B&B Friday Update 6/19/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/19/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge is in the guest house, where he pours out several of the anti-anxiety pills from Taylor’s bottle. He quickly takes them, before Taylor comes back from the kitchen.

When Taylor returns, she pours Ridge a glass of wine and encourages him to forget Steffy and Rick for now and try and relax. Ridge can’t get the image of Rick’s hands all over Steffy, out of his mind. Taylor lets him know she’s there for him, no matter what he needs. Ridge kisses her hand.

Stephanie is at Brooke’s. The two women are arguing over whether Taylor is best qualified to help Ridge through this ordeal. Brooke understands they have a bond, because of Phoebe’s death. She just thinks Taylor’s motives are suspect, since she’s in love with Ridge too. Stephanie is sure Ridge will respond to Taylor, which means there are some feelings. Brooke just thinks Ridge is vulnerable and Taylor will take advantage of this. Stephanie agrees Ridge is vulnerable, but Taylor gives him something Brooke can’t or won’t. Stephanie thinks Ridge is much happier with Taylor. Brooke is silent.

At the guest house, Taylor and Ridge sit down to a candle light dinner, she prepared.

Taylor tries to talk to Ridge about not worrying and how there are some tricks to the trade. As she talks, Ridge can barely stay focused. He sips wine, but the pills have obviously affected him. He tells Taylor she always makes sense. Taylor doesn’t notice how out of it Ridge is. Ridge reaches for Taylor’s hand and pays her a compliment. She smiles at Ridge and doesn’t realize he’s drugged.

At Brooke’s, Stephanie continues to try and convince Brooke that Ridge needs some one more stable in his life. Brooke argues Ridge doesn’t want to be with Taylor in this way. Stephanie plays on Brooke’s insecurities. Brooke denies she feels insecure. Stephanie asks if this is true, why she is running after Ridge. He needs some space. Stephanie appeals to Brooke, by saying Ridge is on the verge of a breakdown. She knows this isn’t what Brooke wants, so she should let Taylor help him. Brooke looks uncertain whether to believe Stephanie or not.

Back at the guest house, Taylor and Ridge continue to talk. Taylor is enjoying the time with Ridge so much, she doesn’t pick up on how dazed he appears. Ridge looks at Taylor and his vision is blurred. They continue to make light, playful banter. Ridge says they were always good at entertaining each other. Taylor replies in more ways than one. Ridge looks at her with half closed lids.

Stephanie calls Taylor, while Brooke is out of the room. She’s anxious to hear how things are going. She lets Taylor know she’s calling from Brooke’s.

Taylor is alone in the room and is excited to tell Stephanie things are great. They were a bit tense at first, but now Ridge is saying the most amazing things to her. It’s like old times. She and Ridge are connecting. Taylor asks how things are with Brooke. Stephanie tells her Brooke was on the way over, when she got there. Taylor tells her she doesn’t want Brooke coming over. Stephanie encourages her to spend the night. Taylor thinks this would be wonderful. Stephanie says this could be the only night Taylor wouldn’t have Brooke’s interference. She instructs Taylor to turn off the phone. She’ll speak with her tomorrow.

As Stephanie hangs up, Brooke walks in the room. She asks if that was Taylor on the phone. Stephanie doesn’t automatically answer.

At the guest house, Taylor walks over and turns off Ridge’s cell phone.

Ridge walks in the room and says how great the night has been. Taylor agrees. Ridge tells her how terrific she looks, but she always does. Ridge is still feeling the effects from the drugs. He’s almost out on his feet. He tells Taylor she brings so much peace to him, when she’s around. Taylor is happy to hear this. She thinks they have a lot in common. Ridge agrees. Taylor is nervous and tries to tell Ridge she’s been thinking about how things used to be. She thinks they have a special bond. They’re reconnecting on a whole new level. Ridge struggles to follow the conversation. Taylor doesn’t notice, since she’s not looking at Ridge. Ridge finally comes out of his stupor and tells Taylor it’s time to go to the bedroom. Taylor smiles and takes his hand. Ridge is almost woozy on his feet. She leads him to the bedroom, unaware of the state he’s in.

Brooke is sure Stephanie was talking to Taylor, even though Stephanie doesn’t confirm it. Brooke accuses Stephanie of having Taylor rush over there to comfort Ridge. Stephanie asks Brooke if she still plans to go over there. Brooke doesn’t answer, but grabs her cell and dials Ridge. The phone goes to voicemail. Stephanie asks her what she plans to tell Ridge. She will keep Rick away from Steffy. Brooke doesn’t answer, but looks frustrated. Stephanie tells her nothing has changed. Brooke tells Stephanie she’s just trying to reunite Taylor and Ridge, but it won’t happen. Ridge doesn’t want to be with Taylor. Stephanie asks Brooke if she’s sure of this. Right now Ridge doesn’t want to be with Brooke. Stephanie says Ridge just needs some time alone. Brooke says he’s not going to be, if Stephanie has something to do with it. Stephanie asks Brooke if she’s willing to walk away from Rick. Brooke says her son is a good person and she sincerely believes he loves Steffy. Stephanie tells her nothing is going to change tonight. She won’t convince Ridge of this. She pleads with Brooke to just give Ridge some time alone. Brooke is at the door, but pauses. Stephanie tells her she’ll be able to see Ridge at work tomorrow and he may have a different perspective. Brooke listens thoughtfully. She closes the door. She tells Stephanie, when Ridge left he said this wasn’t the end. She just has to believe this. She knows they just have to find a way to get through this. Stephanie looks worried.

Ridge and Taylor are in the bedroom. Ridge continues to compliment Taylor. She’s so happy. She’s waited so long for this to happen. Ridge caresses her face, but is still having blurred vision. He tells Taylor he knew things changed at Big Bear. He could see things so differently because of her.

Taylor grabs his hands and leads him outside to look at the stars. She holds his arm and tells him to look up. He spots the North Star. Taylor tells him she likes to think of it as Phoebe. Ridge caresses Taylor’s arm and tells her she makes it so easy for him to remember Phoebe. Taylor reminisces about when the twins were born. Ridge remembers how they almost lost Taylor. She says she wasn’t going to let that happen. Taylor talks about how much the kids adore him and so does she. Ridge listens and stares at Taylor unfocused. He tells her they should go lie down. They head back inside holding hands.

Ridge goes in and crawls on the bed and rolls over on his back. Taylor lies down and snuggles with him. She talks about how she’s dreamt of this moment for so long. Her heart is racing. Ridge says his head is spinning. Taylor hovers over him and leans in to kiss him. Ridge responds, but his eyes are half closed. Taylor unbuttons his shirt and continues to kiss him. She lies on top of Ridge, who gets more passionate with Taylor’s prompting.

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