B&B Monday Update 7/20/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/20/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge and Brooke are in his office at Forrester. Brooke kisses Ridge in an attempt to convince him she was wrong to let him go. Ridge responds. They break away from each other. Ridge cradles Brooke’s face as they stare at each other.

Over at Jackie M, Owen holds a picture of Whip over his face as Jackie enters her office. He wants to know who the competition is. Jackie greets him with a kiss and tells him Whip is their new PR man. She thinks Stephanie suckered them, since she knows Whip. Owen listens, while he nuzzles Jackie’s neck. He asks what the rush was about. She says Stephanie felt someone else would snap him up. She’s not sure what Stephanie’s game plan is.

Stephanie takes Whip to her office for privacy. He can’t believe she’s working in Sally Spectra’s old spot. Stephanie jokes about Sally floating around the Canary Island with some cabana boys. Whip said the job market has been tight. Stephanie knows Whip has talent and hopes he can use it for two jobs. Whip looks at her questioningly.

In his office, Ridge breaks away from Brooke. He asks her not to do this to him, since he’s now with Taylor and his children. Brooke asks him to forget about Taylor for a minute. He can’t believe she said this. Brooke tells him to just look at how much of an emotional roller coaster they’ve been on with Phoebe’s death and everything else. Ridge asks where all this is heading. Brooke reminds him how they promised they could get through anything. They’ve never questioned their love for each other. Ridge says he’s moved on. Brooke says he can’t say that. She knows he still has unresolved feelings for her. Ridge tells her he has to think about Thomas and Steffy and how much they’ve suffered. Taylor has been in her own private hell. He made a promise to them and he can’t go back on it. Brooke asks what he promised. She begs him to tell her he’s not going to marry Taylor again.

Jackie looks at Whip’s picture again as Owen continues to rain kisses on her neck. She can’t understand why Stephanie went to bat for Whip. She thinks Whip is very handsome, but would have to be having been married to Brooke. This catches Owen’s attention. He looks at Whip’s picture again. This makes him wonder, if Jackie is right about Stephanie having an agenda for Whip. He asks if Stephanie persuaded her into hiring Pam too. Jackie says yes. She knows Ridge is back with Taylor, so maybe this has something to do with Stephanie wanting Whip around.

In her office, Stephanie talks to Whip about Brooke. Whip is curious about what happened. He tells Stephanie to give him the whole story, so he knows what he’s getting into. She lets him know Ridge is with Taylor, which is where she wants him. Whip wants to know if he or anyone can really come between Ridge and Brooke.

Back in Ridge’s office, Ridge says he doesn’t know about marrying Taylor. Brooke knows it’s what Taylor wants. Ridge feels the kids want this too, but it’s too soon. He just moved back home. He tells Brooke he worked damn hard to spend the rest of his life with her. She’s the one that told him to move on. Brooke said he agreed with her. Ridge says now she wants to say she made a mistake. It’s too late. She just over reacted to his night with Taylor, which he hardly remembers. Brooke thinks Taylor took advantage of him. Ridge disagrees. He did this to himself. He wants to know why she’s dredging this all up. Brooke tells him she was hurt. When she found out he slept with Taylor, it was like a knife in her heart. Ridge says he tried to do what he could to salvage the situation. He begged her, but she made it very clear it was over. Brooke did mean it then, but she gave up too easily. She’s tearful and says she made a mistake. She sided with her son too much. She sent him to Taylor over an issue that doesn’t even threaten them anymore. He’s with Taylor and it’s all her fault. She starts crying asking what she has done. Ridge reaches for her to comfort her. She cries on his shoulder. Steffy walks in her dad’s office and is shocked to see him holding Brooke. Ridge looks at her in surprise.

Steffy demands to know what’s going on. She begs her dad to tell her he’s not with Brooke. Ridge tells her no. It’s just a difficult time for Brooke. Brooke looks at Steffy with a hurt expression. Ridge asks Brooke if he can have a moment alone with his daughter. Brooke looks at Ridge and then Steffy, reluctant to go. She finally leaves after one last look at Ridge.

In Stephanie’s office, she and Whip continue to discuss Brooke. He finds out the real reason Brooke and Ridge broke up is due to Rick. Stephanie says it’s over this time for real. There are a lot of irreconcilable differences this time. Whip wants to know how solid Ridge’s relationship is with Taylor. Stephanie feels it’s good. Whip wants to know if Ridge really loves Taylor. Stephanie is sure of this too, just like she thinks he still loves Brooke. Whip doesn’t answer, which is an answer in itself. He tells Stephanie to name a man that’s been with Brooke, who hasn’t fallen under her spell. Stephanie laughs and tells him there’s his motivation. Jackie approaches Stephanie’s office, where the door is cracked. She catches the tail end of their conversation. Whip thanks Stephanie for the job and leaves. He doesn’t see Jackie.

Jackie enters Stephanie office and catches her off guard. She asks Stephanie if she’s sending Whip after Brooke. Stephanie feigns surprise at this accusation.

Brooke gets home and looks at her empty house. She picks up a picture of her and Ridge. She puts it face down. She pauses and then puts it right side up again with tears in her eyes.

Steffy is still in her dad’s office. She tells him she doesn’t want to tell him how to live his life. She’s really trying not to interfere. Ridge understands. He’s really enjoyed being with all of them again. Steffy loves it. Ridge holds his daughter and says it’s been very special. Steffy knows Brooke has gone through a lot, but so has her mom. Taylor made it and so will Brooke. She knows Brooke will find another man and move on. They need him. Ridge holds her as he contemplates what she said.

In her office, Stephanie tells Jackie she’s being paranoid. Jackie thinks she got a vibe in the interview. Whip is what Stephanie needs. She’s not championing his PR skills, but has another job in mind. She knows Stephanie has plans for Whip to occupy Brooke’s time.

Brooke cuddles on her couch with picture of her and Ridge together. She still has tears. The doorbell rings. Brooke wipes her eyes and hurries to the door. She’s shocked to see Whip. He tells her he just moved back. She tells him it’s not a good time. Whip asks if she has company. She says no, but is still hesitant. Finally, she says what the heck and invites him in.

Once inside, Whip tells Brooke he’s sorry to hear about her and Ridge. He knows how much this relationship meant to her. Brooke corrects him for the past tense. It’s still important to her. Whip asks what she’s going to do now. Brooke isn’t sure. Whip tells her she can get through this. She’s gotten through a lot of ups and downs. They joke about old times. Whip tells Brooke he’d like to see her again. She laughs and says no. She’s not good company right now. Whip tells her she needed his help before and he’d like to be there again. Brooke laughs again remembering him giving foot massages and dressing in lingerie for her. Whip caresses her face. Brooke says she’s not sure there’s anything anyone can do for her right now. Whip says he’d like to try. He leans in and kisses her. She doesn’t pull away. Afterwards, they stare at each other intently.

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