B&B Monday Update 8/24/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/24/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Jackie is alone downstairs wearing Owen’s shirt. She’s still on edge about telling him the truth about the kiss with Whip. She replays the conversation she had with Owen about the prank his twin pulled.

Owen comes downstairs and joins Jackie. He’s pleased with how they reconnected last night. He puts his arm about Jackie’s neck and kisses her. He’s so glad they got past their misunderstanding. He continues to kiss Jackie’s neck and shoulder, while she stands lost in her own thoughts.

At the Forrester pool, Donna, Katie and Brooke prepare to shoot a cover for “Eye on Fashion.” They are dressed in bikinis and tiaras. Brooke can’t believe Bill has done such a turn around. Katie explains after they won the beauty challenge, Bill decided to give them a break. Donna informs Brooke this isn’t all. Katie and Bill have a crush on each other. Katie smiles at this comment. Brooke has a worried frown and thinks Bill could be playing Katie. Donna agrees and tells Brooke how she tried to seduce Bill. Katie quickly adds Bill didn’t bite at Donna’s obvious ploy. Katie tells her sisters Bill is changing. Brooke doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Katie isn’t worried about this happening. She says they’ll see for themselves how Bill has another side to him. They are joined by Eric, who is wearing a crown and cape as the king of the fashion world.

Eric is happy with this media chance. He doesn’t understand why Bill has backed off. He thanks Katie for all her hard work on this campaign. Katie is modest about her part in all of this. Her sisters tease her that she’s great at public relations. Katie smiles at their secret.

Nick and Bridget are in the office at Jackie M’s. He’s been frantically trying to call his mother, but has had no luck. Bridget is worried too, after Owen’s television debut. She mentions Jackie did want some time alone. Nick is mad and throws a copy of the magazine on the desk with Jackie’s story on the cover. He thinks Owen has been out for himself the whole time. He gets a buzz on the intercom. It’s to let him know to turn on the television. He grabs a remote and turns to see Jared, who is broadcasting outside their building.

Jared begins his broadcast talking about how Jackie M’s lost the fashion showdown. Now they face more scandal, with Owen publically humiliating his lovely, older wife. He wonders if the business can withstand all this negative press.

Nick turns off the television. He angrily tells Bridget how Owen better not show his face around there or he’s going to rearrange it.

Owen and Jackie are getting ready for work. He hands her a cup of coffee with a kiss. Jackie says she can’t be angry at him, since he didn’t say those nasty things. Owen says he knows she felt betrayed. He wants her to know he would never do or say anything to hurt her. Jackie knows this is true. Owen tells her he spoke to Whip earlier. Jackie gets tense at the mention of Whip’s name. Owen explains he asked Whip to set up a press conference. He wants the chance to explain what happened. The fashion world needs to know the truth about how he feels about his wife. Jackie looks a bit relieved.

At the Forrester’s, everyone prepares for the photo shoot. Steffy and Marcus are there to help. She runs over to straighten her grandfather’s crown. Several shots are taken of the Logan sisters surrounding Eric. They have donned small royal capes over their swimming suits.

At Jackie M’s, Whip is waiting in Jackie’s office. She arrives and is slightly edgy about seeing him there. Whip is really sorry about what happened. He was just trying to comfort her. Jackie tells him he has nothing to be sorry about. She’s not angry with him. She can’t talk to him right now and needs to keep her distance. Whip says he’ll give her some space. He heads towards the door. Jackie asks him to take a leave of absence after the shoot, since she plans to tell Owen the truth. Whip is a bit surprised but agrees.

At the Forrester’s, more photos are taken. The girls have changed suits. They lay by the pool and pose without Eric. Marcus tells his mother they are “killing it”. The pictures are hot.

Bill walks up on the photo shoot. Katie sees him and smiles. The photographer tells her to watch her. Donna notices what has Katie’s attention. She tells her they are royalty and shouldn’t be distracted. Katie smiles and says she can’t help herself. She and Bill make eye contact.

More pictures are taken.

Bill walks over to Eric, who watches from the sideline. Bill teases him the kingly costume suits him well. Eric expects him to pull the rug out from under them. Bill tells him he’s earned this chance. Eric can’t fathom why he’s throwing all this support their way. Bill can understand Eric questioning his motivation. He’s just trying to make amends. Eric asks why he should believe him. Bill tells him his focus has shifted to something more important than his company. Bill glances in Katie’s direction.

Nick is still in his office, when Owen walks by. Nick rushes out and is prepared to rough Owen up. He pushes him in the office and tells him he has a lot of nerve. Owen tries to speak. Jackie sees them and rushes in to separate the guys. She hurriedly explains to Nick about Owen’s identical twin, Casper. She saw him and couldn’t tell the two apart. Owen swears it’s the truth. Nick is stunned. Before he can reply, Whip comes by.

Whip tells Nick he needs Owen for the press conference in one piece. Owen quickly slides past Nick.

After the men are gone, Nick wants his mother to explain in detail. Jackie tells him Casper pulled this prank. She really needs Nick’s help with something else. Nick is tense and wants to know what’s going on. Jackie explains about how upset she was. She had been drinking and Whip was there to comfort her. Nick has a delayed reaction, but then gets the meaning of what his mother is saying. He can’t believe it. His mother slept with Whip. Jackie tells him no, but they kissed. She feels so terrible. Nick understands and tries to calm his mother down. Jackie wants to tell Owen the truth. She asks Nick, if he thinks Owen will understand.

The photo shoot is over. Eric is talking to Bill, who tells him he wields a great deal of power in the industry. He knows he needs to be more impartial to be good at his job. Eric is a bit skeptical and isn’t sure where all this is coming from. Bill says from now on he will give them a fair shake. Donna joins the two men.

Brooke and Katie are in the back ground talking to the photographer. Donna tells Eric she didn’t think it was her place to tell him about Katie. Eric looks at her questioningly. Katie and Brooke join the others. Katie thinks she heard her name.

Bill puts his arm around Katie, when she approaches. She caresses Bill’s face and kisses him. Eric is taken aback at this turn of events. Katie smiles at everyone. Eric says they have to be joking. Brooke lets him know it’s all very real.

At Jackie M’s, Jared prepares to interview Owen. Owen is a bit nervous, but tells him to get started. As they get ready, Jackie and Nick walk up and stand in the rear. Whip is present too.

Owen starts off talking about all the controversy surrounding the story that broke yesterday. He wants to clear it up. Owen tells everyone it wasn’t him. It was a hoax. Jared is unconvinced. He reads from the transcript. Owen is a bit angry, but tells everyone he has an identical twin brother. He goes on to explain how Casper posed as him and did the interview. He has a picture of the two of them and Casper’s birth certificate. Casper thought it was going to be funny, but it wasn’t. Jared looks at the evidence. Jared asks for the record how the couple is really doing. Owen asks Jackie to join him.

Jackie moves to Owen’s side. He looks at the camera and says they are closer than ever. Their relationship is built on trust and honesty. Whip and Nick’s faces both reflect their own thoughts at these words. Jackie turns to the camera and smiles.

Bill joins Brooke, who wants to have a little talk about Katie. She hopes he’s not just using her sister. Bill can understand why she wouldn’t trust him. Katie has had quite an impact on his life. Brooke explains that Katie has been through a lot. She doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Bill recognizes she’s special. He would never intentionally try to hurt Katie.

Katie comes out on the patio and hears Bill’s last remarks. She pauses with a smile.

Katie joins her sister and Bill. She and Bill smile at each other and he puts his arm around her. He tells her she just missed him singing her praises. She jokes he doesn’t have to stop. Bill tells her how she has brought a lot to his life, things he’s never experienced. Brooke watches with a serious expression. Katie watches and listens intently. Brooke hopes he’s sincere. She and Donna will be watching him closely. Treat Katie right and they’ll get along just fine. Bill admires how the sisters look out for each other. Brooke has to go change. She tells Katie she’ll talk to her later.

When Brooke leaves, Katie puts her arms around Bill’s waist. He rubs her arms. Katie thanks him for telling her sister how he feels. She knows this wasn’t easy for him. Bill suggests they find some place to be alone. Katie is happy and gazes at him lovingly. She tells him she has a surprise planned for him. He kisses her. She grabs him by the hand and leads him away.

At Jackie M’s, Whip shakes hands and thanks Jared. Owen follows the two men from Jackie’s office. Jared takes off.

After Jared leaves, Whip says he thinks the press conference went well. Owen thanks him for helping to clear things up. Whip brushes it off as being his job.

From her office, Jackie watches Owen and Whip talk. She’s very apprehensive. Nick tells his mother he feels Whip took a little advantage of her. Jackie defends him. Nick says Jackie was vulnerable. Jackie is just happy nothing really happen. However, the guilt is tearing her apart. She never thought she’d have a marriage like this. Owen has been so good to her. She loves and respects him. She owes him the truth. They are interrupted by Whip, who needs Nick.

Nick pats his mother’s back in an encouraging manner. Owen comes in, as Nick leaves with Whip.

After Nick leaves, Jackie tells Owen everything he said was so sweet. Owen kisses Jackie’s hands and tells her they can move on from here. Jackie agrees. They just need some time alone. Owen is all for it. Jackie says she has some things to tell him. Owen wants to know what’s up. Jackie is nervous. She tells him she was just telling Nicky how life can have a silver lining. She’s just so blessed to have him in her life. She just hopes things don’t change, after she tells him what she has to say. Owen notices how tense she has become. He anxiously asks her, if it’s something serious. Jackie pauses and looks at him with dread.

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