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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/27/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Jackie stoically walks around her office looking at a picture Nick runs in the door and looks worried. Nick says he has been calling her. Jackie says “no, I’m not. He’s gone Nicky….He left me.”

Beth and Brooke are sitting down and they are both crying. Brooke consoles her mother, telling her they overcome adversaries. Ridge comes in and tells Beth hello and drops off proofs for Eric. Beth looks at the pictures of the Logan Royalty and she exclaims that they are so beautiful. Beth says she loves seeing her girls dressed up like queens. She adds. “I’d like to see them treated that way too.” Ridge glares at her.

Nick says maybe it is for the best. He tells her they will give him a severance package and she will not have to see him at the office. Jackie informs him that Owen does not want the car, job nor any of her money. “Owen is completely out of my life.”

Jackie paces the room as Nick tells her he doesn’t want anything now, “but when the lawyers start talking…” She tells him he wants nothing to do with her and she has destroyed it. Nick says “maybe he really did love you.” Jackie admits that maybe she didn’t believe it either. Nick tells her she did not know he had a twin. She tells him she tried to explain and make him understand but she couldn’t. Nick looks at her and says “maybe I can try.” She is shocked he will do that. She hugs him saying “thank you.”

Beth says “patience is a virtue, Brooke must be the most patient woman on the planet. I, however am not.” She asks what is keeping him from coming home to Brooke and the children. Stephanie overhears outside and is listening outside of the door. Beth says Brooke has proven her love, it is time for him to prove his.

Pam comes in and offers Jackie a Lemon Bar. She tells her she is sorry for whatever this “big mistake” was. Jackie says she does not want to talk about her personal life. Pam tells her she saw Owen change and she is going to help her get him back. Jackie laughs and says “Nickie went to talk to him.” Pam tells her “talking only goes so far.” Pam tells Jackie she has to do something Romantic. She tries to come up with ideas such as flowers and dinner. Pam says it has to be something bigger. Jackie says she has to remind him of what they had. “I have to put myself out there.” Pam asks if he lives in the beach house. She says it has to be in the sky and she has an “epic” idea. Pam tells Jackie it is risky but if she does it she will literally be “soaring” back into Owen’s life.

Owen is on his balcony looking at the Ocean. He tells Nick he did not want to be disturbed and tells Nick he can do his victory dance. Owen tells him to gloat, “say whatever you have to say and get out.” Nick looks at him and says “I want you to take my mother back.”

Pam explains to Jackie that she is talking about the “guys on the beach with the things.” She tells her she should parasail over Owen’s house with a sign behind her. Jackie says that would get his attention. She says she does need epic. Jackie says she will do it. Pam says she will get on the Internet but Jackie needs to think about what she wants the sign to say.

Beth tells Ridge that he and Brooke are one another’s “destiny.” Brooke walks in and asks to talk to Ridge alone. They leave when Stephanie walks in and tells her she is not surprised. She asks her to stop pressuring her son to get back with Brooke.

“You’re pleading your mother’s case?” Owen follows his first question with the second, which is if Jackie told him what happened. Nick says he is not there to talk about that. He says he is there to talk about the “truth.” Nick tells Owen he loves her. He says he is probably scared to death he will be made into a fool. He looks at him and says “that’s what you feel like, a fool?” Nick tells him “take it from someone who knows, you don’t want to let it slip away.”

Pam tells the man on the phone Jackie will sign a waiver, but she has to be the one doing it. Jackie says she wants the sign to say “I love you Owen.” Pam tells her to follow the directions, go see the captain and fly into Owen’s heart. Jackie says Owen is about to find out “how adventurous I can be.” She hugs Pam and tells her thank you many times.

Stephanie tells Beth to stop “interfering.” Beth says that is funny coming from Stephanie since all she has ever done is interfered in Ridge, Brooke and her lives.

Jackie meets the Captain. She has to sign a waiver and she gets a wet suit. She tells the Captain she has to stay up there as long as she can.

Owen tells Nick he is surprised by his attitude. Nick tells him he may have been wrong about him. He tells Owen his mother is not happy. “Listen you’re not the pool boy. You’re in a marriage. If you want to be in a marriage step up and do the right thing.” Owen says she saw his twin and didn’t even question what came out of his mouth. Nick tells him she didn’t know he had a twin. Owen says she should have realized. He says by her believing that she believes he is capable of… “I just came out here to be alone.” Nick tells Owen his mother wants to make it right. If he needs time he will make sure he gets it. Owen nods and Nick walks away.

Jackie is being filled in as she is putting her chute on with her wet suit. She asks about the sign and when they say they are all set Jackie says, “this has to work.”

Ridge tells Brooke that her mother doesn’t like seeing her unhappy and neither does he. Brooke tells him Beth is not herself and “she may not be herself for very much longer.”

She recalls on her mother’s last visit how she did not seem like herself. She tells Ridge her mother has Alzheimer’s. “Oh Logan I’m sorry.” Ridge and Brooke hug.

Jackie is up in the air and screams at first but then becomes comfortable.

Brooke says her mother’s memory is failing and she will need a lot of help. “One minute she’ll be okay, the next minute she’ll do something else.” Ridge asks about medication and Brooke says it is not helping prolong her mother’s condition. She says they are losing her “bit by bit.”

Stephanie tells Beth Brooke had her chance and Ridge left. Not because he wanted to “he was confused. Eric had no choice.” Stephanie corrects her “you mean Ridge.” Beth says that’s what she said. She tells her she will not stand for it anymore, “the Logans will not be pushed aside.”

Jackie enjoys the view from the sky when she spots Owens house. Owen is still on his balcony when he hears Jackie saying she is there. Owen goes and gets binoculars and reads “I love you Owen!” Owen says “that’s outrageous.” Jackie screams that she loves him. Owen laughs and then says Jackie is crazy. He smiles as she is screaming that she loves him

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