B&B Friday Update 8/7/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/7/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At Forrester, Stephanie is with the Logan sisters.  She is asking them about the new campaign, where they call themselves Forrester Royalty.  She thinks it’s a travesty and says Brooke and Donna have just about torn Forrester apart.  They all just look at her in irritation.

Over at Jackie M’s, Jackie and Owen are deep in a kiss.  Owen says the pictures from the photo shoot have really turned him on.  He likes the real thing better.  Owen is a bit bothered by the whole campaign.  He doesn’t like Whip’s ideas.  The whole cougar thing seems to be at Owen’s expense.  He feels like Whip is turning him into Jackie’s lackey.  Jackie tries to convince him Whip has their best interest at heart.  She teases him with a kiss, when Whip walks in.  Whip tells them to save all the loving for the next shoot.  He has something big in mind.  They both wait to see what he has planned.

Ridge is in his office, where he looks at the photo shoot pictures.  He’s captivated by Brooke’s image.  He flashes back to some times with her, including their wedding.  His thoughts are interrupted by Taylor.  He quickly jumps up a bit surprised to see her.

Taylor lets Ridge know she heard about Brooke being back and the whole campaign idea with her sisters.  She’s not surprised Brooke is back.  After her interrupting their wedding on a horse, she wouldn’t put anything past Brooke.  Brooke just wants to keep an eye on Ridge.   Taylor hopes he’s aware of this.  Ridge looks slightly skeptical.

Back in Eric’s office, Brooke tells Stephanie they’ll never see eye to eye on this campaign.  Katie says they are competing against each other.  Stephanie tells Brooke she’s only back to get Ridge.  She doesn’t care about Forrester.  Donna chimes in the sales figures have been terrible.  Brooke just wants to help get things back on track.  Stephanie waves this explanation off and tells Brooke her behavior was appalling at the wedding.  She broke her promise to Ridge to give him some space.  He doesn’t need her in his face everyday.  Brooke tells her if that’s all, she can leave.  Stephanie ignores her and tells Katie this idea of hers won’t work.  People that are familiar with Forrester know they represent style and class.  They know who’s been behind this image.  The name Logan only represents scandal and trouble.  How dare they call themselves Forrester Royalty.  People won’t like this.  Brooke glares at her. 

In Jackie’s office, Owen is irritated.  He asks Whip if he’s ever heard of a regular shooting schedule.  Whip blows this off and says this is just a continuation from this morning.  He cleans up as he talks.  He likes spontaneity.  Whip tells Owen he’s not involved in the latest shoot.  It’s all about Jackie.  Owen says he’s over playing the cougar thing.  Whip thinks it’s provocative.  Jackie is on board with him and thinks it’s every woman’s dream to have something she can’t have.  It’s exciting. Whip says he has one more prop to add.  Owen sarcastically asks if it’s a circus tent.  Whip laughs and says no, but clever.  He says the concept is a hot cosmopolitan woman out on the town with her pet.  He has the staff bring in a live cougar.  Jackie and Owen are both shocked.  The cougar growls, as it comes in on a leash.

At Forrester, Ridge tries to explain to Taylor how bad the company is doing right now.  They need Brooke’s help.  Taylor isn’t so sure.  She sees Brooke’s picture on the screen.

She asks if this was Brooke’s idea, since she seems to be a significant part of it.  Ridge tells her it was actually Katie’s idea.  Ridge wants to know if Taylor is uncomfortable with this idea.  Taylor tells him no.  This is the big difference between her and Brooke.  Brooke wants him on whatever terms.  Taylor only wants him, if it’s what he wants.  Brooke likes to play games.  Ridge will see he wants his family back and will be with her.  Ridge says she never ceases to amaze him.  He hugs her.  Taylor smiles with pleasure.

In Eric’s office, Stephanie continues to berate the Logan girls for their concept of Forrester.  She said they may as well call it “Logan Creations”.  Katie jokes they need the name recognition.  Stephanie wags her finger and tells her not to be condescending to her.  This company was put together with her and Eric’s life contributions.  It was number one.  The Logans pushed their way in and took over the company.  Now they want to pass themselves off as Forrester Royalty.  Donna has had enough and wants to know why Stephanie is even there.  She’s not even a part of the company any more.  Stephanie directs her conversation at Katie and tells her she needs a whole new concept.  Stephanie says the name Forrester is Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Eric and Stephanie.  They will be  laughing stocks, if they continue with this.  Brooke reminds her things could have been quite different had she been with Ridge.  Stephanie shipped their parents off to France, so where was the justice in all this before.  Stephanie rolls her eyes and says they weren’t little girls, but women.  She was protecting her marriage, since Beth was after her husband.  Brooke says maybe her husband was after their mother.  Everyone does things they regret, but you have to move on.  She says Stephanie is stuck in the past. She wants to be a victim.  She says they are making a royal effort to help the company get out of debt.  She challenges Stephanie to meet them on equal ground with Jackie M’s. 

At Jackie M’s, the live cougar sits with his trainer.  Jackie stands behind Owen a bit unnerved by the animal.  Owen asks Whip if the animal is dangerous.   Whip laughs and says of course.  They’re going for a certain image, their cougar with a cougar. Owen lets him know he’s serious.   Whip turns to the trainer, who says the animal is tame and trained.  Jackie is still wary and eyes the animal.

Back at Forrester, Stephanie continues to try and get the Logan sisters to see how this campaign is not going to help pull the company out.  Katie tells her it’s no more tawdry than their campaign with Jackie as the cougar.  Brooke says they’re reinventing themselves, just like she did with Jackie M’s.  Stephanie tells Brooke she hasn’t changed.  She’s still running after Ridge, like she’s done from day one.  Brooke says she’s not running after Ridge.  They happen to love each other.  Stephanie laughs and says if that’s the case, Ridge doesn’t know it.  Brooke tells her he would have married Taylor, if this wasn’t true.  Before Stephanie can respond, Ridge walks in.

Ridge tells the Logan sisters it’s time to get back to work.  He tells his mother to come with him.  Stephanie warns Katie to listen to her.  If she follows through with this campaign, the company will be dead in a year.  She encourages her to listen to what she’s said.  She walks out of the office. 

Ridge follows his mother out to the reception area.  He wants to know why she does this to herself.  Stephanie is aggravated and says she doesn’t know.  His father has turned the company over to those three bimbos and she should be happy, since this could be helpful for Jackie M’s.  She just feels betrayed and a part of her heart will always be in this building.  She can’t stand to see it all torn apart in front of her eyes.  It was meant for him and his brother and sister.  She quietly says sometimes you don’t get what you want.  Ridge looks thoughtful and hugs his mother.  Stephanie hugs him back with a miserable expression.

At Forrester, Donna is dressed in her gown from the shoot.  As she approaches the elevator, Marcus arrives in it.  He’s looking for her, since they need to reshoot a few shots.  Stephanie walks up as they’re talking.  She hears Marcus tell his mother she’s the new queen of Forrester.  Donna sucks this up.  Stephanie laughs and can’t believe Donna really feels like she’s taken her place.  Donna taunts her and says she shouldn’t speak to the queen in this manner.  Stephanie boards the elevator and tells Donna her old legs won’t let her bow to the queen.  She purposely steps on the train of Donna’s gown.  Donna tells her, she’s stepping on her dress.  Stephanie smiles as the elevator doors close.  Donna realizes the intent and tries to move, but is stuck.  Marcus helps by trying to get the doors open.  As the elevator descends, Donna’s dress is stripped away.  She’s down to her underwear as people pass by and laugh.  Marcus tries to help cover his mother up, as she squirms in embarrassment.

In Eric’s office, Ridge and Brooke look at the photos.  He teases her about whether she’s the queen or the princess.  She tells him Donna is the queen and she’s merely a princess.  Ridge agrees she’s certainly a princess.  They lightly banter with each other.  She bows to him and says she’d bow to his every will.  He laughs and says how did he get wrapped up with such a crazy princess.  Brooke laughs and says his mother probably wonders the same thing.  Ridge tells her to go lightly on Stephanie. She’s been through a lot lately.  Brooke actually agrees.  She tells Ridge she can’t change who she is.  She’s his crazy Logan, who he can’t live without.  Ridge shakes his head and smiles.  Brooke playful touches his nose and smiles back at him.

Over at Jackie M’s, the photo shoot has started.  Jackie is tense and keeps a distance from the cougar.  Whip tries to get her to loosen up.  Owen is nervous and tells Whip he should understand why Jackie would be nervous.  Whip tries to get Jackie to buy into the concept of taming the wild beast.  Whip decides Jackie needs a prop.  He pops a bottle of champagne.  It scares the cougar, who jumps off the desk.   The trainer tells everyone to get out.  Everyone manages to get out, but Jackie.   She hides behind her desk and chair.  She slowly pushes her desk chair towards the door.  The cougar can be heard growling.

Outside Jackie’s office, Whip and Owen frantically try to open the office door.  It’s locked. 

Jackie manages to get to the door, where she peers at them frightened out of her mind.  She’s screaming for help.  There are rips in the paper covering the door, where it appears the cougar is attacking Jackie from behind….

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