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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/12/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge and Brooke are at her house, where he’s announced he’s moving out. Brooke holds his hand and caresses it. She assures him they’ll get through this. She’s not going to let him go. Ridge has a slight smile and asks how many times she’s said the same thing. Brooke caresses his face and announces their marriage is forever.

Jackie and Owen are at the office, where they are deep into a kiss. It’s interrupted by Nick, who comes in unannounced. He’s disgusted and wants to know if this is how they do business around there. Jackie chides him for missing the meeting that morning. Nick is surprised and asks what she’s referring to. Jackie lets him know he missed the accountants meeting. However, Owen stood in for him and took great notes. Nick is unhappy to hear Owen was present. Nick doesn’t feel Owen should be privy to their financial affairs. Owen assures Nick he has Jackie’s best interest at heart. Nick is skeptical of his motives. Jackie looks agitated.

At Brooke’s, Ridge lets Brooke know he’ll never feel differently about Rick. Brooke can’t believe he can carry this rage around forever. Tragedies happen, but they have their love. Ridge looks frustrated. Brooke says they have to have faith in each other. She has a tentative smile as she reaches to hug Ridge. Ridge reciprocates, but seems leery. The phone rings and the answering machine picks up. It’s Rick telling his mother he’ll be there for dinner with Steffy. They’re both are looking forward to the dinner. Ridge closes his eyes in pain. He pulls back from Brooke. He tells Brooke her son will always be part of her life. Their love isn’t enough. Brooke looks ready to cry.

In Jackie’s office, Nick is angry about Owen’s involvement with Jackie period. She thinks he’s overreacting. Owen tries to defend himself and says he cares about Jackie’s well being. Owen is angry too. He tells Jackie he works hard in this company. Nick tells him to get his things. He’s fired. Owen doesn’t back down. He lets Nick know Jackie owns the company not him. Jackie wants the men to stop. Owen puts her on the spot and asks what she wants.

Back at Brooke’s, she tries to convince him he has to believe in them. Ridge says he can’t weather this storm. He knows Brooke is a mother. Rick is her son. However, Rick is the bane of his existence. No amount of love between them will change the fact he holds Rick responsible for Phoebe’s death. Brooke has tears. Ridge says he’s been expecting her to feel about Rick the same way he does. He knows this is wrong. He can’t change his feelings, so for now he can’t be there. Brooke is devastated. She tells Ridge to please say this isn’t the end. Ridge can’t deny it. She reaches for him. They hug each other tightly. They kiss as Ridge looks at her and holds her face. He breaks away and hurries out the door.

Once he’s outside, he leans on the door and breaks down. He composes himself and rushes away.

Inside the house, Brooke walks like a zombie. Her face is frozen with tears. She makes it to the couch, where she collapses. She curls up and the tears flow.

Rick gets to his mom’s house, where he sees her on the couch. He sees her face and knows something is wrong. She tells him Ridge is gone. Rick says Ridge is just upset, but he’ll be back. Brooke doesn’t move. She tells Rick not this time. Ridge has left for good. Rick looks unsure of what to say.

Ridge is at the guest house staring out the window. Stephanie comes in and is surprised at his appearance. He wonders why she’s there. She explains she came to pick up something at the house and the housekeeper said he was there. He tells her he had to stay somewhere. Stephanie offers to help in whatever way she can. Ridge declines and says he has to work this out himself. Ridge tells his mother he let Brooke down. He can’t be with her and have Rick in his life. He’s not sure what he’s going to do next. He walks in the other room. Stephanie looks concerned.

After Ridge leaves, Stephanie pulls out her cell phone and calls Taylor. She feels Taylor should get over there right away.

In Jackie’s office, Nick yells at Owen about putting Jackie on the spot. Jackie tries to intervene. Nick feels Owen is taking advantage of her. Owen just wants an answer from Jackie. Does she want him out of the company and her life. Nick tells her he loves her. She’s his mother and he wants to know what it’s going to be. Jackie pauses and then announces she has to side with her son. Owen looks stunned.

Rick gets his mother a glass of water. Brooke sits dejectedly on her couch. Rick is so sorry she’s gong through this for standing up for him. Brooke says it’s not his fault. Rick says it is kind of his fault. Rick wanted them all to be happy. He promised Steffy he would work things out. Brooke says that’s what she told Ridge. She sees it’s beyond her ability to fix it. Maybe there is someone that can. She looks off in the distance.

Taylor makes it to Eric’s guest house, where Stephanie is waiting anxiously. Taylor wants to know what’s going on. Stephanie tells her Ridge has ended things with Brooke. Taylor looks surprised.

Taylor walks in the bedroom, where Ridge sits idly on the bed. She asks him how he’s holding up. Ridge tells her he had to do it. Taylor comes in and sits next to him. She asks if he wants to be alone. Ridge says he’s just trying to process everything. Taylor gets up to go and speak with Stephanie. She leaves her purse lying on the bed.

After Taylor leaves, Ridge spots the pills in Taylor’s purse. He takes them and pops a pill.

At Jackie M’s, Owen is alone with Jackie. Jackie tries to explain to Owen why she sided with Nick. Owen understands why she fired him. He loves his job, but it’s become less of a priority. He feels their relationship has been great, but he wants more. Jackie is dejected. She thinks Owen wants to move on and is bored with her. She goes over and sinks down on the couch. Owen quickly moves over and kneels in front of her. He declares he wants to move on with her. Jackie looks shocked. Owen tells her this has nothing to do with him losing his job. He grabs Jackie’s hands and asks her to marry him. He doesn’t want to lose this. He wants to make the rest of her days the happiest. He will give all of himself to her. Jackie says yes. She will marry him. The two hug with joy.

Ridge paces around the guest house bedroom. Stephanie peeps in and sees Ridge with the pill bottle. He pops another pill. Her brow wrinkles with unease. Ridge sits on the bed and Stephanie comes in and sits next to him. Stephanie says Taylor is making him tea. She thinks this will be good for him. Ridge is already showing signs of being under the influence and tells his mother how great Taylor has been. She really had him feeling good up at Big Bear. Stephanie reminds him Taylor loves him. He says the feeling is mutual and for her also. She thanks him.

Taylor returns with the tea. While Ridge’s back is turned, Stephanie fishes the pills out of Taylor’s purse. She tells the two good bye and kisses each on the cheek.

After Stephanie leaves, Taylor asks Ridge if he’s finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. She gives him the tea. Ridge thinks he’ll be alright and the thanks go to her. Taylor smiles and tells him she cares about him and is glad to be of service. Ridge doesn’t know how she does it. Taylor is a bit confused. Ridge laughs and is almost giddy. He tells Taylor he hasn’t been this happy, since the other day at Big Bear. He looks at Taylor intently. She looks at him lovingly. Ridge tells her she is so beautiful. He reaches out to caress her face. Ridge’s vision is slightly blurred from the effects of the pills.

Alone in the living room of the guest house, Stephanie looks at the pills. Her face is tight with questions as she glances towards the bedroom.

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