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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/17/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Backstage after the showdown, Ridge is caught between Brooke and Taylor. Both women are waiting for him to make a decision about where he wants to be. They are interrupted by the press, so Ridge asks the ladies to meet him in his dad’s office.

Bill has taken Katie to Café Russe, where they first met. She remembers being “sloshed” at the bar. Bill jokes about history repeating itself, since she ended up passed out on his bed. Katie smiles and tells him that was just a one time opportunity.

Jackie and staff make it back to their building. Whip is complaining they put on a better show. Bridget has her arms crossed a bit irritated. She tells Whip it’s about the clothes, not the show. Jackie says they were apples and oranges. Nick thinks they were hot and the crowd loved them. Whip still looks confused by what happened. They head into Jackie’s office for a drink.

Ridge is followed by the press to Eric’s office. They want to speak to him and Brooke. Ridge pauses at the door and tells them it’ll have to be some other time. He goes in to talk to the women. Taylor comments about the big night. Brooke pipes up and says she has a feeling this is about to be even bigger. Ridge tells them he knows they think of him as having two homes. He’s been getting some good advice and knows he has to do something. Taylor asks who’s been giving the advice. Ridge has been talking to James Warrick. James suggested they have some family counseling. James feels the three of them should go away somewhere. The women can’t believe Ridge would even suggest such a thing. Ridge explains he loves both of them and James feels this would be helpful. Brooke says it’ll never work. Taylor concurs saying it’s crazy.

Over at Jackie’s, Whip explains about their next publicity spot. He wants Owen to do a television spot. Owen is a bit uncomfortable about it. He doesn’t want to go alone. Pam offers to go with him to San Diego. Nick doesn’t understand Owen’s reluctance and teases about an outstanding warrant or something. Owen feels they will make a fool out of him. Why can’t they shoot it here? He would feel better with all of them backing him. Jackie says she’d go with him if she could. Finally, it’s agreed upon for Clark to go with him; he can even drive. Owen goes over and kisses Jackie’s forehead, telling her he’s going to miss her. Whip watches closely.

Ridge ushers Dr. Warrick into his dad’s office. He encourages the women to listen to James. Taylor tells her old friend how much she believes in his work, but the three of them can work this out like they always do. James reminds her how many years this has gone on. James tells them Ridge doesn’t have two families, but one very large dysfunctional family. The two women are ground zero. Brooke glances at Ridge and says she never meant for it to be like this. James tells her he’s not accusing anyone. Taylor gets the point. She feels Brooke dangles R.J. in front of Ridge’s face all the time. Brooke is angry and says it’s unfair of Taylor to say this, when she wants Ridge over at her house all the time. James tries to intervene, while Ridge grabs his forehead in a stressful manner. James encourages them to get on board, before this situation escalates even more.

At the restaurant, Katie tells Bill he met her at a course changing point in her life. Bill remembers she had left her husband. He corrects himself and says fiancé. Katie says yes, Nick was someone else’s husband. She was wrong to think he’d be her husband. She did the right thing, like he did tonight. Bill says he went against his normal principles. Normally, he would have made sure Forrester had to declare bankruptcy and it would have been exactly what he wanted. He found something he wanted more. He looks intently at Katie, who smiles at him in pleasure.

Bridget and Nick are together at the office. Bridget is a bit down still. She wasn’t happy with the interview she did. Nick asks if she’s going to have trouble sleeping tonight and pulls out a bottle of liquor. Bridget twirls her hair and asks if he’s studying to be Clark. Nick laughs and goes over to sit in front of her. He tries to make her feel better about the show. He knows she wanted to win. She claims she’s fine. She says she really didn’t deserve to win. Her father has been in the business for so long. She thinks people get what they deserve. Nick says this can’t be true, because he doesn’t deserve her. He loves her and what they have together. This cheers Bridget up and she caresses his face with a smile. He tells her they should head home.

At the restaurant, neither Bill nor Katie is eating. He asks why they’re there. Katie says because they know something big happened tonight. The question is where do they go from there. Bill wants to know how temporary her feelings are for him. He doesn’t know what to expect, since this is all new for him. Katie tells him he knows how to act down underneath all the rough exterior. This was big allowing the showdown to be a fair competition. Bill doesn’t think Katie is giving herself enough credit for the royalty campaign. Bill is unsure why Katie likes him. He threw out his old play books and is unsure what’s it going to take to keep her. Will he have to continue throwing away multimillion deals or what? Katie looks at him silently.

In Eric’s office, Brooke can’t believe James wants them to go to Big Bear. James says they need to be isolated. He has used this technique with a lot of big businesses. The women still look skeptical. Ridge backs James up and says they all need this. He tells them to please say they’ll do it. The two women look at each other, but don’t answer right away.

At Jackie’s, Whip comes back to her office. He doesn’t know why Owen is balking at the interview. Jackie knows Owen wants to make a good impression. She feels Owen gives her everything she needs, so she has to back him. Whip feels she is so patient with Owen. He likes all the sides he sees of Jackie. He’s still upset about the show and says they should have won tonight. Jackie is resigned to what took place. She tells him he was wonderful. He compliments her, saying she took command of the stage and was great. She can do anything. He gets close and holds her hand. She could have whatever she wants. He kisses her on her cheek. This surprises Jackie.

In Eric’s office, Brooke thinks bad things happen at Big Bear. Ridge reminds her she always loved it there. Brooke doesn’t think it’s the best way to solve their problem. Taylor asks what else she suggests. Brooke doesn’t know, but can’t believe Taylor is willing to do this. Taylor turns to James and wants to know how long this process will take. James says however long is necessary. Is there anything more important in their lives? Brooke says she’ll do whatever it takes. Taylor has clients, but she’ll reschedule them. Ridge thanks them. James says they’re going to have an adventure. This conflict they’ve had for years will disappear. Brooke and Taylor look warily at each other.

Still at the restaurant, Katie tells Bill he doesn’t have to give up big deals for her. She feels deep down he doesn’t have to change for her. There’s something good hiding in him. Bill says she’s fooling herself. Katie doesn’t think so. She impressed him, when he asked her to help him run Forrester Creations once he took it over. She declined. Bill saw how loyal and caring she was. Bill is treading on new territory. She’s like a doorway to somewhere he’s never been. These are feelings he’s never had. She could hurt him. Katie shakes her head at the thought. Bill says it can be done. He’s going to do something wrong and drive her away. He softly says he needs her and he’s never needed anyone before. Katie watches and listens absorbedly. Bill is so intense. He gets up and walks around to Katie, uncaring of who’s watching. He leans down and tenderly kisses Katie. She holds his face and returns the kiss. They break apart and gaze deeply at each other.

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