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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/29/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge is at Brooke’s, where she pours them tea. Brooke knows Ridge is anxious to finish their conversation from last night. She just hopes to hear he wants to come back home to her.

In Hawaii, Nick wakes up to find himself in bed alone. Bridget comes in with a swimsuit and large sun hat to find him awake. He tells her he thought they promised to spend some time in bed. Bridget greets him with a kiss. They are interrupted by the concierge. Nick answers the door to find they allegedly had a complaint from next door.

The concierge enters with a big basket of fruit/flowers. Nick and Bridget are both surprised, since they thought he was serious about a complaint. The guy laughs and says it was just a bit of honeymoon humor. He welcomes them and tells them to let him know if they need anything. He’ll give them some privacy.

After he leaves, Nick holds Bridget in his arms and demands she take off that hat. Bridget looks surprised, but complies. Nick leans in and kisses her, which she gladly returns.

Owen and Jackie are in bed, where he teases her about not flying commercial. He can’t believe she booked them a private jet to Hawaii. The two are intimately enjoying each other’s company. Owen asks Jackie if he did well with booking this trip. Jackie tells him in a sexy voice to let her show him how much again. She slowly moves up to lie on top of him and kisses him with passion.

Stephanie sips coffee at Taylor’s. When Taylor comes in, Stephanie quizzes her about Ridge. She thought he would have come by after what took place between the two of them. Taylor tells her this could only mean Ridge is with Brooke and trying to work things out. Stephanie looks concerned.

At Brooke’s, Ridge tells Brooke he’d like nothing more than to come home. It’s not going to happen the way things are right now. He knows what it’s doing to her. She encourages Ridge to just be honest about what he’s feeling. It’s the only way they can get on with their lives. Ridge looks hesitant.

Jackie is asleep after making love with Owen. Owen awakens her with light kisses. He tells her they’re going to be in Hawaii soon. Jackie is all smiles as she caresses Owen’s face.

Nick and Bridget enjoy the beach. She thinks it’s wonderful and definitely a paradise. Bridget is excited and asks what he wants to do first. She can’t believe she’s on her honeymoon with him. Nick tells her he’s done with the outdoors. He’s thinking more about the bed area. Bridget smiles and tells him she likes the way he thinks. She grabs him by the hand and pulls him towards their room.

At Taylor’s, she and Stephanie discuss Brooke and Ridge’s situation. Stephanie thinks Ridge hasn’t told Brooke the truth. Brooke would have been over there accusing both of them of manipulating Ridge. Taylor still thinks it’s best if Ridge doesn’t tell Brooke the truth.

Back at Brooke’s, Ridge tries to find a way to explain what happened to Brooke. He starts by saying it all started with Phoebe’s death. Brooke listens intently. Ridge talks about how overwhelming the whole thing has been. This was especially true with Rick and Steffy showing up there. He went to Phoebe’s grave. Brooke understands. She knew he ran into Taylor. He was down and Taylor helped him. She realizes the trip to Big Bear was good for him. Ridge goes on to tell her he did something he had never done before. Brooke waits expectantly. He admits he took some anti-anxiety medicine that Taylor had. Brooke sips her tea and asks if this is what he wanted to tell her. It’s about him and Dr. Taylor? Ridge looks at her questioningly, with a bit of trepidation.

Owen and Jackie arrive at their hotel. It’s the same hotel as Bridget and Nick. Owen is happy to be there with his future bride. The concierge compliments Jackie, who eats it up. Owen gets a bit possessive and kisses Jackie up her arm and to her neck. He tells the guy, she’s all his. The concierge gives Jackie a smile and she winks at him over Owen’s shoulder.

Back at their room, Nick is anxious to get inside. Bridget is digging around in her purse to find the key. The concierge comes around the corner and Nick asks if he has a spare key. He tells them unfortunately no. Bridget successfully finds the key. Nick hurries her inside.

Just as Nick and Bridget enter their room, Owen and Jackie round the corner hand in hand on the way to their room.

Taylor paces in her living room. She explains to Stephanie why she thinks Ridge shouldn’t tell Brooke the truth. She really thinks Ridge loves Brooke and wants to work things out. Stephanie isn’t convinced and says things have a way of turning out.

Ridge is restless and paces at Brooke’s. He tries to find the right words. Brooke tells him she already knows how Taylor made him feel. She’s made him calm and relaxed. She wishes she could be that woman, but it was Taylor. She approaches him and puts her hand on his back. She honestly feels they can have what they did in the past. Ridge doesn’t answer. Brooke asks him if he believes it. Ridge finally turns to her and says that will depend on her. Brooke looks confused at his response.

Nick and Bridget are hot and heavy in their room. They are interrupted, when Bridget’s cell starts ringing in her purse. Nick tries to convince her not to answer it. She finally can’t resist. She answers the phone to find it’s a time share offer. Nick rips the phone away and goes to the door to put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. He comes back to take up where they left off. He picks Bridget up and puts her in his lap. Before they can get in a few kisses, his cell rings. It’s Clark Garrison. Nick answers and hurriedly wants to know if Clark is watching Owen. Owen lets Nick know Jackie is “MIA”. Nick is angry.

Owen and Jackie are on the beach. He is excited about the waves and surfing. Jackie rolls her eyes and says she’s in trouble now. Owen tells her he will teach her to “ride the big one.” Jackie laughs and says the only big one she wants to ride….She cuts off and tells him, she’s willing to try something new. She sees how exuberant he is about it. Owen is even more pleased and grabs her and kisses her. Jackie throws her arms around him.

Nick takes the phone out on the veranda. He wants to know where his mother could be. He tells Clark to check the loft, since she’s probably shacking up with “six pack”. Clark agrees to check it out.

Bridget joins Nick on the veranda as he hangs up. Nick spots a couple on the beach, who are very public in their affection. The man picks the woman up off her feet. Bridget sees them and her face registers a bit of shock. She holds Nick from behind and tells him that couple seems to have the right idea. Nick agrees and the two of them start to kiss hungrily.

Back at Taylor’s, she tells Stephanie no one knows better than her sometimes love isn’t enough. Stephanie tries to encourage her by saying she has gotten Ridge through some of the darkest moments in his life. She’s brought him peace of mind. She tells Taylor not to give up on him now.

Brooke tells Ridge he knows she wants him to come back home. Ridge paces the living room. He tells Brooke it’s not that simple. Taylor has really been there for him. He was close to a meltdown emotionally. Brooke says she’s grateful to Taylor for this. She even told Taylor she was thankful to her for not taking advantage of Ridge. Taylor knew he was vulnerable. He cuts Brooke off. He tells her all the angst he was feeling had been lifted. He didn’t feel like himself, but he felt good. Brooke’s face looks a bit confused. Finally, Ridge bites the bullet and tells Brooke he had sex with Taylor. Brooke’s face registers her total astonishment.

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