B&B Friday Update 6/26/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/26/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At the wedding reception, Nick and Bridget are blissfully dancing.  Rick cuts in to dance with his sister.

Eric is at the reception, where he approaches Felicia and Thorne.  He teases Felicia about dancing with her old man.  The two are very cool with their father and tell him they are planning on leaving the company.  Eric is surprised and tells them they can’t be serious.  It’s a family business.  They let their father know it doesn’t feel that way, since their mother has been gone.  They leave their dad standing alone.

Jackie and Owen stand apart from the crowd.  They see the exchange with Eric and his children and know something is amiss.  Owen feels this could be good for them.  Jackie doesn’t understand.  He tells her it’s the stability of the Forrester family.  The problems they are experiencing could help Jackie M’s.  Jackie doesn’t seem convinced.

Steffy approaches her mother and lets her know she and Rick want to speak to their parents.  Taylor looks a bit agitated.  Steffy tells her it’s not about what she thinks.  Taylor is preoccupied.   Steffy notices her looking at Ridge and suggests she dance with him.  Taylor looks over and sees Ridge talking to Brooke.  She tells Steffy her dad looks busy to her.  Steffy glances at her dad and Brooke and says whatever.  She rubs her mom’s arm in an encouraging way and walks away. 

Taylor stands alone drinking coffee.  She flashes back to her making love with Ridge.  She wears a distraught expression.

People are still dancing at the reception, including Thomas and his date. Ridge is a bit on edge.  He sees Rick, which Brooke notices.  She tells Ridge it’s okay.  Rick is dancing with his sister.  She wants to know what Ridge had to tell her that was so important.  She waits anxiously.

Rick finishes his dance with Bridget.  He heads over to Steffy and kisses her shoulder.  Ridge sees the whole thing and looks perturbed.  Brooke reminds him they were gong to talk.  Before Ridge can say anything, Taylor approaches them. 

Taylor asks if she’s interrupting Brooke and Ridge’s conversation.  Brooke quickly says yes.  Taylor ignores this and tells Ridge their daughter and Rick wants to speak with them.  Brooke looks questioningly at her.  Ridge doesn’t say anything.

Jackie and Owen dance at the reception.  Nick stares daggers at them. Bridget walks over to Nick and tells him to let it go.  It’s his wedding day. She kisses him, but he still looks tense.

Jackie and Owen discuss Stephanie and Eric, while they dance.  Jackie is afraid if Stephanie warms to Eric again, she’ll leave their company.  Owen tells her not to worry about anything the rest of the day.  He has a big surprise for her.  Jackie is very curious.  Owen tells her she’s going to love it.  He spins her around on the dance floor.  She laughs in delight and hugs him closer.

Brooke accompanies Ridge and Taylor to speak with the kids.  Steffy tells them they have decided to take things slowly.  Brooke asks what this means.  Steffy says abstinence.  Brooke thinks this is a good idea.  Ridge doesn’t say a word.  Taylor agrees it’s good not to jump into an intimate relationship.  Steffy hopes her dad sees the good in this.   She wants to spend the summer making sure Rick is the man she thinks he is.  She’ll be more confident in their relationship.  Ridge breaks his silence and says if he trusted Rick just a bit, he’d be fine with this.  However, he doesn’t trust Rick one bit.  Steffy tells her father she’s an adult, so she’s making this an adult decision.

Eric watches the party from the sidelines.   Stephanie approaches him with a drink.  She says he looks like he needs one.  Eric tells them what Felicia and Thorne told him.  Stephanie says they both have been unhappy for a long time.  It has a lot to do with Donna.   Eric says it’s because of her leaving the company.  It’s been floundering, since she left.  Stephanie says the problems really started the day he married Donna.  Eric doesn’t answer.  Stephanie walks away and Eric sips his drink deep in thought.

Felicia and Thorne are with Bridget and Nick.  They tease Bridget about not knowing where Nick plans to take her for their honeymoon.  Nick says she’ll know soon enough.  Bridget thanks them for coming and they kiss her.  Nick is preoccupied, after he spots his mother and Owen snuggling.  He excuses himself. 

Nick heads over to Clark and asks him to keep and eye on Owen, while he’s gone.  Clark agrees.  Nick walks away and Clark eyes Owen and Jackie, who are very much into each other.

Taylor watches Brooke and Ridge talking to each other.  Stephanie approaches her.  She tells Taylor that should be her.  She really thought things took off the other night.  Taylor tells her she doesn’t want to discuss that here.  Before Stephanie can respond, Nick and Bridget are there to thank them for coming.  Stephanie hugs Bridget.  Taylor is still sidetracked and watches Ridge with Brooke. 

Brooke notices Taylor watching them.  She takes Ridge’s arm and guides him inside.  She tells Ridge she hates to be under Taylor’s microscope.  Ridge tells her he’s really felt a sense of comfort with Taylor here recently.  He tries to tell Brooke about the other night at the guest house.  They’re interrupted by Nick and Bridget, who are leaving.  Nick thanks Brooke for taking care of his bride.  Brooke hugs her daughter.  Ridge paces with a serious expression on his face.

Jackie is alone, when Clark approaches her.  He tells her how lucky Owen is.  Jackie smiles and says she’s lucky too.  Clark tells her she’s not lucky but talented.  Jackie jumps to Owen’s defense and says he’s talented too.  Clark says Owen is very smooth.  As a matter of fact, he’ll be able to show that right now.  He glances over Jackie’s shoulder, where Nick is approaching Owen.  Jackie follows his eyes with a worried expression.

Owen turns to find Nick right behind him at the buffet table.  He congratulates Nick and tells him to enjoy his honeymoon.  Nick’s face is tight and he tells Owen he needs to be gone, when he returns.  He pokes Owen’s chest for emphasis.  Bridget hurries over and gets between the two men. Owen says just in time.

Bridget pulls her husband over to tell her parents she’s off on another adventure.  Eric smiles as he hugs his daughter.  She hugs a teary eyed Brooke, who is so happy for her daughter. 

Nick quietly speaks to his mother, who tells him to stay as long as he needs to.  She just wants him to take care of Bridget.  He says no problem.  He encourages his mother to take care of herself. 

Bridget waves to all her guest and thanks everyone.  They all cheer and throw confetti for the couple.  Nick drags her out by the hand. 

Eric spots Felicia and Thorne.  He goes over and tells them he will not let them leave the company.  Before they can respond, Eric says he doesn’t want to make a scene.  He tells them to meet him in his office tomorrow morning.  He leaves them looking stunned.

Katie dances closely with Bill Spencer.  Bill comments on who would have thought he’d be on a dance floor, attached at the waist to the sexy young woman that passed out in his hotel room.  Katie laughs and says he’s not going to let her forget that.  Bill thinks it was cute.  He tells Katie he’s sure she has to beat guys off with a stick.  She finds this amusing and tells Bill that’s quite a line.  She finds him charming, but says he can’t fool her.  She knows he’s been eyeing Donna all night.  Bill acts surprised at the suggestion.  Katie tells him Donna loves her husband.  Bill is sarcastic when he says Donna has the perfect man.  Why would he mess with that?  Katie eyes him suspiciously. 

Ridge and Taylor meet outside alone.  Ridge tells Taylor he doesn’t want to lie to Brooke.  Taylor asks if he’s really trying to salvage his marriage. Ridge confirms this.  Taylor doesn’t understand why he wants to tell Brooke, especially if he doesn’t remember what happened.   He was so intoxicated or drugged, that it didn’t mean anything.  Ridge insists he won’t have a marriage, if he’s not honest.  He leaves Taylor, who looks upset about the whole matter.

As Ridge heads over to speak to Brooke, he sees Rick and Steffy in an intimate conversation.  He pauses.  Brooke sees him and greets him.  Ridge doesn’t know why the kids insist on flaunting their relationship.  Brooke tells him she just wants him to come home.  Ridge glances at Rick and Steffy again.  He tells Brooke he can’t come home, because that will always be an issue for him.  He tells Brooke there have been things going on he needs to fill her in on.  She looks curious.  He grabs her hand and tells her to come with him.  Taylor watches with unease as Brooke and Ridge leave together.

Nick carries Bridget aboard his plane.  She tries to get Nick to tell her where they’re going.  Nick takes her in to the bedroom and lays her down, where they kiss deeply.   Bridget looks so in love. 

Bridget and Nick are spent from making love.  He finally tells her they’re headed to Hawaii.  Bridget is ecstatic.  She kisses him and they get more passionate.  Nick thought this would be appropriate for their paradise.

Jackie and Owen are still at the reception.  She pulls him by the tie and tells him she can’t wait to hear about his surprise for her.  Owen picks up a flower from the table and gives it to her.  Jackie looks a bit disappointed and asks if that’s it.  Owen whips out tickets and tells her they’re going to Hawaii.  Jackie is pleased.  Owen tells her they’re leaving tonight.  The two happily kiss.

Taylor is alone, when Stephanie approaches her.  She sees Taylor has been crying.  Taylor says weddings make her emotional.  Stephanie doesn’t believe her.  She wants some answers. She tells Taylor she’s her best friend.  Taylor breaks down and tells Stephanie about what happened last night.  She and Ridge did make love.   She thought things were beautiful until this morning.   She goes on to tell Stephanie about Ridge taking all the anti-anxiety pills.  Stephanie looks concerned.

Ridge takes Brooke inside.  Brooke wants to know what Ridge wanted to tell her.  Ridge says the marriage made him think about how sacred their wedding was to them.  He cherishes their love.  He feels open with her and like they share so much. Brooke feels the same way.  Ridge says this has been important in their relationship.  Honesty is very important.  Brooke doesn’t know what he’s trying to tell her.  He strokes Brooke’s arms.  She waits to hear what he has to say with an inquisitive look on her face.

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