B&B Monday Update 8/3/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/3/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At the beach house, Taylor and Ridge’s wedding is interrupted by Brooke. She is unkempt and dirty from riding her horse from the beach. All the guests stare at her in shock. Ridge doesn’t understand what’s going on. Brooke stares daggers at Steffy and tells Ridge to ask his daughter. Taylor and Stephanie demand Brooke leave right now. Brooke refuses and says she got there just in time. Brooke accuses Stephanie of helping Steffy. Stephanie tells her granddaughter not to say a word. She again tells Brooke to get the hell out of there. Brooke stands her ground and says she wants Ridge to know everything.

Whip calls Jackie at home. He asks if she has some soy sauce. Jackie doesn’t know who’s calling right away. Whip tells her it’s her new neighbor. He has taken the apartment above Jackie and tells her to come on up. Jackie is surprised and a bit hesitant, but agrees to see him.

Ridge wants to know what Brooke is doing there. She explains to him she was at the beach waiting on him. She knows he never received any of her texts for the past several days. She again stares at Steffy and tells Ridge how the messages were intercepted. She thought it was Ridge texting her to come to the beach, but it was Steffy. Brooke says Steffy know if Ridge got her messages, there wouldn’t be a wedding today. Taylor looks at her daughter for answers. Stephanie is irate and asks Ridge if he’s going to let this lunacy continue. Ridge looks puzzled.

Jackie heads to Whip’s. He has a nice table set with sushi and Chinese food. Jackie can’t believe he’s moved right above her. Whip says it’s great for work. Jackie asks what if her husband had been home, when he called. Whip laughs and says there was enough for three. Jackie believes Whip knew her husband was out with his friends surfing. Whip denies it, saying he’s been too busy moving to keep up with Owen. He wants to know how Jackie found this building. Her realtor found it, but Owen convinced her to take it. This surprises Whip. Owen never ceases to amaze him. Jackie is surprised by this comment. He wants to know how the two met.

At the beach house, Ridge wants to know if what Brooke says is true. Thomas jumps up and says he’s responsible for intercepting the messages through the computer. Steffy tells her dad they wanted to help break this addiction Brooke has for him. They finally saw their family getting back together, but Brooke wouldn’t let go. Brooke only cares about herself. Ridge looks at Brooke questioningly. Stephanie speaks up and says it doesn’t matter now. Ridge planned to marry Taylor, so let it go. Steffy tells her dad she knows what she did was wrong. She didn’t want to lose him again after losing so much this year. Steffy says she begged Brooke to leave him alone. He committed himself to them, so she didn’t want Brooke to ruin it. She says the wedding is basically over, since they said their vows. Ridge doesn’t answer her, but asks if he can speak to Taylor and Brooke alone. Stephanie tells him he doesn’t have to do this. Ridge wants to. Everyone leaves them alone. Steffy is reluctant to leave. Thorne gently touches her arm on the way out. She finally follows everyone outside.

Once they’re outside, Steffy tells her grandmother she owes her an apology. Thorne wants to know what in the world just happened. Stephanie tells Steffy what she did was right. She hopes her father does the same thing.

Alone inside, Taylor tells Ridge what Steffy did was wrong. She can understand Steffy was scared. She knows Brooke doesn’t know when to stop. Taylor says it doesn’t matter, Ridge didn’t see the messages. He’s committed to her and his family. Brooke moves closer to Ridge and wants to know if this is true. She doesn’t believe this is what he wants. Ridge doesn’t answer right away.

At Whip’s, Jackie teases him about having wine with their Chinese. Whip presses her about how she and Owen hooked up. She explains how they met at the office. She was attracted to Owen. She bough the condo and he moved in with her. Whip wants to know if she’s in love with Owen. Jackie dances around the question, saying how much Owen makes her feel alive. He’s the best thing that ever happened to her. They have a lot of fun. Whip says she’s a hand full. He jumps up and has an idea for work. Jackie asks if he ever punches out. Whip says not with her. She tells him to relax and drink a toast. He smiles and agrees.

The guests wait outside the beach house. Thorne and Felicia check on Thomas. Thorne tells his nephew he’s proud of him. Felicia agrees. She knows they just wanted to keep their family together. Thomas hopes it wasn’t all for nothing.

Marcus approaches Steffy to see how she’s doing. She apologizes, since Brooke is his aunt. Marcus tells her it’s not necessary. He knows she’s been through a lot this year and he’s there for her. She smiles and thanks him. He hugs her and Steffy is all smiles.

Stephanie complains to Eric and Donna about how inexcusable this was of Brooke. Eric says he cares about Taylor too. She’s a remarkable woman, but their son’s happiness is what’s important. He believes Ridge belongs with Brooke. Stephanie says that’s just it. Ridge has been unhappy with Brooke for a while. Donna speaks up to say it’s Ridge’s decision. Things could have been different had Ridge seen Brooke’s messages. Stephanie is unconvinced. Eric tells her they have to abide by what Ridge says. Stephanie tells him to do what he wants, but she’s not going to let Brooke sabotage this wedding. Donna watches her walk away with a frown. Eric has a resigned look on his face.

Inside the beach house, Brooke appeals to Ridge. She calls him darling and reminds him they’ve only been married a year. They had some problems. Ridge can’t believe she can minimize it like this. He says Rick was a disaster for them. She turns to Taylor and asks if they can speak alone. Taylor looks at her and asks if she’s out of her mind. Brooke asks her if she really wants Ridge, if he wants her. Taylor confidently says he doesn’t and she’s not leaving. Ridge tells Brooke to just say what she came to say. She just can’t see how Rick drove a wedge between them. The worst thing was using Steffy to get to him. She is the one who told him to pursue his happiness with Taylor. Brooke knows this was too hasty on her part. She made a mistake and shouldn’t have given up on them. They can withstand anything. She says it wasn’t entirely her fault. She didn’t take drugs and sleep with someone else. Ridge admits this was wrong and he and Taylor recognize this. Brooke says it’s not too late to get through this. Taylor watches and listens anxiously.

Outside the beach house, Steffy heads over to talk to Thomas. Thomas looks worried. He wonders if their dad will come out and announce he’s back with Brooke. Steffy says he won’t do that. Steffy wonders if they made things worse. Thomas wonders the same thing. She can’t believe he would hurt their mother like that. They will finish the wedding.

Stephanie wanders around and sees Donna alone. She goes over to ask her if she knew Brooke was going to pull this stunt. Donna says if this were the case, why would she have come. Stephanie tells her she should try and talk some sense into Brooke. Donna says she can’t. It’s up to Ridge and Brooke. They’ve withstood worse than this. Stephanie tells Donna how Taylor gives Ridge something her sister can’t. This is stability. Donna says they’d have more stability, if Stephanie wouldn’t interfere. Donna tries to walk away. Stephanie stops her and tries again to convince her to assist. She tells her Ridge and Brooke’s relationship is broken. Donna forcefully tells her it’s Ridge’s decision and she believes he’ll choose her sister. She pushes away from Stephanie, who looks perturbed and unsure.

Inside, Brooke apologizes to Ridge for doing this to him. She knew she couldn’t let him marry Taylor, if it wasn’t really what he wanted. This gets Taylor. She angrily asks Brooke how does she know what Ridge wants. Does he want more pain and misery from her son? Brooke turns and says they have more together. They share a son. They have beautiful memories. Ridge looks drained, but remains silent. Brooke reminds Taylor she and Ridge are married. Taylor tells her technically they’re not. Brooke laughs and says neither are they. Taylor tells her this wouldn’t be the case, if she hadn’t come barging in there. Brooke turns to Ridge and tells him to take the time to think about it. Only marry Taylor if he loves Taylor, not because he’s angry with her. Taylor moves closer to Ridge and tells him, he can’t keep fooling himself into thinking he can have a normal marriage with Brooke. Taylor says they belong together and this isn’t a mistake. Brooke asks Ridge if this is what he really thinks. What they’ve said to each other and felt for each other wasn’t a lie. She waited at their special spot, thinking he was going to be there. After she figured out it was Steffy, she rode like the wind to get there. She would have never broken up his marriage, if she didn’t believe he wanted to be with her. She just needs to know. She wants him to be happy. If he really wants to be with Taylor, she’ll walk out and leave him alone. Ridge moves away and doesn’t say anything. Brooke follows and tells Ridge she’s sorry. She gave up on them too easily. Their love is stronger than any problems they’ve faced. She begs Ridge to tell her the truth. She promises she can live with his decision. Ridge looks at her, while Taylor holds her breath.

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