B&B Monday Update 7/6/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/6/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie is at Brooke’s house, where she lets Brooke know Ridge has gone to be with Taylor. Brooke tells Stephanie she put their hands together and told Ridge to be with Taylor. She understands what he needs right now. Stephanie urges her not to reach out to Ridge. Let him have some peace and happiness now.

Owen has whisked Jackie away to a private hideaway, which includes a bed on the beach. She can’t believe he planned all this, since he didn’t know she would agree to marry him. Owen is very confident and tells Jackie she would be surprised at what he can do. She looks at him adoringly and strokes his face as they kiss deeply.

Nick and Bridget are in their hotel room. Bridget frantically tries to explain to Nick why she didn’t tell him about his mother earlier. She had no idea Owen was planning to marry Jackie. She was trying to avoid ruining their honeymoon. Nick is upset, but tells Bridget not to blame herself. He’s convinced Owen would have married Jackie anywhere, since he’s just using her.

Eric is in his office looking at sales projections. He can’t believe how bad things have become. Donna rubs his shoulders and tells him not to blame himself. Eric says his children do. They are interrupted by Marcus, who has brought Eric some important papers. Marcus tells Eric it’s the least he can do with all he has on his mind.

Felicia and Thorne drop in their dad’s office and ask to speak to him privately. Marcus says of course and heads out. The kids tell their father they are officially tendering their resignations. They told him of their plans at Bridget’s wedding. Eric looks stunned at their announcement.

At Brooke’s, Stephanie that Ridge will never be with her again. Brooke says never is a long time. Stephanie says everything changed the night Phoebe died. Brooke understands this even though it took her a long time. She tells Stephanie she’s listened to everything she’s said and now it’s her turn to listen to Brooke.

Nick had summoned the concierge to his hotel room. He demands to see the bill. The guy is hesitant and Nick snatches it from him. Owen had the wedding planned from the beginning. Nick opens up the hotel statement, which is several pages. Bridget gasps when she sees how much is on there. Nick says Owen was plying Jackie with alcohol every night. This has to be it. He just took advantage of Jackie. He isolated her from her family and married her with no prenuptual. Bridget’s mouth is open at this announcement.

Jackie and Owen enter their little love nest. Owen helps Jackie take off her wedding dress to reveal a white lace teddy. She asks about other’s seeing them. Owen tells her they are all alone. Jackie sensually rubs a flower petal up Owen’s chest to his face as he watches her intently. Owen uses the flower to rub up Jackie’s leg as they face each other on the bed. Owen pitches the flower and he and Jackie slowly make love.

Brooke lets Stephanie know her and Ridge’s story is not over. Their lives are so entwined and have been for years. They both have so many memories and still love each other. Right now, he needs time to heal. She tells Stephanie to make no mistake. She and Ridge will never be over. Stephanie looks at her with concern.

In Eric’s office, Donna tries to help Eric. She tries to get Thorne and Felicia to listen to their father. Donna thinks it’s emotional blackmail. She appeals to them to come together for their father’s sake. She says to forget about her and her family. This is their chance to show their father they love and support him. They should show their gratitude for all Eric has done for them. They all need to come together now. Eric looks pleased at Donna’s support. The kids look momentarily unsure about their decision.

Stephanie tells Brooke she doesn’t want Ridge to be pulled in two different directions. Brooke says she will try to avoid him at work. She tells Stephanie she’ll handle it. She emphasizes to Stephanie that her and Ridge’s love is eternal. It’ll never die. Knowing this, she’s at peace. Stephanie face is tight as she listens to a confident Brooke. Stephanie can’t say a word. She quietly heads for the door.

After Stephanie is gone, Brooke looks lost.

Back in Eric’s office, he’s angry now. He tells the kids if they want to cut him out of their lives fine. Their mother won’t be back at the company. Eric says it will break his heart not to have them or his grandchildren in his life, but if this is what they want. Felicia tears up and shakes her head. She says they don’t belong there anymore. Eric tells her they can go. He’ll be fine as long as he has his wife and Ridge by his side. Felicia is emotional and wishes her father luck, since he’ll need it. She and Thorne leave.

After the kids are gone, Eric is crushed. He rubs his face in frustration. Donna doesn’t know what to say or how to comfort him. Eric walks over and sits heavily in a chair. Donna walks up behind him and puts her arms around his neck. She cradles his head in comfort. Eric looks devastated.

Nick rushes around his hotel room collecting his clothing. Bridget doesn’t understand. She knows his mother and Owen are still here. Nick wants to get back to LA to speak to his attorney about his assets. He has to make a move before Owen does. Bridget looks amazed at how intense Nick is about the whole matter.

In their getaway, Owen and Jackie toast with champagne. She calls herself Mrs. Owen Knight. Owen laughs and says they know he’s Mr. Jackie M. Jackie shakes her head and tells him she utterly his. Owen says until death do them part. Jackie stares at him and takes the glass from his hand. She throws the glasses to the side and grabs Owen in a passionate clutch. They roll over for another love session.

Brooke shows up at Eric’s office. Her face shows how perplexed she is at seeing Thorne and Felicia leaving with boxes. Donna explains the two quit. Brooke looks surprised and says bad timing. Brooke tells Eric she knows this isn’t what he needs to hear right now, but she’s taking a leave of absence. Eric sits back, staggered by the news. Eric stands up and tells Brooke she can’t leave the company. They are in crisis. Brooke tells him she’s not gone forever, but needs this time. Donna asks what’s going on. Brooke explains it was her decision to end things with Ridge. She knows he can’t get past the issues with Rick. Eric shakes his head and is visibly upset. Donna’s face registers concern for her sister too. Eric tells her he’s sorry and hugs her. Brooke tells him she’s sorry too, for leaving him in the lurch. Donna suggests if she doesn’t want to see Ridge, maybe she can work from home. Brooke stresses she just needs some time away. Eric asks about Ridge’s plans. Brooke doesn’t know and suggests he talk to Ridge. According to Stephanie, he can be found at Taylor’s. Eric shakes his head and sighs deeply.

Owen and Jackie feed each other fruit in bed. Jackie feels like this is paradise. Owen brings it down a note, by talking about Nick. Jackie tries to cut him off. Owen knows how angry Nick will be about their marriage. He asks Jackie if she’s ready to defend what they have. He knows Nick will try to fight this. Owen softly tells Jackie not to break his heart. Jackie answers him with a kiss. She takes the lead and initiates another session in bed.

In his hotel room, Nick is yelling on the phone to his lawyer. He thinks Owen deliberately got his mother drunk to marry her. Bridget is on the veranda and can’t believe how focused Nick is on Jackie’s plight. Nick gets off the phone and joins her. She can’t believe their time is up already. Nick agrees it has gone quickly. He doesn’t want to ruin their last night by talking about his mother’s mess. Bridget asks if he can do this. Nick tells her looking at his beautiful bride, he can do anything. Bridget smiles. Nick is anxious for their lives to begin. He promises to make everyday a honeymoon. However, for their last night, he’ll make it special. Bridget looks at him lovingly and caresses his face. He scoops her up his arms and heads inside their room.

Inside the hotel room, Nick kisses Bridget and slowly lays her on the bed. He joins her, where he tenderly kisses the side of her neck. Bridget runs her fingers through his hair as her face shows her pure enjoyment.

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