B&B Tuesday Update 9/1/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/1/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Ridge it is time to make a decision. She says their family needs him and it is time to come home.

Owen is looking at a magazine when a bikini clad Steffy walks up and says she forgot he had a place. He asks if she is playing hooky and she says she wants to catch the Swell. He looks at the Ocean and tells her to give it an hour and it will be great. Steffy asks if he wants to surf but he refuses. She points to where she will be surfing and he tells her it is a good “spot.” Steffy says she is shocked he is there, and he informs her he moved out of Jackie’s loft and she is living there. Steffy’s eyebrows arch up.

Nick is scolding Jackie for going parasailing. He says she should have been hurt. She tells him it was Pam’s idea which Nick tells her was not a good idea. She defends that Owen was “charmed.” He asks if Owen liked it why does she look like her dog died. Jackie says “because he is not ready to come back to me.”

Ridge says he needs “more time.” Brooke turns her back as he tells her he is sorry and it is unfair. Brooke explains that after Big Bear with Taylor and James she figured things out. She tells him her mom is getting worse and as soon as she can arrange things she and the kids will be going to Paris as well.

Nick states that parasailing over Owen’s house should have been enough. Nick says he thought that would be enough. Jackie tells him Whip had more of an impact and he was not ready to forgive her yet. She tells him she will try to talk to Owen again when Nick firmly says “No!” Nick then goes on to tell Jackie that Owen has asked for time. Jackie tells him not too long ago he told her to get a life. She says she does not know what she will do if he cannot get past it.

Steffy tells Owen she is not sure what to say. She says she thinks it is horrible what his twin Casper did but it was no reason for Jackie to kick him out. Owen explains that Jackie did not kick him out, he left. He explains that since she thought he betrayed her, she betrayed him. “Like with another guy?” He responds that Whip Jones and she did not have sex but “stuff happened.” He says every time he thinks of Jackie or see her he thinks of Whip and his wife.

Ridge says Brooke is running away. He tells her that her sisters are there and her mom should stay there. Brooke says it is what her mom wants. Ridge asks if Beth asked her to go. Brooke says she did not. He tells her that packing up and moving is a bad idea. Brooke says she is not going to watch he and Taylor be together. She says it is painful and she does not know how much time she has left. He asks to give it time and not do that “this minute.” Brooke tells him “this minute is all we have.” She tells him they were supposed to be together, they were supposed to be raising their children together. She says she can not do it. Ridge says “no Logan, I won’t let you do it.”

Nick says “if you’ve done all you can do Mother you’ve done all you can do.” Jackie says it was her fault for running off like a “school girl.” Nick says she should not blame herself, he will not let her. He tells her Owen has not made enough mistakes in order to know how to forgive her. Jackie stands from the couch and explains that Owen has to forgive her. Nick tells her she may be better off if he does not forgive her. Jackie says Nick told her he would help her. Nick says that he admitted he was wrong about Owen wanting to take things from her. Jackie says that Nick thinks that she would be happier with someone her own age, and Owen would be happier with someone his own age. She tells him he is wrong, that they were happy. “We were so happy, we will be again.: She tells him Owen will listen to her. She walks out of his office and slams the door behind her.

Steffy tells Owen he can get passed it. He asks her if she is speaking from experience. He then learns she and Rick are not together and takes sudden interest in her love life. He asks about Marcus, whom she dated before Rick. Steffy tells him Marcus is just a “close friend.” She tells him she and Rick are taking time to “cool off.” She explains his family and her families are not working. He says she is now giving him a “pep talk.” Steffy says she should not be giving relationship advice, but he can look at her family as examples of what not to do. He tells her he works with Stephanie; he knows she wants her mom and dad to be together. Steffy says she will “be cool” with whatever happens.

Ridge tells Brooke she is uprooting the kids. She tells him she will enroll the kids in “Primary School.” He says she has not thought about it. She says she has thought about it for weeks and weeks. Ways to get him back, and nothing worked. She says she has to move forward, stop spinning her wheels, even if that entails moving “half way around the world.”

Steffy is on the balcony. He tells her she better get out there. “Come with?” He says he would like a rain check. He says he wants it to be like it was. He wants the feeling that it is the right thing, the right person, without a doubt. “I know Jackie is the only one for me, I am just not sure if I am the only man for her.” He says that moving in, getting married, his past decisions were easy because he knew. He says more than anything the world he wants to know that he can get past it. Steffy puts her arm on Owen’s shoulder to comfort him as Jackie looks on through the window. She remembers the conversation she had with Nick and how she claimed he thought Owen would be better off with someone his own age. Steffy turns towards Owen on the balcony and he tells her it would be easier if it weren’t so perfect. He says he is not ready to tell her his “life wouldn’t be the same without her.” Steffy rubs his arm and chest to comfort as Jackie looks on,

Brooke tells Ridge he has not given her any indication that he wants to be with her. She says he has not given her any “signs” that she is the one. He asks about the Company and the Royal Campaign. She reminds him that Katie will be there and that she will be working from the International Office. He asks if there is anything he can say or do. She tells him that she has considered everything. “I love you Logan.” She tells him she loves him too. He tears up and emphatically admits, “everything around us may have changed, but not that.” Brooke has tears in her eyes and tells him she cannot live with the fact that at the end of the night he goes home to Taylor and their family. She says she will not do it, “not even one more night.” She tells him she must go finish packing. Brooke walks over to Ridge and kisses him. She pulls away as he examines her face and eyes. She walks to the door, turns around and walks out, closing it behind her. Ridge is flustered and says “I can not let this happen, I can not let this happen.” He walks out the door and calls loudly “Logan!!” He then repeats “Logan” in a mere whisper.

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