B&B Friday Update 7/24/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/24/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge is at Brooke, where she puts a passionate kiss on him. She wants to convince him they made a huge mistake. She breaks away and asks Ridge if he felt the connection too.

Bridget is working in bed. Nick brings a surprise for her. It’s a picture album. It’s their one month wedding anniversary. Bridget is caught a bit off guard by Nick’s gesture.

Taylor is at home with her kids. The kids are anxious about their father being with Brooke. Steffy tries to call her dad’s phone. They hear it vibrate and realize he left it at the house. Taylor tells them to trust their father. He just went to tell Brooke about them getting married. The kids want to know why Taylor shot Ridge down so many times in the past. She explains how things were complicated with both Brooke and Carolyn in the picture. Thomas recalls his mother ran away to St. Thomas. Taylor flashes back to that time, with her and Ridge on the beach.

Over at Brooke’s, she tries to get him to say they should be together. Ridge breaks away from her embrace. He tells her it hurts too much. Brooke wants him to remember their good times. Ridge tells her he’s tired of hurting her and being hurt. He wants to be happy and not just for a day. He’s decided to marry Taylor, even though he will always love her. Brooke is speechless.

Bridget and Nick reminisce about their wedding and look through the album. Bridget tells Nick she misses being a doctor. Nick teases she can play doctor with him anytime. She jokes back that’s why she married him. She runs her fingers through his hair as they kiss deeply.

At home, Taylor and the kids discuss her relationship with Ridge. The kids feel like their parents never argue. Things were good between them. Taylor explains how all couples have problems. Thomas says a lot of their issues have been outside influences. Taylor agree a lot of things have been outside their control. They remember how Taylor “came back from the dead”. She flashes back to the scene at the cemetery, when Ridge saw her for the first time. She remembers how he took her to the beach house. It was like they had never been apart. She didn’t know he was with Brooke at the time. Steffy says it’s always been beautiful between her mom and dad. Thomas says his mother came home and so will Ridge.

At her house, Brooke tells Ridge it’s wrong to marry Taylor. She knows Taylor has had it rough, but this isn’t the answer. She thinks Taylor is just trying to recreate her family. Ridge defends Taylor and says that’s not how it is. Nothing can bring Phoebe back. Brooke says Taylor is trying to use his loss to get him back. Ridge says they have finally put the pieces together as a family. He wants Brooke to respect his decision. Brooke thinks he’ll regret it and be miserable. He has tried this before and couldn’t overcome his feelings for her. Ridge tells her if she loves him, to let him be happy. Brooke breaks down and tells Ridge she made a mistake. This won’t fix things. She begs him not to do this. Ridge looks at her and then holds her face and softly kisses her. He then gets up and hurriedly leaves. Brooke watches heartbroken. She breaks down in tears, after he’s gone.

Katie comes back after a workout. She sees Brooke, who is despondent. She doesn’t understand what happened. Brooke tells her Ridge is marrying Taylor. Katie is stunned. She doesn’t know how Ridge can turn it off and on. Katie tells Brooke she doesn’t have to go along with it. How, if Ridge asked her to stay away? Katie says of course. Ridge wouldn’t be able to go through with it otherwise. She hands Brooke her cell phone. Brooke hesitates a moment and then says she can text Ridge. She glances at their picture from the beach as she texts Ridge.

Ridge makes it back to Taylor’s. The kids wonder how things went. Ridge looks surprised at their questions. Taylor explains Stephanie told them what he had planned. Steffy tells her dad she knows Brooke wants him back. Ridge says it’s not going to happen. She understands what his plans are. Thomas sarcastically asks if Brooke is going to show up on their door step. Ridge says Brooke will keep her distance and respect his decision. Ridge caresses Steffy’s face and tells his family he’s not going anywhere. He tells them he’s going outside to peel himself off the ceiling. He smiles at the kids and Taylor as he heads to the veranda. The kids watch him anxiously.

At home, Brooke tells Katie she will stay away. However, this doesn’t mean she can’t text Ridge. Katie watches her send a message. Brooke say she has to get through to him some how.

Steffy and Thomas are still alone in the living room, when the text goes through. The kids get their dad’s phone, which is still on vibrate. Ridge is still on the veranda. They read the message from Brooke saying she’ll stay away, but will text him until he comes to his senses. Thomas notices there’s a picture. They see the wedding picture from the beach. They can’t believe Brooke’s nerve.

Ridge is totally unaware of what’s going on in his house. He looks up at the sky and says he can’t go back to Brooke. He can’t do it.

Bridget and Nick are in bed, where they are worn out from making love. Nick has another surprise for her. They are gorgeous diamond earrings. Bridgett says he must have spent a fortune. Nick teases that she’s making a fortune for him lately. Bridget tells him she loves him and they shouldn’t get married again. Nick kisses her and they go for round two under the sheets, which he playfully throws over their heads.

Steffy and Thomas can’t understand why Brooke won’t honor their father’s wishes. They know their father doesn’t need this. Steffy decides to text Brooke back.

Taylor takes ice tea out to Ridge. She knows things were hard for him today. She prepares to leave, but Ridge stops her. He tells her Brooke was right. Taylor looks nervous about what this could mean.

At home, Katie and Brooke continue to talk about the situation. Brooke thinks Taylor was wrong to push Ridge into a marriage. Katie doesn’t understand why Ridge would go along with it. Brooke knows he feels unsettled. Her phone indicates a text. She hurries over and sees it’s from Ridge. Katie wants to know what it says, since Brooke is quiet. Brooke reads the message, which tells her to respect him and not to contact him anymore. The picture she sent doesn’t mean anything to him anymore.

Ridge explains what he means to Taylor. The whole thing about marriage came up rather abruptly. It wasn’t like they had a chance to discuss it. She asked him and he accepted. Taylor wants to know what there is to discuss. Ridge says, when you make things official, you do things a certain way. He pulls out a ring box. Taylor is stunned. He pulls out a large blue square cut stone and puts it on her finger. Taylor is almost speechless, but tells him it’s beautiful. She tears up. Ridge wants to know if she’s okay. Taylor tells him how much she loves him. They embrace. She’s anxious to show the kids. She grabs Ridge by the hand and heads inside.

The kids are in the living room still. Taylor flashes her ring. The kids are excited and ask if this means the wedding is on. Steffy is happy for her mother and hugs her. Thomas hugs his dad. Steffy asks to take a picture of them. She does so with her dad’s camera phone. She walks away from the group and sees there’s another message from Brooke. It says she will love Ridge forever. Steffy erases the message and text one back.

Brooke closes the door, after Katie leaves. Her phone indicates another text. She hurries over and is excited to see it’s from Ridge. She reads the message, which says to “Leave me alone”. Brooke looks stricken. She tears up again as she stares at her phone.

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