B&B Monday Update 7/13/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/13/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

In the Forrester showroom, it’s chaos. Everyone is snapping pictures and talking about the fiasco with Donna and the show stopper. Katie hurries to the microphone to get things pack on track. She thanks everyone for coming and instructs them to pick up their guest packages on the way out. Bill Spencer watches her with an admiring smile.

Back stage, Eric, Ridge and Rick rush to Donna’s side. They don’t understand how the plans malfunctioned. Thomas and Steffy are there. He tells Steffy it reminds him of this old “70’s movie. Eric isn’t finding it humorous at all. He tries to help Donna wipe off some of the gook. She’s upset and feels humiliated. Rick hands his dad a towel. Donna figures out it’s honey. Eric wonders who would do something like this. Donna has a realization that it could have only been Pam.

Pam comes down from the rafters. She elated at what she’s done. Her phone rings. It’s Stephanie. Pam brags about what she’s done. Stephanie is appalled and tells Pam to find a closet and don’t come out until she gets there. Pam seems a bit surprised at Stephanie’s response.

In the showroom, people are still milling about. Marcus is there with Rick and Steffy. Thomas approaches them to say the press is going to have a field day with this tomorrow. Rick can’t believe it was so disastrous. Who could have done something like this? Taylor has joined them. Marcus reminds him his mother thinks it was Pam. Rick isn’t sure Pam would have done something this crazy. Rick says they needed this show to be a success. Taylor comments about how wonderful the line was. Steffy says no one will remember the designs. All the work her father and grandfather put in has gone to waste. Marcus says they will make a mockery out of his mother. Thomas agrees Forrester doesn’t need anymore bad press. Rick hopes Katie has a lot of magic up her sleeve in the public relations department.

Katie is being interviewed by Jared. He can’t imagine what took place. Katie isn’t giving much information to his questions. She explains how Forrester is known for being creative. Jared presses her about what this could mean for the future. She says they are still a respected fashion house. This in no way should diminish their respectability.

Bill Spencer stands in the background and listens to Katie’s interview with a slight smile.

Jared goes on to ask Katie what it means for Forrester to have lost some of it’s best employees, including Stephanie, Brooke, Thorne and Felicia. Would something like this have happened if they had been at the company? Katie again reminds him to focus on what they’ve accomplished here. Jared is a bit annoyed at Katie’s avoidance of the subject. He is anxious to get his article written before someone beats him to the punch. He rushes away as Katie yells at him to focus on the clothes.

Bill Spencer claps as he approaches Katie. She’s angry and tells him to save it. He tells her he’s sincere. He’s impressed with her exceptional PR skills. He knows she tried to turn this fiasco into a triumph. This only makes FC more vulnerable than it was before. Katie bites her lip in irritation.

Stephanie makes it to Forrester, where she looks for Pam. Pam pops up from behind some props backstage. She’s bubbling over with laughter for showing up Eric’s little “trophy wife” for who she really is. Stephanie looks at her slightly irritated.

Backstage, Donna looks at herself in the mirror. Eric asks if she really thinks Pam would have done this. Donna is positive. She reminds him of all the stunts in the past. Eric says she looks like a statue or trophy. Donna remembers Pam making a comment like this to her. Eric believes it does sound like Pam is up to her stunts again. Donna leaves to take a shower.

After Donna leaves, Eric and Ridge discuss Pam and her sick sense of humor.

Behind the scenes, Pam can’t believe Stephanie doesn’t see the humor in what she’s done. Stephanie can’t understand why Pam would have done something like this. Pam says Donna asked her to order a case of honey yesterday. She gave her what she wanted.

Donna walks up on Stephanie and Pam and catches part of their conversation. She knows Pam did this to her. Pam tries to deny it. She’s laughing almost out of control. Donna tells her it’s not funny. Stephanie just stares unbelievingly at Donna. Pam tells Donna to look in a mirror and admit it is comical. Donna says Pam is the only one whacko enough to do this. She then asks Stephanie what she’s doing there. Things so slow at Jackie M’s she came over to help her sister? Stephanie quickly says she had nothing to do with this. Pam is still laughing and tells Donna she looks like a statue. Donna sarcastically asks her does she mean a trophy, as in “trophy wife”. Donna tells Pam she’s on to her and she’s going to regret it. Pam continues to deny being the culprit, but says she’d give the person a big hug. She is still laughing, while Stephanie remains silent.

Backstage, Donna is angry and asks Pam how she could have done this to Eric. This should have been Eric’s shining moment. Pam tries to put the blame on Donna for ruining the show.

Eric and Ridge are still backstage and angrily discuss Pam and her stupid prank. They overhear Donna’s voice accusing Pam. Pam is yelling Donna has no proof.

Eric and Ridge rush to Donna’s side. Eric wants to know what Stephanie is doing there. Eric is angry and wants to see the two women in his office right now. Donna tells them she will be up after she takes a shower. She’s almost in tears.

In the showroom, Bill and Katie continue to discuss the show. Bill is anxious to work on his story. Katie appeals to him not to be like the rest and sensationalize this fiasco. Bill says it speaks for itself. He heads for the door as Katie tries to convince him not to give them negative press. Bill blows her a kiss as he exits. Katie follows him still trying to fast talk him.

Back in the showroom, Marcus is with Taylor. He congratulates her on being with Ridge. Taylor is happy and thanks him. Marcus knows how important this was to Steffy. Taylor agrees and says you never know about second chances. Marcus smiles and agrees with her. They are being watched by Rick, who is almost glowering.

Thomas sees Rick watching his mother and Marcus. He heads over to gloat. He tells Rick to notice how confident his mother looks with Marcus. They all like Marcus and know he would never hurt Steffy. Who knows, the more time Steffy spends with Marcus, she could forget about Rick. Rick looks pensive at Thomas’ words.

Eric reaches his office with Ridge, Pam and Stephanie. Michael, the banker, is in his office. Eric is surprised. He knows they need to talk, but not now. Michael says this was a disaster. Eric will be hearing from him. He stalks out.

After the banker is gone, Eric turns his wrath on Pam. He tells her how critical this showing was. How could she pull a stunt like this? Pam plays the innocent role. She isn’t the only person that’s had it with Donna. Donna leads him around like a puppy dog and she’s sick of it. Everyone has left Forrester, so it’s not the same anymore. She used to respect him so much. Eric is angry and tells her he’s had enough of her pranks. Stephanie asks if he’s firing Pam. Eric asks what does she think. Pam pats her sister’s shoulder and says it’s okay. She pulls out a letter and hands it to Eric. She’s written her resignation. Pam heads for the door. She stops and throws her hands up in elation. She feels so great, since she will never have to hear the words “honey bear” ever again. Ridge rolls his eyes. Eric looks at Stephanie, who looks at him and Ridge with a confused expression.

Katie has followed Bill Spencer back to his office. Bill casually pours himself a drink and sits at his desk. Katie found out that Pam was responsible for the little mishap at the end of the show. Bill is amused at her choice of words. Katie knows she’s downplaying the disaster. Katie demands to know why Forrester has to pay for what Pam did. There were some beautiful designs in the showing. Bill agrees with her, but scandal sells better. Katie asks if there’s something she can do to change his mind. Bill tells her he likes her, so he might have a plan. He was impressed with how she handled herself today. Bill teases she needs to convince him over dinner. He’s much easier to convince with a big steak in front of him. Katie tells him that’ll be fine as long as he’s buying. She takes off a sheer black jacket to reveal a thin strapped black fitted dress. She casually throws the jacket on a chair. Bill raises his glass and tells her of course he’s buying. They smile at each other.

In Eric’s office, Stephanie apologizes for her sister. She really doesn’t want to get into it. She tells Eric how exquisite the line was. He and Ridge were great. Eric says unfortunately his designs were upstaged by Pam’s stunt. Stephanie defends her sister, saying there was no proof Pam did it. Eric cuts her off and says he should have fired Pam a long time ago. Stephanie tells him everything Pam said about Donna was true. That’s why the children are gone. They saw it too. She asks Eric how long he’s going to waste his life and talent on Donna. Look at what it’s done to their family. Ridge jumps in and reminds his father he warned him about putting Donna in the spotlight. Eric is angry and tells both of them not to blame Donna for Pam’s antics. Ridge continues by saying everyone left the business because of Donna.

Donna appears in the doorway and overhears Ridge’s words. She says Ridge is right. Everyone hates her. She looks crestfallen. She has caused him to lose so much. Eric tells her to stop. He won’t listen to that. Stephanie says she’s leaving. Eric tries to stop her, but she’s gone.

After Stephanie leaves, Eric tells Ridge he won’t have Donna maligned. Ridge says he’s not trying to insult her. Business just hasn’t been the same, since his marriage. Eric is angry and yells at Ridge. Donna is the reason they have the company. She got it back from Nick Marone. He loves his life with her and doesn’t care about Bill Spencer or anyone. He puts his arm around Donna in a supportive manner. He’s not giving her up for any of them. She’s his inspiration. The whole line was in honor of her. Even Ridge told him how superb the line was. He owes it all to Donna. She looks pleased at his words. He asks Ridge to give them some time alone. Ridge does so.

When Ridge is gone, Donna turns to Eric and asks if he means what he said. Eric says of course. She thanks him for standing up for her with Ridge and Stephanie. Eric says he needs her in his life. Eric can’t believe Donna can see some humor in what happened today. Donna is a bit tearful, but can’t believe Eric thinks she’s his inspiration. No one has ever said anything like this to her before. She tells him he has her no matter what happens. Eric tells her he loves her and she makes him happy. They can get through whatever together. They kiss passionately.

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