B&B Friday Update 7/31/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/31/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke rides along the beach on her horse. She is certain Ridge will show and the wedding won’t go down.

At the beach house, all the guests are there for the wedding. Ridge and Taylor have written their own vows and are prepared to recite them.

At Forrester, Katie is alone working in Eric’s office. Bill Spencer shows up. Katie is a bit surprised and asks if he’s there to see Eric. Bill knows he’s at the big wedding. He figured the Logan girls weren’t invited, so he thought she might need something to do. Katie nervously flicks her hair and asks if he’s there to see her then. Bill teases, he hears hope in her voice. Katie smiles and tells him she has a phone call to make. Bill moves closer to her and says, but now she doesn’t remember what was so important. Katie laughs and says she needs to call her sister. Bill knows she means Brooke and makes the comment the “King and Queen of Forrester” are no more. Katie says maybe and maybe not. Bill looks intrigued.

Brooke gets off her horse and tries her phone. She can’t understand why Ridge hasn’t called.

At Forrester, Bill asks Katie why she would think the wedding was off. Katie closes Eric’s office door and tells him Ridge asked Brooke to meet him on the beach. Bill looks surprised and tells her, Brooke may be waiting a long time. He has a photographer on it to take the cover shot and everything is in place. Katie looks less confident at this news. She still thinks Ridge will go to Brooke. Bill can’t believe Ridge would just leave Taylor at the altar for Brooke. This wouldn’t just be wrong, it would be cruel. Katie looks thoughtful.

On the beach, Brooke text Ridge she’s at their favorite spot and she loves him. She wonders where he’s at and hopes he gets there soon.

At the wedding, Stephanie reads a scripture passage and her favorite reading. Steffy gets another text from Brooke. She quickly texts back, while Thomas watches her anxiously. Felicia is seated next to her and takes the phone away from her and turns it off. Steffy looks agitated.

Brooke receives Steffy’s text, making her believe Ridge is on his way. She laughs with glee, hopeful Ridge will be there soon.

At the wedding, Stephanie finishes her readings. She kisses both Ridge and Taylor, wishing them many blessings. Thorne is Ridge’s best man and pats his shoulder in agreement. Donna is next to Eric and she fidgets nervously. Steffy is a bit nervous and so is Thomas.

On the beach, Brooke finds her text failed. She doesn’t understand. It’s not Ridge’s number. She dials the number and gets Steffy’s voicemail. It dawns on her it’s a trick. Steffy has been forwarding Ridge’s messages to her phone. Ridge is getting married. Brooke looks terrified as she hurriedly jumps on her horse and rides towards the beach house.

At Forrester, Katie explains to Bill how Taylor and Ridge have gone through so much with the loss of their daughter. She just believes Ridge loves her sister more. Bill sits behind Eric’s desk and puts his feet up. He asks if Ridge and Brooke have “true love”. Katie believes so. He asks if she really believes in this. Katie says with those two yes. She has grown up with Brooke loving and longing for Ridge. She thinks Brooke will wait for Ridge on the beach as long as it takes.

Brooke rides along the beach looking frantic.

At the beach house, Taylor recites her vows as she and Ridge hold hands. She really thinks they were meant to be together. Their children are a testament to this. Phoebe is an angel in their corner this time and they will be together forever. Ridge listens intently.

Brooke continues her trek along the beach.

It’s Ridge’s turn to say his vows.

Brooke rides faster, headed towards the beach house.

Ridge’s vows include thoughts of how this marks the end of sadness and pain, of letting go. It’s a new beginning for him and Taylor and their beloved kids. He promises to be there for Taylor and a father to their children. Donna looks around anxiously. Taylor listens to Ridge’s vows almost tearfully. Her face shows her deep love for Ridge.

Brooke rides harder. She’s on a dirt path, lined with trees. She hits a low lying branch and is knocked off her horse. She gets up and calls frantically for her horse. The horse returns and Brooke mounts up again.

Brooke pushes her horse faster along the beach.

At the wedding, the minister talks about the couples vows. Taylor has flashbacks of previous times with Ridge, including their other marriages. The two exchange rings. The kids are all smiles.

Brooke gets closer to the house, riding hard.

After the rings are exchanged, the minister speaks about giving them blessing and strength. He asks if there’s anyone there that knows why they shouldn’t be married. Donna looks like she wants to interrupt, but remains silent. She again looks around, expecting Brooke. Thomas and Steffy are on the edge of their seats. They just want the wedding to be over. Ridge and Taylor smile at each other as the minister starts his part of the ceremony. Ridge glances at his kids before he says “I do”. The minister is just about to announce them as man and wife, when the door bursts open. There’s a horse! The minister is shocked and bumps into the fireplace behind him. Everyone turns to look and their faces register shock.

Brooke comes bursting through the door, with dirt smudges all over her face and clothing. She tells the minister to stop right there. There’s not going to be a wedding today. Her eyes shoot daggers at Steffy, whose mouth is open in surprise. Donna holds back a smile as she looks at her sister. Ridge can’t believe his eyes and says, “Logan”.

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