B&B Tuesday Update 6/30/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/30/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


At home, Brooke is very upset because Ridge has just told her that he and Taylor slept together. He tells her that he's very sorry. They talk some more about it. Ridge wants to move past it, but she doesn't think that's possible. She can't believe that he could betray her that way. He tells her that he didn't mean to. He explains how it happened, that he took pills and mixed them with alcohol. Ridge is hesitant at first to explain because he doesn't want to make excuses for what he did. Brooke, looking for someone to blame, thinks that Taylor drugged him on purpose. Ridge denies it and explains that he took them without Taylor knowing. He admits that he knew what he was doing. Brooke gets more upset and blames Taylor some more. Brooke suddenly grabs her purse and rushes out before he can stop her, yelling at him, "How could you do this?"

In Hawaii, Owen has gotten Jackie some surfing lessons. She is worried, but he won't let her back out. Later, they are both wearing towels and wet. She has her hair up in a towel. Owen goes to put their bathing suits out to dry on the patio in the sun.

In Hawaii on his honeymoon, Nick is worried because Clarke has told him that his mother is missing. He figures he's with Owen, who is up to something. Bridget tries to talk him out of worrying. She distracts him with her sexy bathing suit. They kiss. Later, Nick tries to teach Bridget how to golf, but she is not very good at it. She thinks he should go without her, and she will read a book on the patio. He follows her out there as they discuss it. He sees the bathing suits out on the balcony next door and gets annoyed at the tacky people there. He talks very loudly to let them know he is annoyed. Bridget notes that they have good taste because the suit is from Jackie M.

Later, they go back to golfing. Their friend Chaika from the hotel comes by and says hi. He is planting flowers in the sand for a wedding. He tells them another couple is newly engaged and planning their wedding. Bridget thinks it's very sweet. Chaika tells them that it's a traditional Hawaiian ceremony. He makes a bad joke about "getting lei'd" and Nick laughs sarcastically. Nick and Bridget leave to go back to their room. He tries to teach Bridget golfing some more. Bridget hits the ball out, but it almost hits Jackie and Owen (they are too far away for any of them to recognize each other).

In their hotel room, Owen makes arrangements on the phone. Jackie comes in from the shower, dressed in a sun dress and hat. He says that he has another surprise for her, and they kiss. She wonders if they're going to a luau. They talk sweetly to each other and kiss some more. They go out for his surprise, and that's when they almost get hit by Bridget's golf ball. Jackie wants to know what her surprise is. Owen knows that Nick will make his life miserable when they get back. Nick doesn't believe their engagement is real, but he does, so he asks Jackie to marry him here in Hawaii, so that he can prove it. Jackie gasps in surprise.

Stephanie is sitting with Taylor. They are wondering what has happened with Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie wants to phone them, but Taylor insists that she leave them alone. Stephanie keeps trying to get Taylor to find out what happened. Taylor thinks that Ridge and Brooke have dealt with it and are back together. Just then, Brooke arrives and bangs on the door. They let her in. Brooke, very upset, rushes in and says she knows everything. She yells at Taylor for sleeping with her husband. Taylor looks guilty. Brooke yells at Stephanie, figuring she is very happy about it. Brooke accuses them of being in on it together. Then Brooke accuses Taylor of drugging Ridge to get him into bed. Stephanie denies it. Taylor admits that she gave him pills for anxiety but not that she would "push him over the edge" like Brooke says. Stephanie yells at Brooke that Ridge turned to Taylor because Brooke wasn't there for him. She was too busy protecting her son. Taylor tells Stephanie that she can deal with this and asks Stephanie to leave, so she does. Taylor yells at Brooke for her accusations. Brooke reminds her that she had sex with her husband. This doesn't deter Taylor. She reminds Brooke of all of the pain she has caused Ridge. They argue about Ridge and who is best for him.

Ridge comes in and tells Brooke to stop accusing Taylor. He tells Brooke in no uncertain times that he took the pills, but Taylor didn't know. Ridge tells Brooke that he never meant to hurt her. He just didn't want to think about Rick and Steffy. She can't believe that he is blaming Rick for his betrayal. Ridge says that it was a terrible, terrible mistake. Brooke agrees, wiping away the tears. She is most upset that he slept with Taylor, not some tramp. She thinks the feelings he has for Taylor still run deep. She accuses him of ruining their love and confides that this is like a dagger in her heart. She thinks this is goodbye for them.

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