B&B Monday Update 8/10/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/10/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

It’s chaos at Jackie M’s, where she is trapped in her office by the cougar Whip brought in for the photo shoot. Owen frantically works to get her out, while Jackie’s face shows her fright. He wants to break the door down, but the trainer cautions him this could make things worse.

Stephanie is in her office at Jackie M’s. Her old friend, Dorothy, comes to see her. Stephanie says they have a lot of time to make up for. Dorothy is happy that Stephanie has found a new niche for herself. She admits to Stephanie she actually has a proposition for her that involves Forrester Creations. Stephanie raises her eyebrows at this news.

Katie goes over to Bill Spencer’s office. He tells her he has been looking for a picture of Taylor and Ridge’s “non-wedding”. His people didn’t get what he wanted. Katie teases he would love to have a picture of this. He laughs about how Brooke would have looked all tattered and dirty on her horse. Katie says it’s just par for the course with those two. She’s just glad Taylor called the wedding off. Bill asks if she really believes her sister is destined to be with Ridge. Katie says yes. She really believes some people are meant to be together. Bill says the Logan sisters seem to be a pretty loyal bunch. Katie agrees and tells him this is part of the reason she came to see him. Bill already knows about the royalty campaign. He thinks she’s got her work cut out for her with the campaign Whip is running over at Jackie M’s. Katie seems surprised at his knowledge.

Stephanie lets Dorothy in her office and wants to know what this favor is involving Forrester. Dorothy explains they have a big fund raiser coming up and their entertainers cancelled at the last moment. She thought a fashion challenge between the two companies would be excellent. She shows Stephanie a printed copy of the invitation.

In Bill’s office, Katie tells him her reputation is on the line, since this whole idea was hers. Bill says yes he had heard. She shows him the proofs of the photo shoot. He says they all look beautiful, especially her. He wants to know what it has to do with him. Katie says she’d like to buy some add space in the media and television. Bill wants to know how Forrester is going to pay for this. Katie just wants to make sure he would be promoting them and not trashing them with a comparison to Jackie M’s. Bill smiles and says he’s proud of her for working him a bit.

Over at Jackie’s, she’s been rescued. Owen has her wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea. They have removed the cougar from the building. Whip is a bit distraught. He apologizes to Jackie for what happened. Jackie plays it off, but is still very frightened. They are interrupted by Nick, who rushes in to see his mother.

Nick is followed in the office by the trainer. Nick jumps Whip about what he could have possibly been thinking. Whip stutters and is lost for an answer. The trainer says she should apologize too, because the animal had never done this before. Jackie tells everyone to relax, she’s fine. It makes for a good story. The trainer says the animal wasn’t trying to hurt Jackie. She asks Jackie if she’s wearing perfume. Jackie says she always wears perfume. The trainer explains how animals are attracted to other animals’ pheromones. It dawns on Jackie what she’s trying to imply. She wrinkles her nose at the thought. Owen gets a shocked look on his face along with Nick.

Whip rushes in Stephanie’s office to tell her about the cougar attack. She looks surprised and asks if Jackie attacked someone. Whip explains it was a real cougar. He didn’t know Stephanie had a guest. She introduces Whip to her friend Dorothy. Dorothy tells Whip as the PR man, he’s exactly the person to talk to. She quickly explains her idea. Whip thinks it’s a great, but Stephanie is waving him off in the background. Dorothy goes on and on about how there’s conflict between Stephanie and the Logans. On top of all this, the two fashion houses would make it a big event. Stephanie says they would be willing to give a sizeable donation, but she’s not comfortable doing a challenge right now. Dorothy gives Stephanie a hand full of the mock invitations she had made up. She really thought the publicity would have been great. Stephanie thanks her and quickly ushers her out with a promise of lunch next time. While she has her head turned, Whip slips one of the invitations in his jacket.

After Dorothy is gone, Stephanie asks Whip about the cougar attack. He explains about the photo shoot. Whip tells her Jackie is fine. Stephanie laughs about only Jackie could survive a cougar attack unscathed. Whip has an unreadable expression on his face.

Back in Jackie’s office, Nick teases his mother that everyone including animals and boy toys want to mate with her. Jackie thinks it’s rather sweet. Nick can’t deal with his mother’s sexuality. It’s disturbing, like her photo shoot pictures. He feels likes it’s a bit over the top and makes him uncomfortable. Jackie says from now on no more sexy clothes. On this note, Nick makes his exit.

After Nick leaves, Owen takes Jackie in his arms. He’s just so thankful she’s unhurt. He thought he was going to lose her. She’s so brave. Jackie says it was really scary having that big cat on her, dominating her. Owen says he’s heard it helps to recreate some scary events. Jackie says it’s like therapy. She could use some. She and Owen get cozy and kiss each other passionately.

In Bill’s office, he asks Katie if she wants some special treatment. She tells him not at all. She wants him to give Forrester a fair shake. Bill says this goes against his reputation. Katie says she has faith in him. She’s gotten to now the real Bill and he won’t let her down. She heads to the door with a slight smile.

Once Katie is gone, Bill picks up the photos and looks at them intently. He smiles to himself as he looks at the one of Katie and Donna. He’s interrupted by his secretary, who announces Whip Jones is there to see him. He asks if Whip explained what he wanted. She tells him only that it’s very important. Bill laughs and says of course. Let the games begin. He tells her to let Whip in.

Whip comes in and introduces himself to Bill with a hand shake. Whip tries to sell him on the idea of the fashion challenge between Forrester and Jackie M’s. Bill thinks this could make or break Forrester. Whip acknowledges Forrester could be made more vulnerable for a takeover or buyout. Bill wants to know how he comes in to play. Whip tells him right now this isn’t a go, but he thinks Bill can make it happen. Bill looks intrigued.

Stephanie sits in her office staring at the invitation. She’s not sure what she has to gain in this. Should she go up against Eric and the girls? She ponders it for a moment and then decides she was right to pass.

Bill sits in his office and looks over the invitation. He asks Whip if the challenge was his idea. Whip says he can’t take credit. Bill lets him know he’s aware of how much of a stir Whip has caused at Jackie M’s. Whip thanks him for all the favorable press. Bill has been a friend to their company. Bill smiles at this obvious suck up. Whip tells Bill he thinks both of them would like to see the demise of Forrester. Bill feels it’s well on the way to self destruction. Whip says this challenge could nudge it over the edge. Bill tells him to spell out exactly what he wants. Whip explains how Stephanie waived off this idea. He thought maybe Bill could “catch wind of this”, and publicize it. Stephanie and Eric would be forced to go through with it. If Forrester couldn’t meet the challenge, it could be the death nail.

Katie sits in her office at Forrester with her feet up. She flashes back to a few encounters with Bill Spencer. He’s so complex. She smiles to herself. She knows Bill will come through for her.

In her office, Owen explains to Jackie how he felt. He really thought he was going to lose her. He always heard about how someone could give their life for someone else, but he never understood it until today. He really has some things he’s wanted to say to her, but didn’t know how. Jackie is touched and kneels in front of him. She tries to reassure him that the cougar wasn’t trying to hurt her. Owen says he wanted to bust the door down and tear the cougar apart with his bare hands. He tells Jackie she’s his life. He never intended for things to end up this way. He’s never experienced anything like this before. It started out as fun and games, but she makes life worth living. He wants to spend his time with her forever. He’s the luckiest man alive. Jackie says she’s the luckiest woman. He tenderly kisses Jackie, who lays her head on his chest.

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