B&B Monday Update 7/27/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/27/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At Jackie M’s, Owen has a big surprise for his wife. He’s redecorated her office. Jackie is excited and loves it. They decide to break in the new chaise. As they stretch out to get things started, Clark interrupts them.

Owen doesn’t stop nuzzling Jackie’s neck, as Clark comes in the office. He wants to know what Clark wants. Clark wants to give them the news that Sally is really pleased with their progress. This gets Jackie’s attention. She can’t believe Sally is keeping track.

At Brooke’s, Katie and Donna try to get Brooke’s mind off Ridge. Katie tries to get her to exercise with them. Brooke is in her bathrobe and not very interested. She tells them about texting Ridge, but not getting a good response. Donna thinks Stephanie should be pretty pleased at the way things have turned out.

Taylor and Stephanie are out to lunch. Taylor flashes her engagement ring. Stephanie is happy for her. Taylor really feels like things are on track. Stephanie knows the kids must be excited too.

Steffy and Thomas are at home. Steffy is feeling a bit guilty over intercepting her dad’s texts from Brooke. Thomas doesn’t feel the same way. He thinks Brooke isn’t being respectful of Ridge’s request. If they don’t do something, they’ll lose their family. They are interrupted by Ridge, who is looking for his phone. The kids look a bit anxious. They are saved, when Ridge gets another phone call. He walks out of the room to take the call.

After Ridge is gone, Steffy says she can’t keep doing this. Thomas is a whiz with computers. Isn’t there some way he could forward the calls to another phone? Thomas thinks he might be able to do this. As they talk, Ridge’s cell gets another text from Brooke. Steffy text back for her to, “Leave me alone.” Thomas watches.

At Jackie M’s, Clark digs into Pam’s lemon bars. Pam wants to know about Sally’s phone call. She wants to know about how Clark was married to Sally and had a child. She flirts with Clark, who looks a bit surprised and uncomfortable.

In her office, Jackie and Owen look at the shots from their photo shoot. They’re pretty hot. Jackie is delighted with them. Owen isn’t a hundred percent content with them. He thinks Whip is going about it the wrong way. Before he can explain, Whip pops through the door.

Whip sees Jackie and Owen looking at the pictures and is pretty pleased with his work. He compliments Owen on having a beautiful wife and says he should feel lucky. Whip wants to follow up with something international. Jackie gets a bit excited. Whip feels something glamorous, like Jackie herself would be great. He mentions the Isle of Capri. Jackie is all for going on the road. Owen stands by and looks put out about the whole thing.

Stephanie and Taylor discuss wedding plans. Taylor really wants to have it at the beach house. She’s not sure how to manage this, since Rick is there. Stephanie is thrilled to be able to throw Rick out, since she owns it. Taylor says it’s all short notice, but she really wants Stephanie to be her matron of honor. Taylor feels Stephanie has been her best friend and she wouldn’t want it any other way. Stephanie is pleased and honored to do this for Taylor.

Back at Brooke’s, her sisters try to convince Brooke to stop texting Ridge. Brooke feels she can get through to Ridge. As they talk, a text comes through. Brooke anxiously looks at it. Her face registers surprise. The message tells her again to stop trying to contact him. It directs her not to come to the office or the house, but to let him enjoy his time with Taylor and the kids. Donna is shocked. She feels this is so unlike Ridge.

At the house, Ridge is done with his call. He comes back to continue the search for his phone. The kids are still working on their project. Steffy quickly tries to distract her father. He wants them to help him find his phone. Steffy tells him to check between the cushions on the couch. Steffy hides the phone in a chair and pretends to find it, after a nod from Thomas. Ridge kisses her, excited she found it. He notices her face and wants to know what’s wrong. Thomas watches her too a bit nervously. Steffy tells her dad it’s about her mom and Brooke.

At Jackie’s, Pam continues flirting with Clark. She can’t understand why Sally would have bailed on a hunk like him. Clark said he’s not as perfect as everyone thinks. He admits to being an opportunist. Pam has heard how awesome Sally was. Clark laughs in remembrance and says Sally was a crazy redhead. Pam gets a wild look on her face at these words.

In her office, Jackie wants to know more about Whip’s idea. Owen stands with his arms crossed and is less enthusiastic. Whip has it all planned. He wants Jackie to be on every fashion magazine. Owen reminds Jackie the swells are coming. Whip doesn’t know what he means. Jackie explains it’s big waves. Owen wants to surf. Whip says he could do that in France. Owen isn’t interested. Whip questions him about traveling overseas. Owen says he’s never been. Whip seems a bit surprised Owen hasn’t been anywhere, including London. Owen says he’s had no reason to go. Whip says he could go to learn about his wife’s customs and where she was raised. Jackie seems interested in whatever Whip says. Owen holds her a bit possessively and says he would love to go to London with her. Jackie is almost purring with the two men’s attention. Owen tells Jackie he’ll see her at home and prepares to head out.

At home, Ridge wants to know what Steffy is worried about. Steffy says Brooke has been pressuring him. Ridge seems surprised at this. He wants to know why she would say that. Thomas jumps in to avoid Steffy saying too much. He tells his father they know he’s seen Brooke. She’s not just going to give up. Ridge tells the kids Brooke knows where his priorities are now. Steffy tells him they’ve waited on this for so long. Ridge hugs her and assures her nothing is going to change his plans.

Taylor and Stephanie are still dining, when Brooke shows up at the same restaurant. Stephanie spots her and heads over.

Brooke is sitting at her table and texting Ridge, when Stephanie walks up behind her. She sees the text and tells Brooke to give it up. Ridge is marrying Taylor, so where’s her dignity. Brooke is offended and says what about Taylor. How dignified is it to beg a man to marry her. Stephanie is happy to let Brooke know Ridge bought an engagement ring. Brooke can’t believe it. Stephanie rubs it in, by saying it’s gorgeous. She tells Brooke after all these years, it’s finally happening without her help. Taylor will be with Ridge. Brooke tells her it won’t happen. Ridge will never love Taylor the way he loves her. She defiantly pushes send for the last message she planned to text Ridge. She gets up and stalks off. Stephanie looks a bit contemplative at her final words.

Whip is still in Jackie’s office, when she comes back from walking Owen to the car. Whip throws Jackie off by asking if Owen stimulates her. She wants to know what he means. Whip clarifies it by saying he means intellectually. He knows Jackie is a smart, savvy woman. He just wonders if Owen recognizes this. Whip knows Owen is charming, but Jackie needs to challenged and not just n the bedroom. He hopes Owen is there for her. Jackie is dumbfounded by this whole conversation. Whip leaves. Jackie sinks to her seat with a deep breath.

Ridge rushes to the door at Taylor’s. It’s his mother. Stephanie is happy to see him. She tells Ridge she just had breakfast with Taylor. Steffy asks if she saw the ring. Stephanie compliments Ridge on his choice. She tells him she also saw Brooke. She knows Brooke doesn’t plan to give up. She has been texting him. Ridge looks surprised and says no she hasn’t. Steffy looks like she could faint. Stephanie says Brooke made a big production out of it. Ridge checks his phone and says nothing is there. Steffy babbles a bit and says it doesn’t matter. Her parents are getting married anyway, so why bring it up. Brooke has probably moved on anyway. Stephanie seems surprised by Steffy’s curt answer to her. Ridge says he has to get to work. He asks Steffy if she’s going to be okay. Steffy says she’s fine.

After Ridge leaves, Stephanie wants to know what’s going on. Steffy denies there’s a problem. Stephanie says as soon as she mentioned the texts, Steffy got all weird and wiggly. She demands to know what the deal is.

Brooke is back at home. She stares at a picture of her and Ridge. She can’t believe he bought Taylor a ring. Why is he sending these horrible messages to her? She hugs the picture as she talks, while the tears flow.

At Taylor’s, Stephanie knows Steffy is hiding something. Steffy is restless and on edge, trying to avoid her grandmother’s questions. She finally says too much and has to let Stephanie know she and Thomas have done something. She tells her Brooke has been texting her dad. They’ve been able to intercept the texts. Stephanie looks a bit shocked. Steffy explains how they’ve been able to send messages back to Brooke telling her to back off. Stephanie says they won’t be able to continue this. Steffy tells her she knows this. They had to give Ridge his phone back. Thomas has figured out a way to forward the calls to Steffy’s phone. Stephanie can’t believe it. Steffy says Thomas is a genius. She hopes her grandmother isn’t mad. Stephanie says it’s a brilliant idea. Steffy looks a bit astonished her grandmother isn’t upset. Stephanie says they should just keep it amongst themselves. Steffy tells her grandmother she won’t let Brooke break her mother’s heart. Ridge needs to be there with his family. Stephanie agrees. She says they will make damn sure Brooke doesn’t interfere with this wedding. The two smile at each other as co-conspirators.

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