Taylor is. They toast to them not liking one another. Stephanie asks why they keep going back to one another. Brooke says it should be obvious; that Ridge wants “passion.” Stephanie does not understand, reminds her that it always ends badly and now they have broken Taylor’s heart.

Ridge tries to explain to Taylor that he did not know he wanted Brooke until she was going to leave and then he realized it. Ridge apologizes for hurting her again and Taylor tells him not to blame himself for what he wants; she says knowing what he wanted was the hardest part. She tells him she is not sorry for the time they shared and he should not be sorry about this decision.

Nick can’t believe they are firing Whip. He argues that Whip is good at what he does. He tells Owen that Jackie could have stopped Whip but he has to remember Whip keeps the money coming into the Company. He says Owen married into the Company and Whip’s Career helps her live the live she is accustomed to. Owen says it helps Nick as well, and Nick counters that the money helps Owen as well.

Whip tells Jackie he does not deserve to lose his job. She tells him he will get a nice package for leaving and he will be able to work anywhere after all that he had accomplished there. He says he was able to take risks there and that she knows it is not a wise Business move.

Owen pleads for his job once more and tells her the only reason she is doing this is because of Owen. Jackie says that Owen does not ask for much but she has to do this. Whip tells her not to do it and she says they will tell everyone that they “begged” him to stay but he wanted to pursuer other projects.

Stephanie tells Brooke Ridge should be with Taylor. Brooke reminds her that Taylor slept with her son. Stephanie chides that she should not go there, “I wouldn’t do any comparison shopping if I were you.” Brooke says that for years Stephanie has Sainted Taylor but she needs to see a professional psychiatrist, not be one. Stephanie responds that Brooke is not “playing with a full deck of cards either.” Brooke says Taylor is a good person but she is “not stable.” Stephanie says Brooke could never see Taylor’s positive qualities. Stephanie says she and Brooke love Ridge the most and she wonders why they have fought all of these years when they both know he will not leave either of them.

Ridge and Taylor are both emotional as he offers to go tell the kids and Taylor advises that she can handle it. He says he feels like he let them down; after all he did love their life. She says he loves them and that is all that counts. Ridge confides that he feels like he let Phoebe down. Taylor said she would just want him to be happy. Ridge kisses Taylor and leaves her alone. Taylor is left crying.

Brooke tells Stephanie she is tired of fighting and wonders why Stephanie never answered the question about them being friends. Brooke says all she has to do is accept her relationship with Ridge and Donna’s relationship with Eric. Stephanie adds that she would have to accept losing the company as well. She says that seems to be a lot of acceptance. Stephanie laughs and asks why they would want to ruin the “foundation” of opposition she has worked on for 20 years.

Whip is trying to help with the hiring process for his new replacement when Jackie cuts him off and tells him to “email his recommendations.” Whip argues that he did what was best for the company and while he may have gone too far he helped them. Jackie tells him plainly that the decision has been made and he does not work there anymore. Whip walks in and says that the fact Jackie was willing to fire Whip meant a lot to him but maybe they should talk about this. Owen tells Whip he needs some “respect/” Whip says he will not go far if he does not respect him since he is the boss’ husband. Owen tells Whip he trusts his wife and he wants him to understand Jackie is off limits. Whip retorts “I’ve got eyes in my head.” Owen tells Whip he does not have to like him. Jackie tells Owen “thank you, my husband.”

Brooke meets Ridge at City Hall and she asks how Taylor is. Ridges says she was great about it and that she had known. He also notes Brooke has been drinking. She says she has with a “visitor.” He asks who came by and she informs him it was his mother. She tells him she thinks she is winning Stephanie over. They finally make it officially legal and they joke with the man at City Hall about how many times they have been married. They kiss and agree that it is legal and has happened. Ridge says “Hi, my Bride.” Brooke says “hi” as Ridge counters “Finally, huh?”

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