B&B Friday Update 8/14/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/14/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie demands “Tell me, are the judges in your pockets? Did you fix the Fashion Challenge?” Bill takes a huge breath in.

Bridget, Nick and Whip are backstage as the crowd is applauding. Stephanie reminds everyone that it is all about what the judges think.

Katie turns her back to Bill and says he cannot answer her because it is all true. ‘This was all just another plot to take over the company my family loves.” Bill says it is all about business and has nothing to do with her. Katie says she “thought there was something more there, something decent.” She claims he will not expose it to anyone else but he let her see it. “For someone so smart, you are so stupid. You could have had something much better than Forrester. Someone who had real feelings for you. Who believed the best about you. You could have had me.” Katie starts to cry and says “I guess you already did..” Katie walks away.

“Indulge” is still written on the wall as Jackie M comes out with Owen, whose six pack is showing with the word “Indulge” written on his chest. Jackie M is donned in leather and she says they should Indulge. She knows she did. She then kisses Owen.

Katie is sitting with the Logan women when Eric and Ride are circling the table and Ridge says he knows who would win if the judges had their pick, and Eric says “Oh I don’t know, it is not over yet.” Katie throws Bill a look as he watches her at the table with the others.

Dottie announces that the Judges have a decision. She explains they have raised a great deal of money, no matter who wins. Dottie asks Sergei and he says they “sizzled.” Dottie asks Melissa she says Jackie M was “daring” but the Logan sisters reign as the Queens of Fashion. It is down to one judge and he chooses Forrester Creations. Katie is shocked. She looks at Bill and Bill looks away. Eric and Ridge go up on stage and Eric speaks and says they are humbled to win. He congratulates Bridget on her designs. Ridge gives the credit to Katie. Eric insists she come on stage.

Katie comes on stage thanking everyone. She says that the Forrester men were like Kings but it would not have been possible without her Prince who did a “noble” thing. She adds “I can’t thank him enough.” She smiles as the crowd applauds. Bill smiles back.

Ridge is telling Brooke she came through fro them and they hug. Donna and Eric walk up and Ridge says it is about the new Forrester Ladies. Katie looks like she wants to run to Bill and he glances back. As she makes her way over to him Donna and Brooke interject themselves in the pathway. She looks back at Dottie speaking to Bill.

Jarrett walks up to Bill and Bill says he will let him keep his job. Jarrett hugs Bill and he says “Jarrett get off of me.”

Nick and Whip are backstage and they say they had it all sewn up and then it felt like something changed.

Bill walks up to Eric and Ridge and says he is looking for Katie. He says he will write a glowing review. Bridget interrupts and congratulates everyone. Rick wants to know why Bill is backing down. Bill says they can thank Katie and her Royalty Designs.

Brooke and Donna are getting dressed and they ask who the Prince is….Katie says Princes normally have a name.

Bill runs into Whip and he says everyone including the Forrester’s thought Jackie M would win. Whip wonders what could have changed and Bill says “a certain young woman who has a way of affecting people’s lives.”

Donna walks up to Stephanie and says she is a “gracious loser.” Stephanie says she thinks the designs were the reason they won, not the Logan girls and their Royalty. Donna reminds her that it was not just a win for Forrester but a win for Ridge and Brooke as well.

Ridge is looking at a dress when Brooke approaches and says she knows he wants to be with her. “I want you to come home with me” is interrupted by Taylor who says “not a chance Brooke, Ridge is coming home with me.” Ridge explains that he respects them both and there is only one decision he can make.

Jarrett congratulates the Forrester’s and they all want to know why he has a change of opinion. Jarrett leans over and says “Me thinks the Dark Prince hath found his heart this evening all because of fair Katie Logan.”

Katie is backstage and says “tonight has been like a roller coaster ride.” Bill says that his father would be disgusted that he had Forrester in the palm of his hand and he couldn’t do it because of a woman. “You see he always said a woman could be the most destructive force in a man’s life. Tonight that was proven true. My plan was ruined all because of you Katie Logan.” They lean in and kiss while instrumental music plays in the background.

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