B&B Friday Update 8/21/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/21/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita


Katie is at Donna and Ericís to use the pool. She hopes itís not an imposition and thanks Donna for allowing her to invite a guest. Donna tells her the pool is open to her anytime. Sheís curious as to who Katie has invited over. Katie asks if sheíd be shocked to learn it was Bill Spencer. Donna is surprised and hopes Katie isnít serious. Katie tells her Bill isnít the same person he was when he first came to LA. Donna says she can prove Bill hasnít changed at all. Katie isnít convinced. Donna hears Bill coming and tells Katie to hide. Katie reluctantly moves to the bushes.

Bill comes out to the pool area and asks Donna where Katie is. Donna says she got caught up in Forrester business. Bill asks if she is canceling their plans. Donna says yes, so heíll just have to deal with her. She seductively unties her sarong over her bikini. Bill looks at her with a slight smile.

Jackie is at home feeling humiliated about what Owen said on television. Owen comes in with his key. Jackie is shocked to see him and says he no longer lives there. Jackie wonít listen to Owenís explanation. Owen says if she wonít listen to him, maybe thereís someone she will. He tells her sheís always asking about meeting his family. He goes to the door and invites someone in. Itís his twin brother.

Owenís twin walks in and Jackie looks flabbergasted. They are identical. Owen explains when he got to the station for the interview, a guy met him. He ended up being driven around San Diego, while Casper took his place on the show. Jackieís mouth is open in surprise. She realizes Casper said all those dreadful things about her. Owen lets his brother know it might have been funny to exchange places, when they were younger. This only caused problem. Casper is upset that Owen left him and was living the high life in Tinsel Town. Owen tells Jackie he could never say those things about her. He hauled Casper to LA to explain to Jackie his part in this prank. Casper flippantly apologizes to Jackie. Owen tells him to wait outside. He gets up with a sulk and heads out of the apartment.

After Casper is gone, Owen asks Jackie if she still wants him to move out. Jackie grabs him and hugs him and says never. She is so relieved.

At the pool, Bill tells Donna thatís quite a bikini she has on. Donna is playing the sex kitten and giggles. She walks by Bill and sits on the chaise. She throws suntan lotion to Bill and asks him to rub her shoulders. She burns easily. Bill reminds her itís night. She holds up her hair and tells him she still needs his assistance. Bill asks if she and her honey bear are fighting. Donna says yes. Bill tells her heís sure theyíll make up. He tosses the suntan lotion back to her. Donna tries another strategy.

In the bushes, Katie laughs at her sisterís efforts.

Donna tells Bill thereís something she needs. Bill laughs and asks if itís a hose. Donna says she needs something sinful and sweet. She puckers up and waits for a kiss. Bill crams a donut in her mouth. Donna canít believe it and almost chokes. Bill takes a bite of his own donut and tells her he brought them for Katie, who loves them. He grabs his bag and says heís going to go get changed. He leaves Donna alone.

After Bill is gone, Katie comes out of hiding. She canít hide her laughter from Donna. Donna tries to tell Katie how Bill was flirting with her. Katie says she only saw Donna flirting. Donna feels Katie is too good for Bill and sheís going to prove it. Katie is still tickled by the whole thing and laughs.

Owen leaves to put his brother on a bus. Jackie goes up to Whipís place. He is concerned if sheís okay. Jackie is upset about what sheís done.

Whip sees how upset Jackie is and learns Owen was down stairs. He heads towards the door calling Owen some names. Jackie grabs his arm and tells him no. She explains about Owenís twin. Whip is a bit skeptical. He canít believe Jackie never knew anything about him. Whip laughs at the story. Jackie is really upset about kissing Whip. Whip says it was a kiss, they didnít make love. Jackie says it was still wrong. She doesnít know how to explain it to her husband. Whip says who says she has to. Jackie looks at him in bewildered.

Bill comes back to the pool in his trunks. Heís a bit surprised Donna is still there. She tries to bend over in a seductive manner. Bill is a bit amused and helps her pick up the suntan lotion. He asks if she always wears high heels with her swimsuit or is it a special occasion. Donna smiles and asks if he likes. She kicks her foot and her shoe flies in the bushes, barely missing Katie who ducks. She canít believe Donnaís antics. Donna gets closer to Bill and asks him if he works out. He tells her it pays to keep in shape. She reminds him of how he called her his little barracuda. She rolls her tongue over the word and asks him to say it. Bill dodges the request. He moves away and tells her he was wrong. His behavior was inappropriate, since she was a married woman. Heís not a total changed man, but because of her sister heís trying to be one.

Hearing Billís mention of her, Katie comes out swinging Donnaís shoe. She tells him he can be whoever he wants to be. She hopes he wasnít offended by Donna. Bill kisses her and tells her Donna was just being protective. He can understand why Donna wouldnít trust him from his previous behavior. Bill is highly motivated to prove heís right for Katie. He kisses Katie again and sheís all smiles. Donna watches with an uncertain expression.

Jackie is back at home, when Owen returns. She still canít believe the whole story. Owen canít imagine what everyone else is thinking. Owen says Jackie wouldnít listen to him on the phone. He wishes he could have gotten to her sooner for her sake. He hugs Jackie, who is still shaken.

Bill and Katie kiss and cuddle on the chaise lounge at the pool. Bill tells her heís glad she wasnít bothered by her sisterís performance at the pool. Katie says not in the least. The donut was a nice touch. Bill laughs and says Donna didnít think so. They kiss again. Bill has something to show her. He has the next copy of ďEye on FashionĒ. Katie looks at the cover and sees Owen and Jackieís infamous wedding on the cover. Bill tells her thereís an article he wants her to read. Katie looks curious and asks what itís about. Bill tells her itís about her impact on Forrester Creations. Katie is surprised. She reads it out loud. Bill listens with a smile. He watches Katie closely. She thinks Jared is so sweet for the article. He tells her to read the byline. She sees he wrote the article and is a bit taken aback. He says he was inspired. Katie smiles her pleasure. Bill canít understand why she doesnít run in the opposite direction. Katie looks at him with a serious expression and tells him he canít scare her. She kisses him. He holds her head and deepens the kiss.

Whip is alone in his apartment. He looks at photos of Jackie. He has an unfathomable expression on his face.

In her apartment Jackie is shaking. Owen notices and gives her a throw on the back of the couch. Jackie tells him heís being too nice for what sheís done. Owen doesnít want her to blame herself. They should put the whole thing behind them. He wants to see a smile on her face. Owen tells her how much he loves her. She tells she loves him too. She clings to him and flashes back to the kiss with Whip. She fingers her wedding ring over Owenís shoulder.

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