B&B Monday Update 8/31/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/31/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At the beach house, Jackie is happy finding out Owen still loves her. She hugs him tight. Owen breaks away and tells her what she did hurt him so much. He doesn’t know what to do. Jackie asks if he thinks she’s going to hurt him again. Owen is silent.

In Eric’s office, Stephanie and Beth had a face off. They are interrupted by Ridge, Brooke and Marcus. Beth is very aggressive and Stephanie wants to know if Beth is threatening her. Beth tells her it’s a promise. She’ll do whatever she has to in order to protect her family. Brooke watches her mother helplessly.

Stephen Logan rushes in and asks Ridge to get his mother. She’s upsetting Beth. Stephanie looks confused as Ridge leads her out. On the way out, Stephanie tells Stephen he needs to get Beth some professional help.

After Stephanie and Ridge leave, Donna and Katie rush in to see what’s going on. Brooke, Marcus and her Stephen are with Beth. Katie asks if everything is okay. Donna wants to know what Stephanie did to her. Stephen asks Marcus to take his grandmother out for a minute so he can talk to them. Beth looks a bit resistant, but allows Marcus to guide her to the door.

Once Beth and Marcus are gone, the girls bombard their father with questions. He tells them he has some bad news for them. Brooke looks ready to cry.

Ridge takes his mother to his office. He tells her there’s a reason Beth isn’t herself. He tells her about the Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Stephanie is stunned. Stephen is there to tell the girls how much their mother has deteriorated. Brooke is just heartsick. Stephanie is actually very sympathetic. She knows Beth held the family together, after Stephen left. Where will the girls be without her?

Back in Eric’s office, the girls want to know how serious their mother’s condition is. The doctor has verified it’s Alzheimer’s. It’s very advanced. The girls are all teary eyed as they realize how bad their mother has become. Stephen says Beth wanted to come and see them, once she realized what was taking place.

At the beach house, Owen tells Jackie she means everything to him. Maybe this is part of the problem. He’s in so deep. She didn’t show any faith in him. Jackie tells him what happened before will never happen again. He’s all she’s ever wanted. Owen isn’t so sure. He reminds her of how much she and Whip have in common. He’s felt like an outsider at times. He wants to be the center of his world, like she’s the center of his. Jackie tells him he is. She wants to prove it to him. She begs him to come home with her.

Owen walks in from the balcony, with Jackie following. He tells her she’s not making it easy for him. Jackie tells him she doesn’t want to lose him. Owen says he misses her and wants to work things out. Right now, he can’t share her bed and go in to work everyday and watch Whip eyeball her. It’ll drive him crazy. He has to get past all of this. He’s not there yet.

Marcus brings his grandmother a glass of water, while they wait outside Eric’s office. He asks her why Stephanie was going at her like that. Beth apologizes to him for having to hear any of it. It’s the usual, with Stephanie blaming the Logans for all her problems. Beth wants her to just leave her daughters alone. She’s always tried to protect them. Marcus rubs her shoulders in comfort.

Back in Ridge’s office, Stephanie wants to know how long this has been going on. Ridge isn’t certain, but says it’s very aggressive. Beth is a young woman. Stephanie says it’s doesn’t matter how old someone is. It’s sad to see people drift away and lose their memories. Ridge looks gloomy at the prospect.

In Eric’s office, Stephen continues talking to the girls about their mother. They all are heart broken. Recently, he’s stayed at Beth’s side constantly. Brooke asks if he’s worried about what could happen. Stephen says it’s really affecting her short term memory. The girls all looks dismayed. Stephen says it’s killing him too. Beth is being robbed of her independence. He wants them to explain to the kids, if grandma doesn’t act the same, it’s because she’s sick. Katie wonders if this is why she went off on Stephanie. Stephen isn’t sure, since she has been angry about the Logan Chronicles. He’s not sure what’s part of the disease or who Beth is anymore. Brooke comments about anger being part of the symptoms. Katie asks if their mother ever talks about them. He says constantly. Some days it’s up-to-date, but more often it’s as if they were little girls. Brooke sits next to her dad and puts her head on his shoulder. He tells the girls he loves them and so does their mother. This will never change. All the girls gather around their father for a group hug. They vow to work this out together.

At the beach house, Jackie asks Owen if he needs more time. He understands she didn’t give herself to Whip. However, she ran into another man’s arms without letting him even explain. That doesn’t say much about their marriage. Jackie agrees she was wrong to ever doubt him. She could lose him because of her own stupidity. Owen watches her with a serious expression.

Beth is back in Eric’s office with her daughters. She hugs all of them and tells them no more sad faces. She’s just a bit forgetful. They will be too at her age. Donna strokes her mother’s hair and tells her she hopes she’s half as beautiful. Beth tells her she’s so beautiful now. She sees the way Eric looks at her. The same goes for Ridge and Brooke. Brooke lets everyone know this is what started the conversation with Stephanie, since Beth was reminding Ridge of what he had with Brooke. Beth says time is so short. She wants Brooke to be with the man she was meant to be with. Beth says Stephanie always brings out the worst in her. They have many good days ahead of them. She doesn’t want to bury her head in the sand. She’s going to face this illness head on. Stephen speaks up and says there could be a very special day for her, if she would just say yes. Beth looks confused. Stephen takes her by the hand and asks her to sit. The girls watch. Stephen explains his biggest mistake was walking away from his family. They all welcomed him back. He’s wanted to ask her so many times, but was waiting for the right time. As she said, time is so precious. He asks Beth to marry him, as the girls smile and cry at the same time. They are so happy. Beth looks taken aback.

Beth is shocked at Stephen’s proposal. She tells him she’s sorry, but she can’t. She loves him for asking. She thinks he’s only doing this, because she’s sick. The girls urge her to say yes. Stephen pulls out a ring and Beth gasps. He tells Beth he bought this ring several months ago, before the word Alzheimer’s was ever uttered. He begs her to be his wife again. She thinks he’s doing it out of pity. He tells her he loves her. He says maybe she doesn’t feel the same way. He’s not trying to assuage his guilt from being such a lousy husband before. He wants to spend every moment making their days the best they can be. She tries to cut him off. He tells her he knows they’ll face some challenges. He begs her to make him and her beautiful daughters happy. The girls move in and tell their mother it’s what she’s wanted. Beth finally breaks down and says yes. She hugs Stephen and kisses him, declaring her love for him. The girls are ecstatic.

Owen continues trying to explain to Jackie how he feels. He wants their marriage to last. He said vows to her. It’s not all about forgiveness. Jackie understands it has to be like this for right now. Owen comes over and rubs her arms. They both look resigned to get through this.

Brooke goes to Ridge’s office. He’s anxious to find out how her sisters are. It was very hard news to give them. They all had an even bigger surprise. She explains how Stephen proposed to their mom. Ridge says at least it’s something good to look forward to. Brooke says it’s something positive and caught all of them off guard. It made her realize how short life can be. She’s losing her mother a little bit each day. She’s tearful. She’s scared about the two of them hanging in limbo. She really needs him to make a decision. She can’t do this much longer. She begs him. It may be the last chance he’ll have. Ridge looks stunned at this announcement.

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