B&B Wednesday Update 9/2/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/2/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge calls Brooke and is shocked when she picks up the phone. He tells her not togo. He tells her he wants to talk about it and he needs to get through to her. She tells him they are just “words.” She tells him her plane is leaving and tells him the kids plans until she gets settled. He asks is there anything to change her mind and she tells him he has to know what he wants and then he will know what to do. Brooke tells her she is thinking about herself.

Whip goes to see Owen and Owen is infuriated when he sees Whip there. Owen tries to slam the door in Whip’s face; Whip tells him he should blame him and not Jackie.

Steffy comes into Jackie’s office and explains that she saw Owen on the beach. She then is angry that Jackie turned to Whip so quickly after hearing Casper during the interview. Jackie is surprised that Owen shared personal information with Steffy.

The Logan Sisters are in Brooke’s bedroom. They tell her that Ridge told her not to go. Brooke says she has to get away and stop living “in limbo.” She has to get away from Ridge.

Thorne comes by and tells Ridge he heard the kids are moving to Paris. Ridge tells him they are leaving “very soon.” Thorne says he knows how Ridge feels about Brooke and he cannot let her go. Ridge asks how he is supposed to do that.

Whip tells Owen Jackie was very upset. Owen says he is not stupid, he knows Whip has been “eyeing her from day one.” He tells him he is no friend to Jackie and no friend to him.

Jackie tells Steffy she is sure she heard an “earful” about how horrible she is. Steffy says Owen is “crazy” about her. She should do everything she can to get him back. Jackie says it is complicated. Steffy says she is young but not naïve. Jackie says she respects Steffy for coming there and that Owen needs someone without baggage. Steffy says she a “suitcase or two” of baggage. Jackie tells her that she is smart, young, vibrant and Owen is a great guy. She wants him to experience as much of life as he can. She does not want to hold him back.

Donna tells Brooke they will come there as soon as a wedding date is set. Katie tells her she does not have to move; while Brooke promises not to hover. Katie says they can share the responsibility and take turns with helping their mother. She tells Brooke she does not have to go. Brooke explains she has to get away from Ridge.

Thorne asks how Brooke will get to Paris. Ridge explains they did not have to get rid of the jet since the Fashion Challenge helped with the revenue of the company. Thorne asks if he is just going to let her get on the Forrester Jet and leave. RJ and Ally come in and RJ runs into Ridge’s arms. He tells him he lost a a tooth. They agree that the Tooth Fairy has to see him. RJ says he does not want to move to Paris. He tells him they should be together. Ridge tells him he can come to LA when he has a break from school. RJ says he should just come on and “do it.” Ally tells him they can go see their Granddad and show him the tooth. They leave as Thorne agrees with RJ’s statement; Ridge should put his family back together.

Donna is telling Brooke goodbye as they discuss shopping. Donna makes her promise to call her “every hour.” Brooke looks around the room and says there were so many “great memories in this place.” She adds that since Ridge left it did not feel like home. Brooke grabs her bag and closes the door as she walks out of the room.

Whip tells Owen Jackie is one of a kind. Owen says he does not have to tell him; that was why he married him. Whip says nothing happened between them, Jackie was honest with him and that should tell him something. He tells Owen to “get over it.” He says if he blows it with Jackie he will regret it.

Nick comes in to Jackie’s office. He asks how it went with Owen. Jackie says she did not talk to him. She explains she saw Steffy and Owen, they were so young and beautiful. She tells him Steffy was there. Nick tells her everyone makes mistakes. Jackie says she never expected true love but had found it unexpectedly and Owen had “challenged” her. Nick says sometimes love isn’t enough. Jackie says she wants what is best for him. “Maybe I’m not what is best for him.”

Ridge says “life is so easy for kids.” Thorne says the kids are right. He says everyone has come between them, that Taylor is a “great woman” but he asks if she is the one who wants to be with. Thorne says he should give Brooke another shot.

Katie comes on the Jet and tells Brooke she has lots of magazines for them to read. She starts naming them and when she gets to the Equestrian, it reminds her of Ridge. Katie jokes she “should have left that one at home.” Brooke confesses she was so convinced Ridge would look at her and want her back. She thought they were meant to be together. Katie says she stopped the wedding. Brooke admits that Ridge did not come back to her, he stayed with Taylor.

Nick asks Jackie if she would like Owen to date Steffy? Jackie says not necessarily Steffy but someone who could give him children and go surfing with Owen. Nick tells her she did all she could, not many people would parasail for him. Jackie says Nick was right, it would not last and she was going to do the one thing she could for him. She would let Owen go. Nick says that will not work because Owen is in love with her. Jackie says she still loves him as well, but she will let him go.

Ridge tells Thorne no matter how much he tells Brooke he wanted her she would never believe it now. Thorne tells him he “has to” convince her. Thorne says he can not let her walk away from his life. Ridge stands and emphatically tells Thorne to get every guy from Shipping as quickly as he can.

Katie says the Pilot informed her there was a delay. She tells Brooke she does not look like she wants to do this and she can change her mind. Brooke says she has to go, she needs a new locale to start her life without Ridge.

Owen is sitting in a chair when Jackie knocks on her door. Owen says he thought she was Whip since he was just there. Jackie says she did not come there for that. She tells him she made a decision about “the rest of their lives.” Owen says he has too. Jackie tells him she has to go first when he kisses her. He looks her in the eyes and tells Jackie that he loves her and does not want to be without her.

Ridge stands in the sun with sunglasses on saying “this has to work, Logan. It has to.”

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