B&B Tuesday Update 8/25/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/25/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Jackie is lighting candles as she remembers her kiss with Whip. Owen comes in the Loft and says she has outdone herself. Jackie has decorated the entire Loft like Hawaii and Owen asks if she wants to go back to Hawaii. He tells her she could have just told him she wanted to go to Hawaii; Owen states he will go make the plans. Jackie says there is something she needs to tell him.

Katie leads Bill down the hall and he is shocked that they are at his office. He asks if this was what the surprise was. Katie opens the door and a “Whac A Mole” pinball machine is there. Bill asks what it is. Katie explains it is his stress reliever. She says whenever he feels like ruining a reputation or taking over a company he should come try to “Whac-A-Mole.” She tells him he has to try it, after deliberating he does. She tells him he is slow. He tells her there is something else “new “ in the office. A picture of the two of them at the Challenge is framed and on his desk. He asks if she likes it and she says she does, Bill says “so do I.”

Whip is headed out of the office and asks Nick if he needs anything. Nick tells him to come in and close the door. Nick asks if there is anything they need to talk about. Whip says he has a feeling Nick knows. He tells him he was just trying to “be there for her.” He tells him he cares about her but unfortunately she is in love with Owen.

Owen says something smells really good. Jackie tells him that tonight is about “celebrating their life together.” She wants him to know how important he is to her.

Nick repeat that Whip was trying to comfort her., that Whip likes her but she is in love with Owen, He tells him that he does not like Owen and it “bugs” him. He says he is beginning to see how much he really loves her and it “bothers” him.

Jackie and Owen are dancing to Hawaiian music and she tells him she loves him. She starts talking about how they got there. “I thought it was just going to be fun.” Owen asks if it is not fun anymore. She says she is shocked it is still fun. She says everyone was against them and he won them over. “We’re an unlikely pair, but it works.” Owen responds that it is them, “and nothing is ever going to change that.”

Katie and Bill are playing the game when Bill’s Secretary comes in. She almost looks scared that she has interrupted them. She has a cup and papers in her hands and apologizes for intruding. She tells them she had no idea they were there, and then goes to put the papers on his desk when she drops the cup on the floor. The coffee spills everywhere and she tries to clean it up. He says not to worry about it. She says she is sorry. He tells her they will have it cleaned. She asks “what if it stains?” He tells her they will replace it if they cannot get it out. He asks why she is there so late and she tells him she has a lot to do for him. That she still has to organize. He then recites what Katie had told him about her daughter that plays Soccer. He remembered the playoff game and tells her she should take the day off and watch her play. She tells him her husband has taken the day off, it is okay. He tells her he makes the policy and to take the day off. He tells her he deserves the day off. The Secretary thanks him and walks out. Katie comes over to him and says he is changing. He tells her he is being selfish because now she will work harder for him. Katie comes closer to Bill and tells him she likes the new Bill Spencer, “a lot.” They begin to kiss.

Katie and Bill are still in his office. Bill says “I think what you like is that you’re seeing something that no one else has seen in me.” She asks “a heart, really?” He kisses her. Katie tells him she enjoys watching him fumble around with his newfound heart. He knows she is talking about her brother. Katie says she used to cover up the scar but now she realized it was a part of who she is. She tells him she was so mad at Storm. She didn’t want to wake up with his heart. Bill said it was hard for her. She says that was something her sisters never got. That her life had to mean something because it was more than just her life. It was his life too. She says she hopes she is living up to his expectations. Bill says she feels obligated to do something more with her life. She agrees and he says “why don’t you let me help you find what that something is?”

Whip says if Jackie were single he would be knocking on her door. Nick pours himself a drink and says she is not single so “please, no more dramas.” Nick tells Whip Owen makes her happy and he cares about her. They toast that she will “hold onto that.”

Owen and Jackie are eating when he tells her his brother was an idiot but it showed them what they were made of. Jackie puts her fork down and says “Owen I made a mistake.” She gets up from the table as he follows and tells her to tell her. She tells him she saw the interview and she saw it. She said she wasn’t alone. She tells him she was with Whip. Owen says, “don’t tell me that jerk came onto you?” Jackie says she was in a “horrible state” and he reached out to her and she was grateful. Owen looks at her and says “Jackie what is it that you are trying to tell me?”

Bill tells Katie she has experienced life and death like no one else and he thinks she was brought back “for great things.” She says there has to be a greater purpose. Bill says he wants to help her find it and he wants to be with her when she does. Katie says she can’t believe he understands that she has to do something “big” with his heart. Bill puts his hand on Katie’s heart. He says Storm’s heart is strong and “it’s going to be an exciting ride for us, Katie Logan.”

Whip tells Nick he does not think Jackie should confess to Owen. He says she really did not cheat on him and he thinks that she should keep it to herself. He does not see what good can come from it.

Owen is livid and Jackie tries to explain that she was “reeling.” She had trusted him, she loved him and she saw the interview. Owen asks what that has to do with Whip and she tells him “he was there.” Jackie says Whip saw her pain. She says she was so low and he was there. Owen looks at her and is so angry. Finally Jackie says “there was a kiss Owen, just a kiss. Please say you forgive me.” Owen blankly stares at her.

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