B&B Thursday Update 7/2/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/2/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


Steffy and Ridge are at Taylor's place. They hug, and she tells him that she loves him. He thanks her. Thomas and Taylor walk downstairs. He is carrying a box and says hello. Taylor explains that she told them about what happened with Brooke. Thomas tells them that he has helped Stephanie move out of the guest room and into Aunt Pam's house. They hope that Ridge will move in there now. Thomas asks him to come home. Ridge doesn't think this is the right time to make big decisions. They just want him to sleep there, so they can take care of him. Ridge agrees to think about it. Steffy hugs him. Taylor and Ridge discuss his problems. Taylor regrets the bad things she's said about Brooke in the past. She knows that Brooke loves Ridge. Ridge states that he will always love her, too. Ridge has to leave, so he asks her to tell the kids for him. She is fine with that. She talks about how he should focus on himself now. She wishes she could share his pain or take it away. They hug.

Stephanie visits Brooke, but she is not happy to see her. Brooke expects her to gloat. Stephanie just says that she was wrong about her, and she thanks her for loving her son. Stephanie comes in and sits down. Stephanie is surprised that Brooke could be so unselfish. Brooke is prickly. She tells her that she never really know her, and she's been feuding with someone else all these years. She doesn't want to hear Stephanie or her insults. Brooke tells her that she had to give up the love of her life, but she doesn't need a shoulder to cry on, especially hers. Stephanie nods in understanding. She wonders where Rick is and thinks that maybe Brooke shouldn't be left alone. Stephanie tries to comfort Brooke. Brooke confides that she's not really angry. She sits down with a sigh. She knows she has to keep it together for the children. She doesn't want to think about the past because it's filled with the Ridge, and she can't think about the future. Stephanie tries to be upbeat about the future, saying Brooke will find someone. Brooke declares that there will never be anyone else for her and that part of her life is over. Stephanie looks skeptical.

Brooke talks about growing older and how you deal with love. She finishes by talking about losing everything you thought you had. Stephanie understands what she's saying and knows it's true from her own experience. Stephanie assures her that she'll be fine. She thinks Brooke should go up and take a shower, put on her makeup, and pick out a beautiful dress, it might help her start fresh. Brooke agrees and goes upstairs, walking sadly and slowly. Stephanie sighs. She thinks to herself that she can't believe this is happening. She realizes Brooke really did love Ridge.. She feels bad for Brooke, much to her surprise.

Back in Hawaii, Owen walks into a restaurant. He sees Nick sitting down at a nearby table. Jackie is sitting at another table. They haven't seen each other yet. Owen goes over to Jackie and jokes that she's a bad cougar for escaping her cage. She laughs and says that he looked so peaceful sleeping. He thought they had planned to have breakfast on the beach. She ordered a mimosa and would rather be there than the beach, where it is windy and sandy. Owen grabs her and kisses her so that she won't hear when Nick orders some coffee. Nick mentions that his wife is at yoga class. Bridget walks in and sits down next to Nick. He complains about the noise that the couple next door made the night before (Owen and Jackie, but he doesn't know that). She thinks they are checking out today. Meanwhile, Owen keeps working on getting Jackie to marry him. She suggests they go somewhere to talk quietly. He agrees. She picks up her mimosa, and they leave. Nick and Bridget look at the breakfast menu. She suggests he go up and order food there, and he can check in with the office. She knows he is worried about Jackie. He gripes as he gets up and leaves.

Bridget runs into Owen, who is talking to Chaika, the man who works there at the hotel. He asks Owen for his approval on some flowers. He tells Owen that everything will be set up by 3:00. Bridget tells Owen that she thought they were leaving. He thinks she said that, not him. They argue about it. They both agree to keep Jackie and Nick busy in their rooms so they won't see each other. As Owen is about to leave, she asks him to try to keep the bed away from the wall. He smiles and agrees.

Nick phones Clarke to find out where Owen has been while Jackie was on vacation. Clarke only knows that Owen had reservations but canceled them. He got the IT department to hack into Owen's email account to find that much out. He wonders if anyone at the company can just take off on vacation without letting him know. Nick tells him no and to to find out where Owen went. Clarke asks hopefully if he is in charge while they are all gone. First Nick says that Stephanie is in charge, but he says that she is busy moving. Nick tells him that if something comes up, Clarke is in charge of calling him. Clarke smiles.

Somehow, Jackie doesn't make it back to the room. Owen finds her sitting on a lounge chair, sipping a mai tai. He thought she was right behind him and going to the room to talk. She wants to talk there. He asks her again to marry him. She thinks it will take too much time to plan. He says he has taken care of all of that. She wonders when they would get married. He answers, "As soon as you finish your drink". They smile at each other. He wonders if she's angry. She just thinks he has an agenda. Owen orders some more mai tais for Jackie. They discuss marriage. She doesn't want to rush into it. He points out that it will be difficult to get married any other time, with Nick's interference. Jackie promises that she will keep Nick in line more. Owen goes on and on about how Nick treats him. He is worried about losing her.

Bridget is surprised to find that Nick is already done eating breakfast. He's nervous because of his call to Clarke. He knows Owen is up to something. He wants to cool down for her sake, so he thinks he should go jump in the pool. She wants to keep him there, so she starts to undress him and pushes him on the bed.

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