B&B Friday Update 7/10/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/10/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At Forrester, everyone prepares for the new showing. Eric is all smiles as he checks out the scene. He welcomes the press. Katie approaches him to let him know the press was asking about Stephanie’s absence. She handled it. Eric knows this will prove to everyone they’re still in business.

Over at Jackie M, Bridget is in Stephanie’s office. They are all going to get together to watch the live feed. Ridge’s name comes up and Bridget says she knows he has a lot on his mind today. Stephanie says things should be better, since he’s moved back in with Taylor. Bridget almost chokes on her water. She knows Ridge is in love with her mother. Stephanie doesn’t deny it, but says Ridge has made a commitment to Taylor. Bridget looks shocked.

In Ridge’s office, Taylor thanks him for a wonderful evening. He apologizes for leaving so early. Taylor is all smiles and says she had the best sleep she’s had in ages. This will be a wonderful day to share with the kids like they used to. The two hug and Ridge looks happy. Taylor can’t believe it. For the first time since Phoebe’s death, she feels at peace. The conversation is interrupted by Thomas and Steffy.

The kids join their parents and Ridge teases the kids about coming in, only if they are family. Steffy saunters in and pokes out her tongue, saying they are family. Everyone is in high spirits, like nothing can go wrong today. The kids give Ridge the credit for everything feeling so great. They are ecstatic he moved back home. He hugs both kids as Taylor watches with a grin.

Clark joins, Stephanie, Bridget, Jackie and Nick in the office. He’s got pizza and drinks. He comments this should be good for a laugh. Jackie says Eric has been able to pull more than one rabbit out of his hat. Stephanie nods agreement. Clark starts talking about what the buzz has been from Bill Spencer’s camp. Bridget cuts him off and says Bill would say anything. He wants to own Forrester.

Bill sips champagne at the Forrester showing. Katie approaches him. He compliments her and asks if what’s she’s wearing is a Forrester Creation. Katie doesn’t bite and asks if she can speak to him. Bill asks Katie if she’s met his reporter, Steven. Katie acknowledges the reporter with a hand shake. She asks Bill if they can speak privately. She knows Steven is one of his hatchet reporters. Katie hopes he will be fair in his assessment. Bill says Steven will do what needs to be done. Katie says she knows he wants Forrester, but Eric will never sell to him. Bill looks smug and says Eric is in a financial crisis. Bill feels Eric will be forced to sell. Katie is irritated. Bill tells her he knows it’s cliché, but she’s even more beautiful when she’s angry. Katie glares and walks away. Bill sips his drink with a smile.

Eric is approached by his banker. They shake hands and Eric lets him know he’s surprised to see him. The banker says they are watching pretty closely. Eric thinks they’ll be happy with what they see. The banker hopes so, but suggests Eric shut down some of his operations. He wants to set up a meeting. Eric declines. The banker isn’t pleased. Eric says he’s very busy and the two part company.

Pam is backstage talking to Rocco. He explains to her how they’re going to drop confetti on Donna as the show stopper. She’s going to look amazing. As they talk, Donna walks up. Pam is sarcastic and calls Donna the “trophy wife”. Donna tells her she sounds bitter, like her sister. Donna is looking for her honey bear. Pam laughs and suggests he’s hibernating. Donna is quick and says it’s summer. Both Rocco and Pam laugh as Donna walks off.

Rocco heads back to work to set up the scenery. Pam has a mischievous look and says if Donna wants her honey bear, that’s what she’ll get.

Donna heads to the show room to look around. Bill sees her and asks if she’s looking for someone. Donna is surprised to see him and demands to know why he’s there. Bill says they covering the event for his magazine. Donna tells him in that case to pay close attention to the show stopper, since she’s modeling it. Bill says he’ll only have eyes for her, his little pussy cat. Donna tells him she meant for him to watch the dress. He needs to except she is totally devoted to Eric. Bill thinks it’s only a matter of time before the marriage and the business are done. He tells Donna she better get out while he’s still available. Donna is sarcastic and says she doesn’t know what she would do knowing he wasn’t available. She saunters off.

Back stage, Ridge shows up. His dad is glad to see him. Eric says it seems like it’s only the two of them now. Ridge says his dad will always have him. The men hug. Ridge asks if Eric is sure about Donna modeling the showstopper. Eric thinks it’s great and doesn’t want to change the plans at this point. Ridge hopes all is well.

Over at Jackie M, the crew eats pizza as they wait to watch the feed. Owen sets up the television. Nick approaches him and razzes him. Owen isn’t intimidated. Nick notices he’s feeling pretty confident. He challenges Owen as to which will last longer, the marriage or his job. Owen thinks both will. Nick stares him down before moving away.

Back at Forrester, Thomas sees Rick. He goes over to ask about Brooke. Rick looks surprised and wonders why the interest. Thomas is a bit arrogant and mentions the fact Ridge is no longer with Brooke and she‘s not at the company. The balance of power seems to have shifted. Rick laughs dryly and reminds Thomas, his father owns the business and he’s dating Steffy. Thomas looks a bit deflated, but doesn’t put much stock in Rick and Steffy’s relationship. Rick is pompous and lets Thomas know it’s going to be more. Thomas smiles and asks Rick if he’s sure. He pointedly looks over Rick’s shoulder. Rick turns to see Steffy talking to Marcus, who has his hands on Steffy’s arms. Now it’s Rick’s turn to look uncertain. Thomas smiles as he walks away.

Steffy excitedly tells Marcus about her parents reuniting. Marcus is happy for her. He hugs her as Rick watches from the distance.

Donna hands out programs for the show. She makes a faux pas with one of the guest’s names. Pam catches it. Donna asks Pam to seat the guest in the front row. The guest looks irritated, but allows Pam to seat him.

Donna looks a bit flustered and is approached by Jared. She assures him the show will be a success. Jared asks if she can speak about the rumors. The fact this show has to be a big success for Eric’s sake. Donna defends her husband by saying he’s a genius. Jared tries to illicit more comments. Donna doesn’t respond, but Pam returns to offer her two cents.

Back stage, Eric gives a speech to his crew. He tells them to all be proud, since Forrester is the same outstanding company it’s always been. Everyone claps and cheers in excitement.

At Jackie M’s, they all sit back like it’s the Super Bowl. Clark even jokes about someone about to be creamed. Bridget shoots him a look. He quickly apologizes.

In the showroom, everyone takes their places. Taylor finds a seat as Katie sits next to Bill. He looks at her questioningly and she gives him a smile.

Eric comes out to start the show. He’s greeted with applause. He thanks everyone for coming. He uses a Mark Twain quote that the rumors of his demise are greatly exaggerated. The audience laughs at the reference. Eric assures everyone Forrester is still a family business dedicated to style and elegance. This show is representing, “Every woman’s dream turns to gold.” The show begins.

Back stage, Ridge watches with Marcus. Pam watches the monitor with a wicked grin.

The gowns garner much applause. Katie looks at Bill with an “I told you so” smile. He smiles back.

Pam sneaks off to call Stephanie. She wants to make sure she’s watching. Pam tells Stephanie to make sure she sees the finale. It’s going to be a sweet finish. Stephanie tells Pam she’d like to get back to the show. Pam tells her she’ll call her later. After she hangs up, Pam wears an evil grin.

The show continues. The crowd likes what they see.

Back stage Eric is smiling. Ridge says they love it. Eric slaps Ridge on the back and says this could be it. They’re back in business.

At Jackie’s, Clark acknowledges there are some great pieces. Stephanie agrees, Eric out did himself. Jackie sits close to Owen sipping beer. She asks if they should be concerned. Bridget says no. They will be fine.

Back stage at the showing. Pam has climbed in the rafters. She holds a bucket and watches the stage intently. She has a stupid grin on her face.

The show continues and everyone seems pleased. Ridge rushes models to the stage. He and Eric agree they have a winner.

Donna comes out in the shower stopper, which is a vintage look strapless white gown, with ostrich feather gloves. She’s all smiles as she approaches Eric. He thinks she looks gorgeous. Marcus smiles in the background. Donna is a bit doubtful, since she knows some people didn’t want her in the show. Eric tells her she’s Mrs. Eric Forrester. They’ll love her. He goes to kiss her, but she stops him. She doesn’t want to mess up her lipstick. Eric laughs and looks excited.

In the audience, Katie taunts Bill a bit about the success. Bill is noncommittal, but smiles.

In Jackie’s office, she and Stephanie are a bit down about how great the show is. Bridget reminds them her father has talent. They’ll have their chance. Clark wants to turn the show off. He’s bummed out. Stephanie tells him she has to see the show stopper.

Donna heads on stage in the finale piece. Everyone stands as she walks the runway. They are clapping and cat whistles ensue. From up top, Pam pours honey all over Donna. The gold glitter from Rocco attaches to Donna from head to toe. The crowd stands with open mouths. Then, the laughs start. Donna stands fixed to the stage. Pictures are being snapped all over. Pam is roaring with laughter. She says how Donna really looks like a trophy wife.

Eric and Ridge watch the monitor in horror.

At Jackie’s, everyone watches with shock. Stephanie’s mouth is open in disbelief.

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