B&B Friday Update 8/28/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/28/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Jackie is parasailing over the ocean with a banner declaring her love for Owen. He watches with binoculars and smiles at Jackie’s craziness.

At Forrester, Brooke fills Ridge in on her mother’s Alzheimer’s. Ridge extends his sympathy for her and the family. Brooke is almost in tears and Ridge strokes her arm in comfort. Brooke explains how much her mother’s condition has deteriorated. She’s very unpredictable and sometimes even volatile. Her father is on his way to tell Katie and Donna about their mother today. Ridge hugs Brooke and strokes her hair. He asks if there’s anything he can do. Brooke holds him tight.

In Eric’s office, Stephanie wandered in and overheard Beth coaxing Ridge to get back with Brooke. She tells Beth she’s not surprised at her trying to force Ridge’s hand. Beth gets angry and tells Stephanie her behavior hasn’t changed. She’s always acted so high and mighty and thought she was so much better than everyone. Stephanie raises her eyebrow at Beth’s tone and accusations. Beth continues to rant. Stephanie tries to get her to calm down. Beth continues to rage on. She brings up how Eric belonged to her and Stephanie got pregnant and stole him away. Stephanie says all she wants is for her to not try to force her son and Brooke together. Beth is totally confused and says she doesn’t know what Stephanie is talking about. Brooke isn’t even there. Stephanie looks surprised at Beth’s bewilderment.

At Jackie M’s, Nick and Bridget are in his office. He explains how he went to see Owen. Owen is really licking his wounds and is willing to walk away from Jackie with nothing. Bridget is surprised at Nick’s complete turn around about Owen. Nick admits he was wrong. Bridget wonders if they’re really over. Nick feels they need time. Owen is hurt that Jackie didn’t have any faith in him. Bridget talks about how marriage needs trust. Nick isn’t sure if they can get that back. They are interrupted by Pam.

Pam comes in Nick’s office to talk about Jackie. She thinks everything is gong to be okay, since she devised a plan. This gets Nick’s attention. He jumps to his feet and wants to know where his mother is at right now. Pam smiles and says she’s “higher than a kite”. Nick and Bridge stare at her with questioning looks.

At his beach house, Owen smiles at Jackie’s antics. She yells at him how much she loves him. Owen looks pleased and wonders what he’s going to do with Jackie.

In his office, Nick quizzes Pam about how she has been helping his mother. Pam babbles on about ideas she thought of, but didn’t work. She finally gets around to explaining about the parasailing idea. Bridget and Nick can’t believe it. Bridget kind of laughs, but Nick is a bit concerned. Pam thinks it’s a wonderful idea.

In Rick’s office, Ridge continues to quiz Brooke about her mother’s erratic behavior. He asks about doctors, etc. She tells him about how the slightest thing can set her mother off. She doesn’t want to lose her mother she cries. She rests her head on Ridge’s shoulder as he comforts her.

Back in Eric’s office, Stephanie has no idea what’s going on with Beth. She tells Beth how Brooke was just there. Beth doesn’t even originally remember which daughter Stephanie is referring to. Beth repeats herself and brings up Massimo and Ridge’s parentage. Stephanie doesn’t understand why Beth is bringing up old history and repeating herself. She just looks at her with a perplexed look. Beth has herself so worked up, she finally pushes Stephanie. Beth declares Stephanie has always been a problem and tries to run everyone’s lives.

Owen continues to watch Jackie. She’s still yelling how much she loves him. Owen gets a concerned look and tells Jackie to watch out for a bird. Jackie looks up and tries to shoo it away.

In his office, Nick frantically tries to reach his mother by phone. Pam tells him she won’t be able to answer, while she’s up in the sky. Nick just looks at her in an irritated manner.

Pam says trust her. Jackie is having a ball.

In the air, Jackie has no luck getting the bird to leave her alone. She starts plunging towards the water.

On his balcony, Owen recognizes Jackie is in distress. He runs towards his door.

In Eric’s office, Beth and Stephanie have gotten physical. Stephanie actually tries to subdue Beth, after Beth pushes her. Marcus rushes in and separates the two women. He’s closely followed by Ridge and Brooke. Ridge demands to know what’s going on. Marcus explains how Stephanie had his grandmother’s arms pinned. Stephanie tells everyone Beth accosted her. Brooke tries to calm her mother, who still looks a bit out of it and angry.

In his office, Nick is worried about his mother. If he doesn’t hear from her soon, he’s going to make another trip out to Owen’s beach house. He can’t believe his mother would do something like this. Bridget actually thinks it sounds like Jackie. She asks Nick if he would parasail for her. Nick says he would hang glide over the Grand Canyon for her. Bridget teases him about trying to out do his mother. She puts her arms around his neck. Nick still looks worried. He just hopes Owen takes his mother back after all this.

At the beach house, Owen rushes in with Jackie in his arms. He wants to take her to the hospital for a check up. She insists she’s fine. Her teeth are chattering and Owen has given her a blanket. He tells her she needs to get into some warm clothing. Owen can’t believe she pulled this stunt. Jackie explains it was Pam’s idea. It worked out to a certain extent. Owen doesn’t know what Jackie was thinking, risking her life like this. Jackie wanted to capture his attention. Owen tells Jackie he explained to Nick he just needs time. Jackie is crying and emotional. She can’t lose him. She loves him and misses him. Owen looks unsure of what to say.

At Forrester, Marcus takes up for his grandmother. She’s a peaceful person. Ridge asks his mother if she provoked Beth. Stephanie tries to explain how Beth shoved her and was bringing up old history. She just asked Beth not to push Brooke off on Ridge. Beth starts to get agitated. Stephanie feels Beth owes her and apology. This sets Beth off again. She feels Stephanie has stolen her life from her. Stephanie says she’s leaving and heads for the door. Brooke is unable to contain her mother, who follows Stephanie. She almost physically assaults Stephanie again. Stephanie stares at her in shock.

In his office, Nick receives a call from the parasailing outfit. They let him know his mother was attacked by seagulls. Bridget looks stunned and wants to know if Jackie is okay. Where is she? Nick says he doesn’t know. A guy came out on a surf board and took her away. Bridget says Owen. Nick agrees. She hopes they can kiss and make up. Nick muses about what he would do. Bridget says she would hope if she flew across the sky for him, he would be happy. He says he’ll remember this. She moves in and teasingly kisses Nick, who responds.

Owen goes upstairs and gets Jackie a robe. She asks him to help unzip her. He holds the robe up and lets her undress behind it. He doesn’t even look at her. Jackie slowly puts the robe on. She realizes Owen isn’t willing to forgive her. She tries to explain about Whip. Owen cuts her off and says he’s not ready to talk about it. He doesn’t want to hear Whip’s name. Jackie didn’t realize how deeply Owen felt for her. He asks if she really believed some of the things his brother said. She says May/December relationships sometimes don’t work out. Owen says she really didn’t know him, even if she married him. He walks away hurt. Jackie tells him she just can’t believe how deeply he felt for her. She can’t believe a man like him would want her. He could have anyone. She wasn’t prepared for the pain and hurt she caused him. She will do anything to get him back. She loves him so much. She’s almost in tears as she begs him to forgive. Owen smiles and says she’s totally off her rocker, but he loves her so much. Jackie hugs Owen around the neck and again declares he’s her life and she loves him.

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