B&B Wednesday Update 7/1/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/1/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


Ridge refuses to accept that his and Brooke's relationship is over. He and Brooke are arguing in Taylor's house, and Taylor is standing nearby. Brooke is upset that they slept together. She can't just pretend that nothing happened. He knows that but says they have dealt with so much before and have gotten past it. He holds her face as he says that. She never thought he would betray her or be unfaithful. She declares that it is the only thing that their marriage can't survive. Ridge looks hurt. Ridge asks Taylor if he can have a minute with Brooke, so she goes upstairs to leave them alone. Brooke wonders how they will work this out. Ridge really wants to, but she doesn't think she can get past it. Ridge points out that he told her instead of keeping it from her. He has too much respect for her and doesn't want to keep any secrets from her. She understands but says it doesn't make the betrayal any less. They rehash the problems they have and how he blames Rick. He tells her that he's in love with her, not Taylor. She doesn't know how they will work out, since he hates her son. She says her son is part of her, and he will always be part of her. She also mentions that he and Taylor have a bond because of their children.

In Hawaii, Bridget and Nick listen to their iPods and lie in the sun. She says that this is much more her style than golf. She makes fun of golf. He can't hear because of the music but keeps asking if she is talking to him. She asks him if he wants another beer, so he jokes that she is trying to get him loaded. She tells him to go play golf by himself while she stays right there.

Jackie wonders to Owen why there is such a big rush to get married. They are sitting very near to where Bridget and Nick are, but none of them see or hear the others. Owen tells Jackie that he wants to marry her there in paradise. She asks why he doesn't want his family there. He points out that hers won't be there, either. She says this is his first wedding, and she double-checks with him to make sure it is. He says it is and then declares it is his last wedding, too. They eat fruit as he tells her that he can't wait to make her his bride.

Bridget notices Nick texting, so she asks him who he's texting. He says that he's just checking. She knows that he's checking up on Jackie and teases him about it. He wonders where Jackie is because she's been missing. They go back to listening to music.

Jackie gets the text from Nick, so she tells him that she's on vacation. Owen kisses her, saying it will soon be their honeymoon. Nick decides it's time for golf. Bridget wants to go jogging by herself. He asks her for a kiss for luck, so she gets up and kisses him, twice. She thinks she sees Owen, but she figures she must be mistaken. She doesn't tell Nick, though. She keeps it to herself.

At Owen's request, Jackie goes out with the surf instructor for surfing lessons.  She jokes about it.

Stephanie tells Felicia and Thorne that Ridge slept with Taylor and then told Brooke about it. They are shocked. They all discuss it. Stephanie is all in favor of Ridge and Taylor ending up together. Stephanie just wants them all to be happy.

Owen is watching Jackie surfing from the beach with binoculars. Bridget jogs by, and they are both shocked to see each other there. He is speechless while Bridget babbles on. She thinks he must be there on purpose, but he assures her that it's just coincidence. He doesn't want to be anywhere near Nick, especially with what he has planned. She tells him to get Jackie out of there before Nick finds out.

Bridget goes back to the hotel room and is surprised to find Nick there. She is nervous. He tells her that his golfing didn't go too tell. She offers to go with him, but he doesn't want to golf any more. He kisses her and thinks they should go to the beach. She suggests instead that they stay in and order food and watch a movie. He says they can do that anywhere. She suggests that it might inspire them for other things. She goes to take a shower. He goes out on the patio. Looking out, he sees something and gets very annoyed. Bridget gets out of the shower and finds him on the patio, saying, "I don't believe this!" He points to something out there and asks if something looks familiar. She thinks he means Jackie and Owen, but instead he sees a copy of his boat, the Marlin. He is outraged that someone copied his boat. She laughs, relieve that it's just that. He wonders what she thought he meant. She covers, kissing him. On the adjoining patio, Owen is there with Nick. Bridget and Nick see each other, so Owen drags Jackie back into the room. Bridget entices Nick back into the room, too.

Nick yells some more about the laundry hanging on the patio. Jackie is about to note that it sounds like Nick, but Owen kisses her some more to distract her. Nick is annoyed and wants to go next door to yell at them about acting properly in a high-class hotel. However, they hear the couple next door laughing and having fun, so Bridget suggests that Nick wait until it's a better time. He agrees. Bridget sighs with relief.

Ridge tries to talk Brooke out of thinking that their love is tainted now. She thinks that he hates part of her because of Rick, and he always will. Ridge says nothing, but then he declares again that he doesn't want it to end. Brooke insists that while they do love each other, they keep hurting each other. He knows he messed up with Taylor, and he tells her again that he's sorry. She doesn't think they can fix their problems. Brooke notes that life has really taken them for a cruel ride. Their romance has finally come to an end. They both agree that they will never stop loving each other, but Ridge is not ready to give up. He brings up R.J. She assures him that he will see his son. She thinks he needs to be Taylor right now. She will give him peace that she can't. Taylor returns. Brooke takes Taylor's hand. She says they both share children together and have both suffered a terrible loss. She thinks they both need to be together right now. Ridge has a disgusted expression on his face, like he can't believe she is saying this. Brooke tells Taylor to love Ridge, appreciate him, and give him everything she can't. She then turns to Ridge. She tells him that she wants him to heal and wants his grief to end. She knows Taylor can bring him peace. She goes on and then takes both of their hands and puts them together. They both look at her like she's crazy. Brooke asks Taylor again to take care of Ridge for her. Ridge looks at her with pain in his eyes. Brooke tells him goodbye and then walks out the door. Once outside, she leans against the door and sinks down, crying and holding herself.

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