B&B Thursday Update 8/20/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/20/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Owen is still being interviewed and he is in mid sentence that he will tell the Viewers something his wife does not even know. The Host says that Owen just made quite a promise. She tells Viewers not to “dare touch that dial.” They break for commercials and Jackie says” I am sure whatever he has to say will be quite lovely.”

James takes a call from Ridge. James says things are “messy.” He says he is not giving up and he has a “technique” he is going to try.

Brooke emphatically says “You never made a mistake? I should have never given up on Ridge. I realize that now.” Taylor stands shaking her head while drinking from a cup. The ladies have showered and are standing with their robes. James grabs red boxing looking squares and they ask if he really wants them to hit each other. James says he does not want them to “swat” at one another unless they have to. He wants them to understand where the conflict comes from. “No swatting unless you have to.”

Nick says “he’s back” as they watch the Host on the edge of her seat. She asks what the secret is. She asks what the secret has to deal with, “Is it the age difference? The attraction to a gorgeous older woman?” Owen states “Jackie is a beautiful woman, but come on, really?” Clarke stands wondering what he is doing as the Host says, “come on really, what?” Owen asks if he looks like the type of guy that would end up with a woman like Jackie? The Host asks if that is because he is the “local boy from San Diego? A surfer?” Owen says that is part of it. Owen says “I moved to L.A and hook up with this older hottie who owns a Fashion House which is on the upswing, who wouldn’t want a piece of that action?” The Host says it sounds like he went along for the ride. He states that he now has a “fancy car” and lives in a “High Rise Loft.” “Connect the dots, go ahead” At this point Jackie standing up looking at the T.V. The Host says he should connect the dots for them. Owen says, “I service her needs, she services mine.” The Host says the Fashion Industry admires the relationship; Owen says he would like to thank the Customers. Owens asks if he looks like he is in love. He looks into the camera and glares. “Surprise Jackie, I had your fooled, didn’t I?” Jackie looks like her heart has been ripped out as her mouth is hung open and her posture completely still.

Owen says Jackie was his “Cougar Fantasy Woman.” The Host says it was cruel to say that. Owen defends that she got what she wanted. He looks into the camera and says, “Jackie, sweetheart, I’m sorry but you got Punked!” The Host goes off the air saying, “there you have it, Jackie has been Punked!”

Jackie looks like she is going into shock. Whip looks disgusted and Nick turns the T.V. off. He vows “if I get my hands on this guy..” Bridget pulls him away from Jackie as she still stands saying “just a joke.” Whip says, “he had us all fooled.” Jackie says she is going home to wait for her husband.

Owen walks off the set as Clarke demands, “Owen what were you thinking?” Owen walks away smugly.

Taylor and Brooke talk about why they hate each other. Taylor says she remembers the time in the Cabin and Brooke was pregnant and Ridge had to deliver her baby. “Why was he up here? Because you used emotional blackmail.” Taylor says this as she hits Brooke with the red foam block. Brooke then says she remembers when Taylor came back from Morocco and tried to steal her husband back. Taylor defends she was legally his wife and Brooke says she was married to Omar. They start hitting each other and Ridge walks in and asks, “What is going on here?” James says he has had success with the Techniques but is getting nowhere and he quits. James storms out of the room, as Ridge makes a speech about how all he wanted was for them to get along. He wanted peace. Why was that too much to ask?

Someone knocks on Whip’s door and when he opens Jackie is chugging champagne from the bottle. Whip grabs the bottle as Jackie says she bought that for Owen’s big debut on television. Whip says he was a “fool.” Jackie responds, “maybe I am the fool. How could I have been so wrong about him?”

Taylor says she is sorry and so does Brooke. Brooke adds that they should be concentrating on the children and not their “differences.” Taylor says “Well Brooke I trusted you enough that when I had to let go of Jack and I shared custody with you. I carried him and gave birth to him but I trusted you because I saw something very different than how I treated you today.” Ridge says there has to be some respect between the two. Taylor says, “no I have to admit because I wasn’t focusing on my differences with you. I was desperate and I needed a solution and you were there for me.” Ridge says Brooke can say the same thing about Taylor. Brooke stares at them both.

Jackie is sitting in a chair and Whip’s where he is sitting facing her. They are at eye level and she tells the story of one of her friend’s and how her friend’s marriage had fallen apart. She then admits that she feels like the fool in this situation. Owen says no. Owen is the fool. “I know you’re in pain but I want you to remember the loss is not yours. The loss is Owen’s. He betrayed you. A beautiful, loving wife. He is going to suffer. He just threw away the best part of his life.” Jackie says thank you and Whip says she has to believe it. “He made the biggest mistake of his life.” Jackie’s phone rings and she pulls herself together. Owen is standing with Clarke and says “Hello Sunshine!” He looks sincere when he tells her he can explain and it is not what she thinks. Jackie begins to cry and tells him she does not want him to come near her. “Just stay away from me!” She is crying and begins to shake while Whip is standing behind her.

Brooke sits down as Ridge approaches and says that there have been times when she was desperate and had no one to turn to and Taylor was there. He brings up that Rick came through a hard time because of Taylor counseling him. “I thought she had something up her sleeve but you didn’t. I never said thank you, so thank you for that.” Taylor responds that Brooke had never brought her children into their feuds. She says she helped the children when they lost their sister. Brooke says she admires Taylor for her grace and dignity in that situation. “I don’t think I could have done the same thing.” Ridge says he prays she would never be in that situation but if she were Taylor would be there. He says they are a family. They are forever bound by their children and their history. James comes in the living quarters with a bottle of wine, which he has clearly consumed. He says he is drunk and someone will have to drive him down the mountain. Brooke says they are having a break through. Brooke says they are working through their differences for the sake of their families. James says they are saying that, “prove it, and embrace each other.” They both hug. Brooke looks at Taylor and says she is sorry for everything she has ever done to hurt her. Taylor says she is sorry. Brooke then wickedly says “it doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.” Taylor adds, “it sure does make life interesting.” They laugh while still staring face to face and hug again.

Whip says Jackie has to put this behind her. She needs to forget it. Jackie doesn’t know how to go from having a husband who worshiped her to having him say she was “some hottie..” Jackie completely breaks down, losing it while saying she “feels so used.” Whip tells her “this man is not worth it.” Jackie protests and goes to walk away and while crying Whip says “no” and swings her so she faces him. With both hands on her face he kisses her and says “no.” She is still crying as he kisses her. Whip sounds a little like Rhett Butler as he says “Jackie we are going to get you through this. Owen will not destroy you. You’re better than he is. He doesn’t deserve you. Never forget that.” Whip then puts his hands back on her face and gently kisses her a few more times before a make out session begins between the two.

Owen is leaving a voice mail for Jackie saying he is coming home now and that he loves her. He reiterates, “I need for you to understand. I am coming home now. I love you.”

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