B&B Monday Update 6/15/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/15/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge and Taylor are in the bedroom at the guest house. Ridge caresses Taylor’s face, while she looks at him tenderly. Ridge’s eyes are almost glazed from the effects of the anti-anxiety pill he snuck out of Taylor’s purse.

In the living room, Stephanie watches Ridge with a worried frown. She glances at the bottle of pills; she secretly took out of Taylor’s purse.

Nick and Bridget get playful on the bed at home. She tries to break free to get the champagne, Nick asked her to chill. She asks Nick if this excitement stems from Owen being fired. She jokingly calls Nick a bully. Nick is pretty pleased with himself and gives her a villainous laugh. He then nuzzles her neck.

Brooke is at home with Katie. She sits dejectedly on the staircase. Katie joins her and asks if there’s anything she can do. Brooke insists she’s okay. Katie tells her Rick called and told her about Ridge moving out. He didn’t think his mother should be alone. Brooke asks if Katie knows about Rick and Steffy. Katie rolls her eyes and says yes. Brooke explains how Ridge thinks she should forbid the kids from seeing each other. She really feels the kids love each other and can’t stay away from each other. Katie tells her Ridge is just upset with Rick right now and not her. Brooke disagrees. She knows Ridge is upset with her. Katie assures her Ridge will be back. He doesn’t do well alone. Brooke comments he won’t be alone.

Back at the guest house, Taylor tells Ridge he should get ready for bed. He is so relaxed. He smiles at Taylor. They are interrupted by Stephanie, who tells Taylor she forgot something. She asks to speak to Taylor. Taylor motions to Ridge she’ll be a minute and goes in the other room with Stephanie.

Taylor closes the door behind her. Stephanie shows her the pill bottle. Taylor is surprised. She informs Stephanie they were prescribed for her, due to anxiety after Phoebe’s death. She gave one to Ridge yesterday, since he was so distraught. Stephanie tells her she saw Ridge take one today. Taylor looks concerned.

At home, Nick pops the champagne bottle. Bridget asks if Jackie broke up with Owen. Nick says one thing at a time. Bridget feels sorry for Owen. She said he could find a job and still continue to see Jackie. Nick thinks eventually Jackie will tire of Owen and his lack of status.

Owen goes to Jackie M. Jackie is in her office, pouring herself a cup of tea. Owen comes in and tells her he went out to get something. He pops out a ring box. He teasingly tells Jackie he didn’t charge it to her credit card and it can be taken back. He had to guess the size. He grabs for Jackie’s hand to try the ring on, but she jerks her hand back. Owen looks confused.

At Brooke’s, she picks up her cell to call Ridge. Katie tells her she should give it some time. Brooke says she doesn’t want him to think she’s angry.

Ridge’s cell phone rings as he is undressing. He answers the call.

Brooke wants to know where Ridge is at. He tells her he’s at his father’s. She wishes he could be there. He tells her not as long as Rick could walk in any minute. Brooke tells him she didn’t call to argue with him. She just wanted him to know she loves him and they’ll be together again soon. Ridge doesn’t comment, but tells Brooke goodnight and hangs up.

Brooke stands with the phone in her hand. She has tears in her eyes as Katie looks on.

In the living room, Stephanie and Taylor discuss the pills Ridge has been taking. Taylor doesn’t think Ridge could have taken that many. She wonders why Stephanie seems so worried. She asks if she should take a step back from Ridge. Stephanie tells her not to keep Ridge at arm’s length. Taylor is his life line right now. Taylor gives her a slight smile.

Ridge is ready for bed and pulls the covers back. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Taylor. He tells her to come in. Stephanie has gone. Taylor says she should be leaving too. Ridge sits on the side of the bed and tells Taylor about Brooke’s phone call. Taylor approaches him with the pill bottle. She asks how many he took. Ridge says he didn’t think she would mind. Taylor says she didn’t say she did. Ridge tells her he’s fine. He knows she wouldn’t give him anything that would hurt him. He gets in bed as Taylor’s face wears a questioning look.

Nick and Bridget drink champagne as they rest on the bed. Nick pulls out a ring and asks Bridget to marry him. She looks stunned as he drops the ring in her champagne glass. Nick prods her to say yes. She has nothing to lose, he jokes. He inquires if she’s worried about what other people may think. She denies this. Bridget talks about how she was so young and naïve, when she first married him. She grew up with him, lost a baby with him, etc. Nick is impatient for an answer. He tells Bridget he thinks he knows what he’s doing this time. He holds the glass up for her to drink. She tells him in all fairness this time the invitations should say, “No gifts”. Nick smiles and thanks her. He tells her he loves her. Bridget is emotional and tells him this is his best proposal yet. She holds his face as he leans in for a kiss. He lays her back on the bed and starts undressing her. They continue their kiss.

In Jackie’s office, Owen wants to know why Jackie won’t take his ring. Jackie says it’s beautiful. Owen thinks she changed her mind. Jackie tells him she knows it has to be going through his mind how she didn’t stand up for him with Nick. She’s tired of Nick coming in and humiliating Owen. She didn’t want that strain on their relationship and she really didn’t think Nick would stop, until Owen was on the street. She tells Owen he doesn’t have to marry her to have a place to live. Owen looks stunned.

Katie is still with Brooke. Brooke tells her Ridge was at his father’s guest house. She’s relieved. Katie wonders where she thought Ridge might be. She tells her how Ridge spent the night up at Big Bear with Taylor. Katie looks surprised and can’t believe Brooke isn’t upset about this. Brooke says Ridge was happy. He needed someone that understood what he was going through. She just can’t believe Ridge could be happy, while they’re apart. She has a wondering look on her face.

At the guest house, Taylor tells Ridge she shouldn’t have given him one of her pills. Ridge doesn’t understand. She’s a doctor and he’s fine. He would have taken them in front of her, but she was with his mother. He settles in bed. Taylor again asks how many he took. Ridge admits to two. Taylor tells him if he doesn’t feel better in a couple of days, she’ll see about a prescription for him. Ridge thanks her. Taylor sits on the edge of the bed and tells Ridge she hopes he doesn’t hesitate to ask for whatever he needs. Ridge looks at her intently.

Nick and Bridget lie and bed as she gazes at her ring. She teases him they could just tell everyone they’re married. Nick says this won’t work. He wants to go through all the legalities. Nick says Brooke will probably want to have her deprogrammed. They lie in bed and lightly banter with each other. Bridget looks ecstatic and Nick wears a smile as they cuddle.

Owen and Jackie are still in her office. He tells Jackie he’s not worried about a place to live. He always manages to land on his feet. He doesn’t want Jackie to worry about taking care of him. He wants to take care of her. He knows he’s the lightweight in their relationship, but it doesn’t threaten him. He’s not threatened by Jackie. He’d like to legally level things out as far as Nick is concerned. If he was her husband this would help. He tells Jackie he loves her. He doesn’t want to change anything about her. She’s perfect just the way she is. Jackie looks at him adoringly. Owen tells her he wants to be with her, if she’ll let him. She holds out her hand and Owen puts the ring on. The two kiss lightly and then more passionately.

Brooke sits alone at home. The kids are in bed and Katie is gone. She reminisces about her and Ridge’s wedding on the beach. Brooke’s face has tears streaming. She lies on her bed, where she curls up with a defeated look.

At the guest house, Ridge lies back and tells Taylor he feels they can talk about anything. He knows he hasn’t always been easy and he’s hurt her. Taylor tells him they are in a whole new era of their lives. She knows he’s always been happy with her and the kids. She wants to make him happy again. Ridge listens, but his focus is off. The pills have him really woozy. Taylor leans in and they kiss.

On her bed, Brooke rolls over and looks at Ridge’s side of the bed. She whispers good night as she touches Ridge’s pillow.

After the kiss, Taylor tells Ridge good night. Ridge says good night “Doc”. He rolls over in bed and is almost fast asleep. Taylor watches him. She picks up the pill bottle and heads for the door. She pauses in the doorway and leans her head on the doorpost with a contemplative look on her face.

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