B&B Thursday Update 8/13/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/13/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

The Fashion Competition is beginning. Models and music are onscreen, as everyone is getting ready. Stephanie and Ridge are backstage with Eric Dottie comes back and thanks them all for helping with the Challenge. She says the “turnout is amazing.” They all agree it will be a “great night.”

Jarrett motions Bill over and says it is not too late to have “a word with the judges.” He says Jackie M. may win on their own and he will not have wrecked things with Katie. He says that everyone knows Royalty was Katie’s idea and if it fails everyone will blame her.

Katie walks over to Bill in a gorgeous blush gown. Bill says she looks beautiful and “no one will outshine you tonight.” She says she hopes that is the reaction they will get from the judges and she walks away.

Donna walks over to wish Stephanie good luck and Stephanie tells her to keep her luck, she will need it.

Bridget says it is weird to compete against Eric and Brooke. Eric explains that he could not ask for a more talented competitor. Bridget says no matter what happens she feels “honored to share the stage with his designs.” Brooke says the show is about to start.

Music is played as the final makeup and jewelry selections are being applied to the Models backstage.

Eric is surrounded by the Forrester staff in a circle and explains that “Royalty is not in your blood or veins, it is how you feel and how you think. Forrester Royalty is the ultimate confidence.” That is what he wants to see. It is all the confidence and pride he has in all of them.

Dottie is welcoming the Audience as the flashbulbs go wild. She is explaining what a great cause this is. She then introduces the Challenge and the Celebrity Judges. The challenge then begins as the crowd applauds.

Forrester Royalty comes out with the Logan Sisters. Brooke introduces them to the crowd and talks about the Royalty of the Modern Woman. It is dedicated to “every woman who has ever dreamt of living like a Queen.”

The models walk out and the fist model is immaculately donned in jewels with white gloves, and a very luxe ball gown. The models continue to all be breathtaking and Bridget explains to Nick and Jackie that anywhere else this would be the showstopper but here it was just the introduction. Taylor says they have outdone themselves. The awe is widespread. Sergei gives them a standing applause and Bill throws a look. Jarrett walks over and says the “designs are genius.” Bill says they have to remain fair and see what Jackie M. has designed. Stephanie tells Jackie that the designs are good. Trumpeters make the way for the Logan women as they come out in their gowns and crowns with capes. They remove the capes and throw them into the crowd. Then they Vogue their way down the Runway with Curtseys and Fierce Looks into the Camera. The crowd’s applause is very loud and Katie throws a look to Bill. Bill smirks and then his face becomes tout and serious.

The Logan’s are backstage loving the applause. Katie says “let Jackie M beat that!”

Bridget explains that Forrester did exactly what they expected them to and Nick tells her “we are the ones on top.” Jackie comes up and says Bridget’s designs will be a “smash.”

Donna asks Eric if he really thinks they did all they could. He says they “left it all out there on the Runway.” Ridge tells Brooke they did great.

In the crowd Taylor, Thomas and Steffy are joined by Marcus. He says everyone is happy, Thomas does not seem to be conforming to the belief that Forrester has won.

Jackie is on stage and says congratulations to Forrester. It was everything they expected from a “Classic Fashion House, like yours.” Jackie says that is great but she needs something with “a little more kick.” She says she indulges her “whims and fantasies.” The music is then playing while the word “Indulge” is written on the wall with lights. The models are all walking in an up tempo with a champagne bottle in one hand and a glass in the other.

Katie is backstage making calls and she senses someone is there. She turns and says “I was wondering when you would come find me.” She turns to see Jarrett and is taken aback that he is not Bill. Jarrett says he wanted to come congratulate her. She tells him to put a word in with the judges. She then says she is kidding. Jarrett says he will lose his job but they have worked far too hard for them to have it stolen from them. She said it is not over. Jarrett then says “Katie the Competition is fixed.” Katie is angry and accuses that Jackie M. paid off the judges. Jarrett says not Jackie M. and that “he is completely obsessed with owning Forrester Creations.” Katie shakes her head and says “no, no he couldn’t, he wouldn’t.” Just then Bill walks back and says “Katie that..” he sees Jarrett and stops mid-track. Katie asks if Jarrett was telling the truth that he bribed the judges so Jackie M. would win. She tells him to tell her “it’s not true.”

While the Models are still walking everyone seems to be impressed and that it looks like a “party.” The Foresters are starting to get nervous as they watch the judges.

Backstage, Katie says that Bill wouldn’t do that to her. He says “it would never be my intention to hurt you.” Katie is hurt and she says she felt like they were getting close and she thought he felt the same way. She thought he cared. She wants to hear “that Jarrett made a mistake.” Bill says “he definitely made a mistake.” Bill has turned his back to Katie as she is begging him to tell her he did not ruin Forrester Creations and her career for his own personal gain. She wants to know if he bribed the judges. Katie almost yells “I deserve an answer.”

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