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Written By Kaylee
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“You ended up in Whip’s arms?” Jackie looks at Owen and tells him it was “nothing.” He says she said they had kissed. She told him that was as far as it went. “I’m really really sorry, can you forgive me?” Owen walks away from Jackie, turning his back on him.

Whip walks into Stephanie’s office and she says that his Press Conference helped some of the damage. They are examining a magazine that has the Casper/Owen/Jackie ordeal in it. Pam is there as well and says they should keep an eye on Casper since he is so cute. She tells Stephanie they should hire him as an Assistant. Pam asks if they should call Jackie about the magazine and Whip tells her Owen and Jackie have things to talk about. Pam says she will be checking to see if Casper has a website. Stephanie then asks Whip if he is okay. She wants to know if there is something personal going on.

Bridget is looking at the same magazine and Nick asks if they say anything about suing Jackie M. and she responds that “they wish they had been in on the joke.” Bridget says Jackie can handle the press. They love her. Nick tells Bridget that Jackie had too much champagne and “hooked up” with Whip. “She says it was just a kiss and nothing else happened.”

“Nothing! You say it was just a kiss Jackie?” Owen is livid and Jackie tells him he should put himself in her shoes. She tells him no one had hurt her like that. He asks why she didn’t call him and she tells him she could not hear that he did not love her again. Jackie sits down and begs him to get past it. “I’m begging you please.”

Whip tells Stephanie they have close quarters and no one keeps secrets. Stephanie says there are more secrets in the closets there than the clothes to put on the models. Stephanie asks why he cares about Owen and Jackie’s marriage. Whip says that Jackie should have kept quiet. Stephanie inquires what they should keep quiet about. “I was with Jackie last night.”

Bridget says you can not keep secrets and that Jackie is right to tell Owen. She asks Nick if he agrees. He does. She says she didn’t believe that came out of his mouth. He says he learned his lesson. He asks if she is shocked he said that and she tells him she never would have married him if she did not think he had learned something.

Owen tells Jackie he is sorry for what his brother did but he is not responsible. He tells her she should have had more faith in him. He says he had never said anything remotely close to what Casper had said. He says she should have wondered if he were drugged or held at gunpoint before she would have assumed the worst. He says that had the roles been reversed he would have asked those questions. Jackie said she couldn’t breathe. That she had never felt that way. Owen says he has felt that way when she held him by a leash and told everyone he was her “boy toy.” Jackie said she should not have allowed it. Owen says she and Whip loved it. Jackie said she does not have feelings for Whip, to which Owen responds that Whip has a thing for her and she can not deny it. Jackie tells him he is the only one she loves. He asks if anything like this has ever happened before. She says there was a kiss on the cheek. Jackie says it was “nothing.” Owen looks her in the eyes and says “It seems to me our marriage is nothing.”

Whip tells Stephanie Jackie had too much champagne and she saw Owen and heard what he said. Stephanie says what he did would drive you to drink but not to someone’s bed. Whip says he did not want her to regret it and so nothing really happened. Whip says he cares about her. Stephanie asks if he is sure he is not fascinated with the persona of Jackie M that he has created.

Bridget asks Nick if Jackie is telling Owen about the kiss “right now.” Nick confirms that she is. Bridget says that is why Nick is so uptight. Nick says he just wants this to fly by and not get “blown out of the water.” Bridget reminds him how hard he fought against the relationship and he tells her he has never seen his mother so happy. He doesn’t want the kiss with Whip Jones to ruin it.

Jackie pleads with Owen that their marriage means the world to him. He says he had kissed him before. She tells him it was after the challenge, emotions were high and she did not take part in it. She tells Owen she told Whip afterwards it was a mistake. Owen says she discussed it with Whip before she discussed it with him. Jackie tells him he is the man that she loves. Owen says he does not know how she could bring another man into their home. “No, it wasn’t in here.” Owen turns facing her and asks if she went up to his place. He asks what she was thinking. “I wasn’t thinking I was dying. “ She tells him she thought she lost him after she heard the cruel things. Owen says she went to Whip, whom she had already kissed and she knew he could not stand. Owen says he could understand her needing someone in a week or three months, but her needing someone “in less time that it took me to drive home from San Diego?” She tells him she will regret the mistake forever. She walks up behind him and puts her hands on the back of his shoulders and begs him not to let it ruin them.

Stephanie tells Whip she thought he was more sophisticated. He says he wanted to help her he did not help Jackie, not complicate things. Stephanie tells him he has complicated things. Whip asks if she would like him to resign and she says, “no, I don’t want you to resign.” Stephanie tells him they have taken hits and they need to excel and she knows he is “her guy” to get them through it. She asks him to use his head this time.

Bridget walks up behind Nick and wraps her arms around him as she tells him how proud she is of his attitude. Nick tells her that he has been paraded around and he is not out “spending her dough” or “throwing his weight.” Nick says he makes her happy. Bridget says she knows about how a “man can make a woman happy.” She tells him they can get past it. “Look at me, look at you.” Nick says he knows his mother is a “force to be reckoned with.” He is confident she will convince him.

Jackie asks what she can do to make him understand. Owen asks how a kiss can mean something to him that it doesn’t mean to her. “Married means something to me that it doesn’t mean to you.” She tells him he is wrong and her love is “forever.” He says he does not understand how she could run to Whip. She says she doesn’t know why. She says she know he is hurting and it is breaking her heart. She says that is how she felt when she thought those words came from him. He says he does not understand how she could believe that he could say those things. She tells him it was her insecurities. That she thought it was too good to be true. Owen looks at her and says, “maybe it is.” Jackie begs for him to give her one try to make it up. She tells him she loves him and he loves her. She pleads not to let this ruin them. He tells her so many people were against them. They said it couldn’t work. “It kills me, it kills me to say this…but maybe they were right.” Jackie tells him he does not mean that. He tells her they are from two different worlds and maybe they are not compatible. She asks how he can say that. He tells her in the space of a few hours she ran to another man. He tells her he will come back and get his clothes. He will go to the office and get his things. Jackie says she will fire him. She jumps up and is crying in front of his face. Owen places both hands on her head and says “I can’t live like this.” She tells him they are married. He says he can’t trust her. “I don’t trust you.” She throws her arms around him. “I will always love you. This is goodbye. This is goodbye.” Owen walks out the door and leaves Jackie stunned, crying and more importantly, alone.

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