B&B Thursday Update 9/3/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/3/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie sits down after giving Brooke water. She tells Brooke she does not have to do this. Brooke says she will be fine. Katie says that they could put 10 oceans in between she and Ridge but it wouldn’t make a difference, so what was the point and what would it solve?

Nick and Bridget are on the couch kissing when Bridget pulls away and says that she knows he is upset because his mother is not back with Owen. Nick asks if she reads Tea Leaves. Bridget jokes she needs a crystal ball. She picks up a crystal paperweight and says she sees an older woman and a younger man happy. Nick says it will not happen. Nick tells her his mother is with Owen “ending their marriage.”

Jackie is stunned that Owen confessed he wanted her back. He says he does not know what time he wanted, “whatever this is I want to work through it with you.” He tells her he wants to come home and start over. Owen looks at Jackie as she looks down. “I’m sorry. You’ll never know how sorry I am. I didn’t come here to save our marriage. I came here to end it.”

Katie tries to tell Brooke their mother wants her happy and with Ridge. She says that can not happen if she is in Paris. Brooke tells Katie it can’t happen if she is there also. She tells her it would have happened by now. She wishes he would reach out and show her a sign of some sort.

Thorne calls Ridge from a restaurant and asks how it is going. Ridge says everyone is there. Thorne tells Ridge he does not think it will work, to which Ridge tells him they should only be having positive thoughts. He then hangs up and tells the men to “pick up the pace.”

Stephanie joins Thorne and says champagne is on its way. Thorne asks what they are celebrating when Stephanie tells him that Brooke is leaving the country and that is the best reason. Thorne says he just spoke with Ridge and she should not celebrate just yet.

Ridge looks at plans and tells the men to work harder as he picks up a shovel.

Katie pleads that it is not too late. Brooke says she has given Ridge every opportunity and he has not done anything. Brooke asks what is taking so long. The Pilot comes on the intercom and says he apologizes for the delay but there has been a last minute flight change. He tells them they will “be in the air shortly.”

Bridget puts down the paperweight and says she does not get it. Jackie loves Owen more than anything. She asks what could have happened. She wants to know what motivated it. Nick says the crystal ball says sometimes when you love someone you sacrifice yourself and set them free.

Owen tells Jackie he does not believe her; she wanted him back so badly. He says it is not worth spending time apart. Jackie tells him not to say that. She tells him it was supposed to be fun and thrilling. She says she hurt him and she never wanted to do that. She says holding onto him is wrong and selfish. She says he could have children with a younger woman. Jackie says she has to. She tells him it will be a publicity nightmare and she goes to take the ring off. Owen grabs her hand and tells her he will not let her take the ring off. He will not let her go.

Bridget wonders why Jackie would give up someone she loves. She says maybe Owen can stop her. She says the chance they have to feel the way they do doesn’t always come around. She knows how it feels and you have to “grab it and never let it go.”

Owen tells Jackie she has brought him more joy than anyone ever could. He says everything he could ever want is in front of him. He says his love for her is forever. He tells her that looks may fade and if she thought he was that shallow she should dump him. He says that he meant “’til death to us part.” He looks at her, as she stands with tears in her eyes and says he wants to know she believes it.

Stephanie is appalled to find that Ridge may try to stop Brooke. Thorne says he can not give her the details when his phone pages. He says that is the signal letting him know Brooke is in the air. He calls Ridge immediately to let him know. Ridge says he is sorry but he “can’t talk right now.”

Katie is looking out of the plane at the ocean and screams that Brooke has to look out of her window. Brooke shakes her head and Katie says “Brooke, look out your window, you want to see this!!” Brooke looks and sees a heart in the sand by the ocean with their names inside. Brooke looks at Katie as Katie says Ridge gave her the sign she was looking for, and they should turn the plane around.

Ridge can’t see the plane and he looks around and says “I lost her.”

Jackie turns away from Owen and tells him she is doing what is best for him. Owen says isn’t what is best for him what he wants? Jackie tells him in years from now when he has a beautiful wife and children. He tells her he has a beautiful wife and if he wants kids they will adopt. Jackie says she loves him and the thought of not having him with her… Owen interrupts and tells her “don’t” to which she responds “okay.” Owen is shocked. Jackie says it may be selfish but the thought of being without him is too much. She says she loves him and can’t live without him. They kiss and Owen breaks away from her kiss as he tells her not to let anyone come in-between them again. They continue to kiss before he picks her up.

Stephanie recounts what is happening and how Brooke’s plane left. She picks up her champagne and happily drinks.

Ridge is looking at the heart when he hears something. He then sees a Range Rover with Brooke stepping out. “Logan,” They run to one another in the sand and begin to kiss. Ridge picks her up as they kiss. “You said you needed a symbol of my love.” She says it is their heart in the sand. He says he thought he lost her, and she came back. “I’m never letting you go again.” They continue to kiss by their heart.

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