B&B Wednesday Update 8/12/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/12/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie goes to Bill in a Black short dress with white on the top half, black clutch in hand to bring an invitation to Bill. He is waiting with a table of candlelight and a pink flowered centerpiece. He has planned dinner and Katie sits down as he pours her wine.

Bridget is in Nick's office pacing and talking about Bill Spencer as Nick has his mouth open and can not get a word in since she is talking so fast.

Donna and Brooke are looking over lists saying that they need Katie to "get on this right away." Brooke explains that she will be back soon and then tells Donna they have to tell Katie they need to "get to the Cutter's by 2 if they want to make changes." Donna then asks what kind of changes they would need? The designs are perfect. Brooke then frantically states that they have to win tomorrow or the Royalty Campaign will be out the window. Donna assures her that it will be okay and says she needs a Katie Pep Talk Donna asks where she is and Brooke explains that Katie is with Bill Spencer.

Bill is pouring himself wine while Katie is sitting at the candlelit table sipping on her glass of vino. Bill sits down as Katie questions whether or not Bill will be objective. Katie says they have to win the challenge and that "right now nothing is more important to me."

Nick says that Bill Spencer did not make them popular in LA and he did not tell people what to buy. Bridget says he did which Nick counters that it was because her designs were so good. He hugs her.

Donna says Bill has nothing to do with the Challenge and Brooke says it is a good thing "because if he did we would be doomed." Donna then asks what is she doing with him and Brooke explains that she is dropping off an invitation and is asking him to cover the Challenge objectively. Ridge then walks in inquiring as to what they are talking about. Donna explains that Katie "is appealing to his better angels, if he has any." Ridge states Bill is not judging and Brooke explains that it does not matter what anyone writes; that Ridge's designs were incredible. Brooke says Bridget is green and that the judges will not be swayed by Jackie M.'s popularity.

Jarrett is on a plane with the celebrity judges: Rich, Sergei and Melissa Rivers. They are all drinking champagne. Jarret explains that Bill Spencer would be grateful if Jackie M. won the competition tomorrow.

Bill and Katie continue to converse and Bill states that he will not be partial or support Forrester. Katie says she is not asking that just that he give a fair opinion of the designs. Katie says she knows he wants to bring Forrester down but she is asking to "let things happen the way they are supposed to happen." They agree they have a deal and they are interrupted by his Receptionist who is carrying articles for Bill's review. Katie then asks if the Receptionist's daughter is a big Soccer Star since she saw the picture on his desk. Bill says he does not know. Katie then asks why not. The woman brings him "coffee and doughnuts" which Bill then says he does not eat doughnuts. Katie explains everyone eats doughnuts. Bill flirts and says she does not look like she eats doughnuts to which Katie replies "I pace myself." She then says he knows more about her than he does about his employees. He explains that he is not as interested in them. They do a job or he fires them and he considers them numbers on a page. He does not know about their personal lives. Katie said it was no wonder he was so lonely. He said friends tried to "take advantage." Katie then says he thinks nice guys finish last and he equates "money with winning, emotion with weakness." Bill says you can not make decisions with your heart and be successful. She counters that you a never be happy if you are purely motivated by money and she thinks he has "way too much going on inside of that heart " Bill says she overestimates him. Katie says she does not and she would never trade the money for the love and trust she has with her family.

Nick is giving Bridget a hand massage on his couch. They are in his office and kissing.

The celebrity judges appear offended that Bill is buying their votes. Melissa explains that Bill moved to LA to drive down Forrester's value and acquire the company. Jarrett then explains that he will say they would not be bought at any cost. Even though he was going to give Melissa her own column in "Eye on Fashion." He had planned to offer his yacht in St Tropez for two weeks with a crew of 11, and for Sergei he was going to give him Cart Blanche for the charity in the Hamptons with 800 people. They all decide they will toast to Bill Spencer and Jackie M.

Ridge is doubting that the Challenge would be fair. Brooke says they will be okay, that she and her sisters have come up with a plan. Forrester Royalty will "bring the house down."

Bill is explaining to Katie that as long as Donna and Brooke are there she will never be at the top. She explains that she likes her position. She calls his bluff and says that if she worked for him what would be the first thing he would have her do? "Streamline, maybe fire some people?" She asks if that does not bother him. He replies that it is "business, and you do what is the well being of the company." She asks if his father taught him profits before people. Bill chides that his father was a good businessman and he did not know him as a father. Katie asks if despite his cars and houses if he was a good man. She explains they do not know, that the end of Bill's story had not been written yet..."it's not too late to change it." Bill says he thinks it is.

Nick and Bridget continue to kiss on his office couch and she says she has to get back to work. He wants to celebrate now and she says they have to wait until after the celebration. He wins.

Ridge explains to Brooke that if this does not go the way they want they are "one step away from bankruptcy." Brooke says this is how they survive. Ridge says they never had Bill Spencer to worry about; Brooke says they never had the Logan Women behind them. They embrace as Ridge says "Oh Logan!"

Katie says she thought she could change him but it is not. What about all of the people that she worked with? He said they could work for him. Katie said they would not. He says "they will work for you." Katie then stands up as does Bill and she says this has all been a joke and he does not care about her. If he did he would no t be willing to ruin Forrester at any cost. He says he does and as Katie leans in the phone rings. It is his private line and he has to take it. Jarrett says that the judges are on his side. Katie asks if she should go, Jarrett overhears Katie and he tries to reason with him that Katie would be ruined and that could he really throw away the one woman who ever really cared about him? Bill hangs up without another word.

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