B&B Tuesday Update 8/18/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/18/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

James arrives at the cabin with Taylor and Brooke. He makes them forfeit their cell phones and the two discuss why they even agreed to this. He informs them he is going to use Couple Counseling Tactics to get them over their hostility towards one another.

Whip has pictures of Jackie and Owen hanging on a Bulletin Board at home.

Jackie says “you’re leaving me” to Owen. Owen explains Whip is giving him this opportunity. He is excited that all of California will be watching. He says he know they will ask about the age difference. Owen admits Whip looks at him like a “surf bum” and this is his chance to improve his image. He makes the argument that at least there is one thing he does better than Whip. Jackie says “there is no room for improvement there.” A steamy love scene follows the statement.

Brooke and Taylor are sitting meditating. James walks around burning sage to clear the negative feelings in the room. They both cough and ask what it is. When he tells them it will clear the negative energy. Taylor informs him “you’ll need a truck load of that.” He guarantees they will be “playing Double Dutch together.” Taylor insists he has never had a patient like Brooke. Brooke exclaims “what is that supposed to mean?”

Jackie begs Owen not to go. He says he does not want to but he wants to but he wants to prove himself. Jackie says she likes him just the way he is. He tells her he loves her with “all of my heart.”

Back at the cabin James is asking the women why they do not get along. Taylor says they have “always fought over Ridge.” James asks them what was the first negative feeling they had for one another. Brooke says it was when Taylor married Ridge the first time. She says she never trusted Taylor. It was only six months and insinuates that he asked because Stephanie thought she was good for her son. Taylor interrupts that Brooke never wants to admit that he loves her. That he married her because of love. James says that “this is good.” He tells Taylor is going to do something nice for Brooke. She is going to give her a massage. Brooke looks at Taylor as if James has lost it.

Owen says he will call Jackie as soon as he gets there. Jackie tells Owen to put the bags down, she has something to tell him. She says her actions speak louder than words. She says not one of her many men have ever been able to “tame me. To tame me and have my heart.” She says she truly loves him. Owen kisses her as Clarke is waiting at the door. Owen says he will meet Clarke at the car.

Owen knocks on Whip’s door and says he wants to lay ground rules. He says he sees the way Whip looks at Jackie. He insists that Whip stay away from her…he says “if you run out of milk, go buy some. If you get lonely, call a single’s hotline.” Owen walks away and Whip closes the door, smugly grinning.

James says this is unorthodox but tells them it is a part of the healing process. He reminds her they are trying to make Ridge happy. Brooke lies n the massage table (clothes are on – tank top and running pants) while Taylor starts to put lotion in her hands. She presses down on Brooke’s back, which leads to Brooke saying “ow!”

Whip is talking to himself outside. He says he loves Southern California. He sees a door and wonders aloud what it could lead to. He goes in the door and finds a stairwell that leads directly into Jackie’s apartment. Jackie is scared to death as Whip is in her apartment. Whip figured out that their lofts are connected through those stairs. Whip asks if she wants to talk about their kiss. Jackie says, “you were just drawn to your creation. I’m over it, I’m sure you are too.”

Whip says he has been thinking about what an incredible woman she is. Jackie asks where all of these men were when she “had a drought for two decades.” Whip says if she would have met him he would have changed all of that. Jackie says she finds him charming. She thinks of him on a professional level. She tells him he should leave.

Brooke is being massages by Taylor and tells her to “put some muscle into it; just like Ridge does when he massages her and puts his big, strong hands..” James interrupts and says Brooke should not bait Taylor. Brooke says she thinks this is working but “Taylor wants to ring my neck.” James says that Taylor is “opening avenues of energy that have been closed for a very long time.” Brooke starts laughing and says all of those memories coming back. She laughs hysterically and James asks her to share. She said she remembers when the Minister announced them “man and horse.” Brooke says “you have to admit that’s funny.” Taylor says “yeah, that is really funny. She remembers Brooke interrupting her wedding. She then puts her in a chokehold and James runs over. Brooke jumps off of the table. James says it may kill him but they will be friends.

Jackie talks to herself and says it feels “so lonely without Owen.” She says “hurry home, hurry home.”

Whip is looking under a lamp at the pictures of Jackie and Owen. He then stabs a picture of Owen.

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