B&B Monday Update 6/22/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/22/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At the guest house, clothes are strewn all over the floor. Taylor hovers over Ridge, who is still sleeping. She awakens him and tells him good morning. Ridge is groggy. Taylor tells him how much she has missed him. Ridge comes around more and appears a bit surprised to see Taylor. She goes on about how much she loves making love to him and waking up next to him. Ridge doesn’t comment. Taylor lays her head on his chest and Ridge puts his arm around her shoulders. His face still reflects wonderment at what took place.

At Nick’s, he coughs in Bridget’s ear to wake her up. He quizzes her about what tomorrow is. She jokes with him about picking up laundry etc. He tells her if she can find time to marry him, it would be appreciated. He lets her know he asked Rick to be his best man. Bridget is excited by their plans. They kiss and snuggle in bed.

Over at Jackie M’s, Owen pulls Jackie in the office by the hand. She’s all giggles. As soon as they are inside the door, he pulls her close for a kiss. Jackie laughs saying Owen is insatiable. Owen tells her, she’s irresistible. He wants to wake up every morning making love to her. He wants to always make her happy. Jackie looks mesmerized as he talks. He says they can make love wherever and whenever they want. They kiss again as Jackie caresses Owen’s face. They move over to a chair, where they continue passionately kissing each other.

Donna is in Eric’s office, where she tells Brooke about being on the Price is Right. Brooke seems surprised at this revelation. Eric, Felicia and Thorne are also there along with Pam. They don’t understand how Donna ended up on the show. Donna has her name tag as proof. Pam quickly lets everyone know she set it up and really should have been the one on stage. Donna says the whole thing was a blast. She knows Pam is a little bitter, since it had been her life long dream to be on the show. Pam insists Donna wouldn’t have won, if she hadn’t been calling out answers to her. Donna gives Pam a bit of credit for her win. Donna says she’s going to give all the prizes to charity, except for the baking supplies. Pam reminds her about this promise. Eric still doesn’t understand what this is all about. Pam explains how she got a meeting set up with the producers of the show. They wanted to give Forrester gowns as prizes. Donna speaks up and says they thought they could get their name out there. Eric is surprised by the concept. Pam says she heard Felicia say something the other day about thinking outside the box. Thorne tells Pam she had no authority to make these decisions. Donna says she already explained this to Pam. This is why she went along with Pam, since she has executive status. Thorne cuts her off and says they have other things to deal with. They all wonder where Ridge could be. Everyone turns to Brooke expectantly. She reluctantly tells them Ridge spent the night at the guest house. She was going to go over and check on him, but Stephanie persuaded her to give him some time alone. She hopes it wasn’t the wrong decision. Her face reflects her worry.

Stephanie is in her office at Jackie M’s. She calls Taylor’s cell, but gets no answer. She leaves a message for Taylor to call her. She’s anxious to see how things went last night.

At the guest house, Ridge sits on the side of the bed and holds his head. He tells Taylor last night is rather fuzzy. Taylor smiles and says she didn’t expect anything to happen herself. Ridge looks drained. Taylor jumps up and tells him she’ll go get breakfast. Ridge continues to sit on the bed and try to recall what happened.

In the living room, Taylor is all smiles. In the doorway of the bedroom is the pill bottle resting in Ridge’s shoes and clothing.

In Jackie’s office, she and Owen talk about how happy they are. Jackie wishes Nick could see how happy she really is. Owen says tomorrow they’ll be going public at the wedding. He wants to know how she feels about it. She’s not sure how Nick will feel about her bringing Owen to the wedding. However, she plans to walk into the wedding tomorrow and let everyone know Owen is her fiancé. She rubs his face and kisses him.

Back in Eric’s office, Thorn rubs Brooke’s shoulders in support. The family knows Ridge moved out. Brooke says it’s only temporary. Pam apologizes about the marriage license. Brooke isn’t too forgiving. She tells Pam it really didn’t help matters, but she and Ridge still consider themselves married. Brooke gets a text from Bridget. She wants her mother and father to meet her at Nick’s. Eric says they have time right now. As they prepare to leave, Donna tells Brooke things will be okay. Men just sometimes need some space. Brooke still looks pretty concerned and can’t understand what Ridge could be doing to not be at work.

At the guest house, Taylor heads to the bedroom with orange juice. Ridge is in bed with a tray. Taylor notices he hasn’t eaten. Ridge tells her he’s not really hungry. He overindulged last night. Taylor knows he had a few glasses of wine, but shouldn’t be this sapped. Ridge again says the evening seems fuzzy. Taylor asks if he remembers what happened. Ridge knows they made love. Taylor is relieved at his recall. He tells Taylor she has been wonderful and supportive. He felt great with her last night. He’s just hung over and a bit overwhelmed. Ridge gets up and says he’s going to take a shower to clear the cob webs. Taylor watches him with a pleased smile.

After he leaves, Taylor heads to the living room. She spots the pill bottle. She picks it up and finds it’s empty. She’s stunned.

Taylor holds the pill bottle with a shocked expression. Her cell phone vibrates. It’s Stephanie.

Stephanie wants to know all about last night. Did Taylor spend the night?

Taylor is thrown off balance about the pills. She tells Stephanie she spent the night, but she can’t talk about it right now. She hangs up.

Stephanie is in her office, where she looks perplexed at how abrupt Taylor was.

Taylor continues to stand in the living room with the pill bottle. She looks at it in disbelief.

Eric and Brooke arrive at Nick’s. They’re greeted by Bridget. She’s excited about tomorrow. Eric is rather reserved. Brooke stands aside, but is supportive of her daughter. Eric says he knows tomorrow is the day she marries Nick Marone again. He emphasizes again. Bridget tells her dad this time they will make it work. She really needs her dad’s blessing and him to walk her down the aisle. Eric tells her he just doesn’t want to see her hurt. However, there’s no way he can say no to her. Bridget is happy and hugs her dad tightly. Eric wears a smile also.

In Jackie’s office, she sits on the desk in front of Owen. He’s trying to work, but Jackie rolls off the desk seductively and kisses him. They are interrupted by Nick, who comes in yelling at them to knock it off.

Nick comes in the office and asks if they every stop. Jackie and Owen slowly break apart. Owen tells Nick, honestly no they don’t stop. Nick angrily tells Owen his days of pawing all over his mother are numbered. Jackie is quiet.

Back at the guest house, Ridge is out of the shower. Taylor holds up the pill bottle and asks Ridge about it. Ridge looks a bit confused. Taylor wants to know how many he took. Ridge doesn’t remember. Taylor reminds him he was to ask her if he needed any medications. Ridge says he just remembers being agitated about Rick and Steffy. Taylor is upset and tells Ridge he drank wine on top of the meds. Ridge doesn’t see it to be a big deal. Taylor is beside herself. She rubs her head and asks Ridge if the effects of the medication made him do something he didn’t want to do. She really thought they were connecting. She thought everything Ridge was saying was real. She thought this is what Ridge wanted. Ridge doesn’t say anything. Taylor is distressed and hurries out of the room. Ridge just stands there not knowing what to say.

In Jackie’s office, Owen asks Nick if he’s there to work or harass him. Nick tells Owen he has one week left. Nick turns to his mother and lets her know he’s there to discuss the wedding plans for tomorrow. He tells Owen pointedly, he’s not invited. He stresses to his mother if she brings Owen, she’ll be a laughing stock. Jackie looks confused. Nick threatens Owen, if he comes to the wedding; he’s going to leave on a stretcher. Owen stares him down.

At Nick’s, Bridget shows her parents her gown. Eric thinks it’s gorgeous. Brooke loves it too. He asks who designed it. Bridget is proud to reveal to her father it’s her design. Eric and Brooke are both very proud. Brooke says it seems the day is pretty much set. Bridget tells her mother it pretty much is, except she wants her mother as her maid of honor. Brooke is emotional and happy to accept. The two women hug with tears. Bridget tells her she knows things have been rough with Ridge. Brooke tries to be strong. Bridget assures her mother they always work things out. Brooke looks a bit uncertain.

Back at the guest house, Taylor is extremely upset. Ridge wants to tell Brooke what happened, since they vowed to be honest with each other. Taylor is anxious and tells Ridge not to do this. She knows Brooke will make everyone think she did something purposely to Ridge. Taylor really felt like they were getting back together. She can’t believe what’s happened. She asks Ridge if he really doesn’t remember all the things he said last night. Did it mean nothing to him? Ridge tells her of course it meant something. They have shared so much. Taylor says it never should have happened. Ridge holds her by the arm and tells her she’s always been there for him. She’s his beautiful “Doc”. Taylor is in tears. She tells Ridge this isn’t how she wanted it to be. She’s not going to give up on him ever. They hug as Taylor strokes the back of Ridge’s neck and holds him tight.

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