B&B Wednesday Update 8/19/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/19/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Someone takes a box cutter and proceeds to split the picture of Jackie and Owen .

Jackie’s Iphone rings and it is Owen checking in. He says he misses her and he has to go. Jackie tells him to break a leg, “but only one though.”

Steffy hears from Ridge that her mother and Brooke are at the cabin together. She asks who’s grand idea that was and Ridge informs her it was his! Steffy asks what he had hoped to accomplish with that. Ridge tells her he has two families and he wants them to get along. Steffy tells him he is a good day and she just wants him to be happy.

James, Brooke, and Taylor are at the breakfast table in robes. James asks how they slept. Brooke says she had these dreams someone was trying to choke her. Taylor says “oh from the headlock during the massage.” They both say they want to take a shower. James grabs them by the arms as they are rising from their chairs and tells them he has a delivery. “Mud from the Dead Sea.”

Whip tells Jackie she looks tired. Jackie explains she had trouble falling asleep. Whips says he could hear her T.V. She explains she has not slept alone in a while. Whip says “today is the big day; Owen’s interview,” Jackie says she has talked with him and he was nervous. Whip says it is important, Jackie says he will come through.

The Director is asking Clarke where Owen is, “we go live in two minutes.”

Steffy asks if Ridge has heard from the ladies. Ridge says their phones are banned. Steffy says if James can make them friends he will be a miracle worker. She says, “they are like, stuck in the mud and can’t get out.”

James is stirring mud outside in a rather large barrel. He explains this is special mud that will get the negativity out of their bodies. Taylor says she doesn’t know, Brooke says she will go first. She asks for privacy and James informs them they have to get in together.

Jackie has called Nick and Bridget over to her loft to watch the interview. Bridget asks if this will sell clothes? Nick says they need to gain some momentum after losing yesterday’s Challenge. Jackie explains their sales are up, this will put a bump in Forrester’s. She says this interview could keep them on top. Bridget chimes “and you’re counting on Owen to do it?” Jackie is flustered and says yes. She says Indulge is about fantasy and once he talks about their marriage it will be every woman’s fantasy and that is how they will sell clothes.

Everyone is trying to find Owen. They have thirty seconds and he magically appears, he was trying to get himself together. He sits down.

Nick asks “are you sure your okay with this, the meathead talking about your personal life?” Jackie says Owen will be discreet. Nick says Owen is not very big on discretion. Jackie makes a snide remark about his mother being the “epicenter of this campaign.” Whip turns on the T.V. and alerts everyone that it is on.

Taylor and Brooke are both in the tub with the mud. Brooke has a disgusted look on her face. Taylor says she can’t believe they are doing this. Brooke says she can’t believe Ridge “thought this would work.” Taylor says he is trying. Brooke points out Ridge always ends up with her. James walks up and Brooke tells him the toxins are still there and his plan is not working. James says they are avoiding each other. Brooke lashes out, “it’s hard to avoid each other when our toes are touching.” James says they have avoided eye contact and demands that they make eye contact. Taylor asks how long they have to do it. James says, “until you caress each other’s souls.” Brooke will not look Taylor in the eyes and Taylor says it is because Brooke has too much guilt. Brooke stares directly at Taylor.

Ridge and Steffy are watching Owen. Ridge asks Steffy what she thought of Owen. He says she knew him when he worked there. Steffy says he has a good heart. Ridge and Steffy can not believe he is married to Jackie. Steffy says she hears they are really in love.

Owen says the real winner of the Challenge will be in the sales.

Ridge says he does not know why they are watching “Jackie M propaganda,” and turns the T.V. off. He tells Steffy he will “treat” her to lunch.

At Jackie’s everyone is watching Owen’s interview. The Host of the show talks about the Indulge Campaign and Owen says it looks great because of the head of PR, Whip Jones. Whip is shocked when he hears this and says “nice to be mentioned.” Nick says “especially considering who it is coming from.” The Host talks about the campaign ads of Owen’s much older wife. “The female Cougar stalking her Prey…” is how the Host sets it up. Owen says “that is the way it seems isn’t it?” The Host asks if life with Jackie is not as it appears. He responds that he is not led around by a leash. Jackie laughs at his response. The Host says that is not what they have heard through the rumors in the Fashion World. She gives him the opportunity to talk about it. Owen states “my marriage is very complex and very unique. Everybody thinks it’s wonderful and glamorous.” The Host says is that not how it is, is that what you are telling us? Owen says “the truth about my marriage is, it would blow your mind.”

The women are staring at each other. James asks if they are feeling anything. Taylor says she is…Brooke blinked. James says they have to take it seriously. They have to look into each other’s eyes and see forgiveness. “In this moment all there is. Look into each other eye’s and see forgiveness.” James asks if Brooke has a tear. She says no her nose is itching. Taylor says she will get the itch for her. She puts mud n her face. They toss mud at each other. Taylor puts mud in Brooke’s hair and says Brooke looks like she did when she showed up to her wedding. Brooke says she would not have looked that way if Taylor’s daughter hadn’t done what she did. Brooke slings mud at Taylor and says “what’s wrong Taylor, can’t sling a little mud?” Taylor retaliates with throwing mud on her. They try to dunk each other. This turns into mud flinging and the laughter turns into Taylor calling Brooke a “brat.”

The Host says the world is dying to know if Jackie is able to keep up with Owen. Owen says “hmm.” Nick is watching and asks “what is it with him, he is acting weird?” Bridget asks him to please hush. The Host antagonizes by asking if Jackie is able to keep up with Owen, and not just his “work load.” Owen responds that there is an “age difference.” He says that everyone wonders if it is a publicity stunt, if the marriage is for real. He can’t blame them. Nick is not happy and Bridget is trying to quiet him down. Nick says “he better turn this around, fast.” The Host questions the sincerity of his marriage to Jackie. Owen looks at her and tells her everyone wants the truth. They look at them and it looks playful, like they are so in love. He adds, “looks can be deceiving. I’ll tell you about my marriage to Jackie.” Owen looks directly into the camera and says he will tell everyone something shocking, something no one knows, including his wife. Whip turns to Jackie. Jackie looks shocked and terrified.

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