B&B Friday Update 7/3/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/3/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Taylor is alone on her balcony. She flashes back to her and Ridge making love at the guest house.

Ridge is in his office, where he holds a picture of him and Brooke.  He looks at it reflectively.

Brooke comes down her stairs and sits near the bottom.  Her face is wet with tears.  She thinks about the day on the beach, when she and Ridge exchanged vows.

All three people are lost in their own thoughts…..

In Hawaii, Jackie can’t believe Owen wants to get married today.  He holds her hand and kisses it.  She can’t believe he’s serious.  Owen tells her he’s never been more serious.  Jackie pauses and then asks him what are they waiting for.  Owen is ecstatic.  He kisses her with passion.

Nick and Bridget are in their hotel room.  She’s sitting in bed reading a book about Hawaii.  Nick is polishing his golf clubs.  Bridget quizzes him and is surprised at his knowledge.  She teases him about leis.  Nick tells her it’s his favorite word, but spelled “lay”.  Bridget smiles as Nick abandons his clubs to join her in bed.

Taylor’s thoughts are interrupted by her children, who have been at the pool.  Thomas tells her she looks like she was on another planet.  Taylor admits she was thinking more about Brooke than Ridge.  The kids are surprised.  She explains to them how Brooke told her and Ridge they should be together.  Taylor isn’t sure this is what Ridge wants.

Ridge is sitting in his office, in a somber fashion.  Stephanie sees him and wants to know how he’s doing.  He tells his mother he was thinking about Brooke.  He can’t believe she’s letting him go.  Stephanie tells him Brooke realizes Taylor gives him peace of mind.  Stephanie agrees and thinks he sees it too.  Ridge looks a bit taken back at his mom’s comments. 

Ridge is despondent and tells his mother he knows she never really believed he loved Brooke.  Stephanie tells him she did and she sees now how much Brooke loved him.  It’s just different with Taylor.  She and the children were his first family.  When he left, they had to deal with all the lost.  Just like now, they’re dealing with the loss of a child.  Stephanie tells Ridge it would be good for him and Taylor to be there with their children.

She feels the whole thing with Rick and Steffy is over the guilt and regrets Steffy has over Phoebe.  Ridge is noncommittal.  Stephanie encourages him to go and see Taylor.  Ridge tells his mother he has to go.  She presses him as to where he’s going.  Ridge doesn’t answer, but walks out.  Stephanie watches him with a worried expression.

At Taylor’s, the kids try to convince their mother that Ridge is ready to come back to them.  Taylor isn’t sure he’s ready for another commitment. 

On the beach in Hawaii, Owen and Jackie prepare for their wedding.  Jackie puts on his lei and chastely kisses him on the cheek.  Owen teases her that wasn’t a kiss.  She promises more after the wedding.

At Brooke’s, she tells Rick about her breakup.  Rick blames himself.  Brooke tells him it started the night Phoebe died.  She thinks they can all heal from this now.  The doorbell rings.  Rick offers to get it, but Brooke tells him she can handle it.  She wipes a tear away.  Rick tells her he’ll go out the back.  He heads towards the veranda as Brooke heads to the door.  It’s Stephanie.

Brooke is surprised Stephanie has been to her house twice.  Stephanie comes in and tells Brooke she was worried about something she said earlier.  Brooke looks questioningly at her.  Stephanie reminds her she said there would never be another man for her.  She wants Brooke to know Ridge went back to Taylor.  Brooke looks a bit shaken.

In his hotel room, Nick takes practice golf swings.  Bridget is still reading the book about the island.  She tells Nick to go ahead and play; she’ll stay and read her book.  She sees some traditional wedding flowers and pauses in her conversation to Nick.  Her face looks stunned.  Nick doesn’t notice her face.

On the beach, the minister prays before starting Owen and Jackie’s ceremony. 

At Taylor’s, she cautions the kids about getting their hopes up their father will come home.   They’re interrupted, when Ridge walks in.

The kids jump up to greet their father.  Ridge is happy and tells everyone he wants to come back home.  He looks at Taylor.  He needs to know if she wants him there.  Taylor is caught off guard.

On the beach, Jackie and Owen exchange vows.  Jackie is fretful, after she realizes they don’t have rings.   Owen pulls out two and says he was prepared and took the liberty of buying them.  Jackie looks pleased as they exchange rings.

In the hotel room, Bridget is speechless.  Nick doesn’t know what the problem is regarding the flowers.  Bridget says it’s something she saw this morning, but didn’t tell him.  His mother is there in Hawaii with Owen.  She goes on to tell him she saw Owen and he was looking at the wedding circle of flowers.  Nick looks ready to explode and runs out.

Jackie and Owen wrap up their wedding ceremony on the beach.  Jackie looks at Owen with adoring eyes.  They combine two jars of sand to represent becoming one.  Just as the sands can never be separated again, is like their lives.  They can not be separated.  They kiss several times with passion.  There is a musician who serenades them with a ukulele.  The two nuzzle each other and listen.  They kiss again as the waves wash ashore behind them.

At Taylor’s, the kids are excited about their dad coming home.  They all wait for Taylor to say something.  She says the happiest person right now is Phoebe.  She wanted them all to be a family.  Taylor hugs Thomas and Steffy hugs her father.  They all smile contentedly.

Owen has a surprise for Jackie.  He wants to whisk her away to their own honeymoon private cove.  The islanders uncover a dune buggy.  Jackie laughs as Owen sweeps her up in his arms.

Down the beach, Nick runs looking for his mother.  Bridget trails behind him.

Owen and Jackie get in their vehicle and ride away.  They have a “Just Married” sign on their buggy. 

Nick reaches the spot, where Jackie and Owen were married too late.  He spots the car and yells his mother’s name.  Bridget catches up to him.  They watch the newly married couple ride away.

At Brooke’s, she tells Stephanie she knows this has been what she has wanted for years.  Stephanie doesn’t deny it.  The fighting was such a waste.  Broke got what she wanted, the Forrester name and men.  Look what it cost her.  Look at what happened to Rick.  He’s angry with Brooke for all revolving door action she had with men.  He took his anger out on Ridge.  Brooke looks upset, but listens.  Stephanie tells her she’s older and grayer.  She tells Brooke there are consequences for everything.  10 years ago she would have danced a jig on Brooke’s grave.  Now, she just feels sorry for Brooke.  She doesn’t have the love of her life, just like Brooke.  Brooke has to accept the part she played in all of this.  It’s all come back around.   Her time with Ridge is gone.  Ridge is where he needs to be.  Stephanie never believed Rick would be the cause of tearing the two of them apart.  Brooke listens with tears forming.  She sees the reality in what Stephanie is saying. 

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