B&B Friday Update 8/14/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/14/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Behind the scenes at the fashion showdown, Katie angrily confronts Bill. She wants to know if what Jared said was true about him having the judges in his pocket. Bill doesn’t answer.

Out front, the show continues. Jackie’s people are up.

Backstage, Jackie’s staff watches to see the crowd and judges’ reaction. Whip thinks they’re holding their own for sure. Nick hopes he’s right. Pam, Stephanie and Clark are all present too. Bridget comes back to say Owen is a bit concerned. He thinks Jackie should be center stage. Whip says she will be, with a smile.

The judges love what they see from Jackie M’s. They clap enthusiastically.

Backstage, Katie sees she’s right. Bill is after the company her family loves so much. Bill reminds her it’s just business, but has nothing to do with her personally. Katie is visibly upset. She tells Bill she really thought she had seen more to him. Something was decent and honorable underneath the hard core person everyone else sees. She thought she was special. It’s been about Forrester the whole time. She tells him for someone so smart, he’s really stupid. He could have had something so much more; someone that had real feelings for him. He could have had her. She has tears in her eyes, when she tells him the sad thing is he already did. She rushes out as Bill watches with a confused expression.

The show continues. Bill returns to the show and gives Jared a hard glare. Jared returns it. Indulge flashes in the background with pictures from Jackie’s photo shoot. A cougar roars in the background. Eric watches with a smile. Owen comes out with “Indulge” written on his chest. Jackie comes out in black leather and pink accessories. She has a whip and wraps it around him. She is all over him and finally ends up on her knees. She says in a sexy voice, “Indulge, I did.” She gets up and gives Owen a passionate kiss. The crowd is stunned, but finds it rather provocative. Dorothy watches the crowd for their reaction. Eric and Donna look at each other. Donna’s mouth is open in surprise. Katie still looks upset, but watches the show. Jackie blows kisses to the crowd. Bill watches with an unreadable expression.

Backstage, Whip and Clark congratulate each other. Stephanie and Pam are all smiles. Nick gives Bridget a hug to congratulate her. She tells him it’s not over yet, but it was a great team effort. Jackie and Owen join them. Everyone is happy with how it’s gone thus far. Nick tells his mother she never ceases to amaze him. Jackie smiles and says it’s all in a day’s work. She gives Owen another affectionate kiss.

Out in the showroom, the Forrester crew awaits the judge’s decision. Katie is still upset and sits quietly with her sisters. Donna asks what she thinks. Katie doesn’t answer. Brooke tells her it’s really about the best designs. Eric and Ridge join them and they discuss how outrageous Jackie can be.

Bill leans casually on a wall. Katie glances at Bill with an anxious expression. He looks back with an impenetrable expression. The judges compare notes. Everyone is asked to take their seats.

Jackie and crew come out to join the others in the showroom.

Dorothy takes the microphone and says she wants to applaud Jackie M’s designs. Everyone cheers and claps. She says whatever the outcome; the event has raised a great deal of money for her charity. She thanks Jackie M for their effort and willingness to participate. Katie still looks on the edge of her seat. Dorothy thanks Forrester and says may the best fashion house win. She turns to the judges. Sergei votes for Jackie M’s. Melissa votes for Forrester Creations. It’s down to the final judge, who keeps everyone in suspense. He finally announces Forrester as his choice.

At the Logan/Forrester table, Katie’s mouth drops in surprise. She glances at Bill, whose expression is indecipherable. Eric and family are ecstatic. Everyone is there except Felicia and Thorne. They happily congratulate each other.

Eric and Ridge take the stage to thank the judges and everyone for their support. Eric tells Jackie her company is a formidable foe. He’s proud to say his daughter’s designs were magnificent. He grabs Bridget’s hand and kisses her cheek. She’s all smiles at her father’s praise. Her co-workers cheer her too. The crowd applauds. Ridge thanks his staff for all their hard work. He especially wants to thank Katie, who inspired the whole royalty idea. Eric expounds on Katie’s contribution and tells her to come on up.

Katie joins Ridge and Eric on stage. She is happy to have had a part in helping Forrester to regain their place as the head of the fashion world. She makes sure to thank Jackie and congratulate the staff on their collection. She talks about how fun it was to dress up as princesses and queens, but Eric is the real king of fashion. She also wants to thank a prince charming, who helped to make this night possible. This comes from the bottom of her heart. She smiles and looks at Bill, who returns her look with a smile of his own. Her family all looks at each other with confusion but applaud. Jared looks relieved.

The crowd has thinned out. Ridge thanks Brooke for all her help. Brooke smiles in pleasure. The two hug as Taylor watches in the background. Donna comes up with Eric to say how glorious the whole night has been. Ridge puts his hand on Brooke’s shoulder and says the new Forrester royalty, the lovely Logan sisters. Donna and Brooke smile.

Katie is being interviewed, but is anxious to talk to Bill. They make eye contact, but he’s tied up with Dorothy. Before Katie can make her way over to him, her sisters corner her. They want her to go celebrate with them. Katie is a bit hesitant, but agrees.

Bill watches Katie leave with her sisters. He heads her direction, but is stopped by Jared. Jared tells him he’s so glad decency and goodness won out. What could be more beautiful? Bill dryly tells him it’s beautiful he’s going to let him keep his job. Jared is so happy; he throws his arms around Bill’s neck. Bill tells him to get off.

Backstage, Nick tells his staff they did a great job. They have nothing to be sorry about. Stephanie agrees. The voting could have easily gone their way. Whip feels it was fine, but something happened all of a sudden. He has a wondering look on his face.

In the showroom, Bill approaches Ridge. Taylor, Eric, Steffy and Marcus are there. Ridge turns to look at him. Bill asks where Katie has gone. Ridge tells him she’s with her sisters. Eric asks if there’s anything else. Bill offers his congrats. Taylor asks if this means he’s going to stop attacking Forrester in the press. Bill says he’s instructed Jared to write a glowing review. Marcus asks what Bill’s problem is anyway. Steffy thinks there has to be a catch. He doesn’t get to answer, since Stephanie and Bridget interrupt.

Stephanie joins the group and says Bill always has a catch. Bridget wants to congratulate her dad again. Bill takes this opportunity to get away.

As Bill heads to the back, Rick stops him. He asks Bill why he backed off. Bill tells him he can thank Katie and her royalty campaign for changing his night. Rick looks intrigued as Bill walks away.

Backstage, the Logan sisters change clothes. Donna and Brooke want to know who the prince was Katie was referring to. She dodges their questions. They all discuss how things seemed to have turned around in the judge’s eyes. They give credit to Jackie M’s campaign.

Before Bill can reach Katie, he runs into Whip. He knows Whip is probably still reeling from their loss. Whip says he’d be lying if he didn’t say he was disappointed. He asks what happened, since everyone thought the judges were leaning their way. Bill tells him a beautiful young lady that has a way of affecting people’s lives happened. He tells Whip better luck next time and walks off. Whip looks baffled.

Katie is finally able to get away from her sisters. She anxiously looks around for Bill. He appears in the shadows in the recesses of the stage. The two lock eyes with a smile

Stephanie and Donna talk in the showroom. Donna tells her she was a gracious loser. Stephanie asks if she’s rubbing it in. Donna tells her it was actually a compliment. Stephanie tells her thanks. She still thinks this idea was lame, but Eric and Ridge’s designs were able to pull it off. Donna says everyone is entitled to their opinions. She feels like this night was a success in more ways than one. She smugly says it was for Brooke and Ridge as well.

Backstage, Ridge looks at the dress Brooke wore. She comes up behind him and tells him she knows it feels good. Ridge says they’re not out of the woods yet. She thinks they should just stop prolonging this and get back together as a couple. She gets close to Ridge and leans into his chest. She wants him to come home with her and be together in every way. Ridge doesn’t answer. However, Taylor comes up and tells Brooke nice try. Taylor tells her Ridge is coming home with her. Ridge looks confused. He tells them both they know he feels. He has more love than one man deserves and wonderful children with both of them. He thinks itís only fair he make a decision. Both women wait expectantly.

Out in the showroom, Jared approaches the Forresters to congratulate them. He seems a bit tipsy. They let him know they’re surprised his boss even sang their praises. Marcus tells him how Bill even said he’s to write a glowing review. Eric and Rick both ask what’s going on. Steffy and Thomas are present too. They all look at Jared curiously. He leans in and slightly slurs his words. The reason Bill is not trying to bury Forrester, is because the dark prince found his heart tonight. It’s all about the fair Katie Logan. Everyone looks enlightened.

Backstage, Katie and Bill approach each other. She feels like she’s been on a rollercoaster ride. She can’t believe what happened. He tells her he can imagine. His father would be a bit disgusted he let a woman rule his decision. His father thought women could be a destructive force in a man’s life. He knows he had Forrester in the palm of his hand, but let it go for a woman. Katie gazes at him with a smile. His plan was ruined all because of her. He leans in and tenderly kisses Katie. They break away and look at each other. Bill gently holds Katie’s face and kisses her again. Katie responds in kind.

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